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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 13, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

wsMHliii THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Home Economics Department Hardesty's Quality Shop DECORATOR TALKS TO YOUNG FEMINISTS "HOME EC" STUDENTS LAUD THEIR SEX Forty young womon of tho Homo Economics Department attended tho lecture given Tuesday night at K. L. March's store, by Gcorgo N. Council, head of tho Interior decorating depart ment of that store. Mr. Connell gavo tho talk at tho request of Miss Ruby Duckman for hor class In Homo Decoration. Ho described In detail tho complete furnishing of an early English Georgian house, showing tho typo of wall coverings, draperies, upholstering and appropriate for tho various rooms. Mr. Council gavo some valuable suggestions In regard to tho relative values of color and tho comparative difference between hue, tone and shade. Plans for a modern bungalow will be made by Miss Virginia Anderson, and Mr. Connell will show the class how the house can be furnished for $1,000. MOVEABLE SCHOOL IS HELD BY H. E. DEPT. The first moveable school from tho Home Economics Department was held at Stamping Ground Friday and Saturday by iMIsses Sweeney, Buch-maand Chinn, of that department. The demonstrations of cooking, sewing and devices were held in the high school building, and although there is no department established for that sort of work, great interest was shown. The country women from surrounding counties wish to Join the high school class when one is founded. Next year it is hoped that teachers can be sent out to take charge of such work. n labor-savin- g CHAMBERLAIN AND CRUM GET OFFICES OF STATE DEBATERS J. V. Chamberlain was elected pres ident of the Kentucky Intercollegiate Debating Association; J. W. Neal, of T. U., vice president, and Frank Crum, secretary-treasure- r for 1916-1at a meeting of the executive committee, Saturday afternoon, when arrange ments were also made for ordering the medals for the successful teams of the year, Centre and Transylvania. If one desires Information tho knowledge being poured Into tho minds of High School maidens in tho surrounding districts, lot him read tho following extracts, taken from essays written by pupils of one of our Homo Economics seniors, who goes out one day In each week to enlighten tho young ladles, Tho subject assigned was, "Tho Efficient Woman." "She should have courage and willpower to prevent her from being cast asldp and pushed backward by tho masculine gender, who are ever ready to take advantage of those physically weaker than themselves. "Women are appreciated very little now compared to their value, even In this age of knowledge, but what would this world bo without them?" "She should havo her rights but never degrade herself by obtaining them. "The Bible says it is not good for man to live alone, but does not mention woman hence women should bo trained to become KATHLEEN SULLIVAN GETS H. E. POSITION Miss Kathleen Sullivan will go to Richmond this week to be an assistant in the Domestic Science work in the Eastern Normal School. Miss Sullivan gets her degree in June and will be able to complete her work by re turning to the University three days out of the week. The remaining days she will spend in Richmond. Miss Sullivan came from Richmond four years ago to take work in the Home Economics Department and since then has been a student of high standing and scholarship. She be longs to the Alpha XI Delta sorority. Doctor Kastle's Talk. Dr. J. H. Kastle, whose address at the Lexington Public Library, sched uled for March 23, was postponed on account of illness, will deliver his lec ture, "What Shall We Eat?" April 20 CHEMISTS TO MEET. regular meeting The of the American Chemical Society will be held on Thursday, April 13, at the Experiment Station at 4 o'clock. A full attendance is requested. The following program will be rendered: PARK "MAKES GOOD" "Note on the Occurrence of GalON ST. LOUIS SQUAD lium," by Dr. R. N. Maxon. "A Recent Discovery "with ReferThe usual spring avalanche of com- ence to the Bang Bacillus," by Profes plimentary notices about Jim Park has sor E. S. Good. begun, and we quote from the Lexing"The Separation and Estimation of ton Herald of April 11: r Polysulflds and Thlosulfate in "Jim Park, according to news reSolution," by Mr. S. D. Averltt. ceived here yesterday from St. Louis, has been placed on the regular hurlMECHANICAL NOTES. ing staff of the Browns. At least a dozen highly-ratemound stars were F. C. Bitgood, Cincinnati represent with the Browns on the training trip ative of the Babcock & Wilcox Boiler this season, and Jim must have shown Company, gave an illustrated lecture some "stuff" to be made a regular." to the members of the A. S. M. E. Monday morning on "The Boiler of thirty-secon- d Lime-Sulfu- d ADJOURN MEETINGS. 1916." The Watt Society for juniors held The Patterson and Union Literary its regular meeting Tuesday afternoon societies adjourned their regular meetat 2:30. Members of the society conings Saturday evening to attend the ducted an Interesting program. session of the I. P. A. conference In chapel. The Wostlnghouso Society for freshmen will be addressed by J. Ray Dunf Tho of the Mt. can on "On the Trail of a Kilowatt" High School News Is a girl. at the meeting Saturday morning. editor-in-chie- Announces Spring Opening of Tailoring and Hats Spring Opening of Society Brand Clothing See Display Window Modern anilities and Efficiency Secure Award HARRIMAN MEDAL GOLD Martin & StockwelTs Ill SOUTH Kcstaurant limestone Most State men know us. Meal Ticket. Let us meet you Prize for which practically all railroads in United States competed, awarded to OUR BASKETS OF FRUIT Queen , safety and accident prevention during Crescent Route For utmost progress cTWAKE LOVELY GIFTS in the year 1915. Steel Equipment - Improved Roadbed - Safety Devices For fares, etc-- , apply to nearest Ticket Agent. H. G. KING, Passenger and Ticket Agent 118 E. MAIN ST. PHONE 49 LEXINGTON, KY. William H. Carrier, president and Benkart & Fotsch, Proprietors chief engineer of the Carrier Engineering Corporation of New York, lectured 107 bouth Limestone Street to the juniors and seniors of the MeOpposite the Phoenix Hotel Block Lexington, Ky. Engichanical Department on "Air WORK GUARANTEED neering" Monday morning. Eagle Barber Shop Phoenix Fruit Store McGURK'S Where all is Well and Good Hot Chocolate, Home-mad- e and Ices Candy Metropolitan Restaurant The Place (or Good Things to FIRST-CLAS- S The Junior Mechanicals returned Saturday night from their annual inspection tour to Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton. They inspected many machine tool works, car works, power plants and large industrial GOTHIC Have Your Annual Photos Made By THE NEW ARROW a tor 2c COLLAR IT FITS THE CRAVAT HUMPHREY 341 W. MINING NOTES The College of Mines and Metallurgy of the University of Kentucky is now offering a course in practical mining, which opened April 3 and ends May 7. This course Is especially organized to meet the needs of miners, mine Those foremen and superintendents. wishing to take the mine foreman examinations will find this course of great assistance in improving their technical qualifications. Some of the topics emphasized in Mine ventilation; the course are: testing mine explosions; rescue and relief work after explosions. A certificate will be given for all work done in this course. The Kentucky Mining Society will give a smoker to the practical miners course, Tuesday In the evening, April 18, at 7:30. eight-week- s' Same Rates-Sam- e Phone 263 Gooa Work TAXICABS 2558 FAYETTE MOTOR CO. E. Main Strut. Rati 25c pir Passing! SHOES OF SUPERIOR QUALITY FOR COLLEGE MEN AND WOMEN. VUlt us and tee our excellent lines. Special attention to University people. S. Bassett C& 238 West Main Street. Sons The University Store. Corner Limettone and Winslow Tho high school extension work of tho Mining College also starts this week. Lectures will be given on "The Natural Resources of Our Country" at tho Cynthlana and Frankfort high schools by Instructor Ivan Tashof of that department. lunch Counter Open Seven Days and Nights Especially on Sunday Full Line of STATIONERY and SUPPLIES W. F. OLDHAM Eat