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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL show skill in handling their parts. Other minor characters of unusual excellence aro: Misses Mario Becker, Farra, Vivian DoLaine, Mrs. Alfred Zcmbrod, a prominent Elizabeth Mary Hamilton, Nell Crawford and club woman of Lexington, and chairJune Sale. man of tho Art Department of tho Kentucky Federation of Women's Y. W. C. A. Clubs, was the subject of a lovely picture In the Sunday edition of tho Her-aiThe Y. W. C. A. held its regular weekly meeting Sunday ovcnlng at Mrs. Zcmbrod initiated the move subject for tho ment to establish a permanent nrt Patterson Hall. Tho evening wnB tho "Life of Paul." Difmuseum in Lexington. It was duo to phases of the apostlo's life were her energy that the Art Loan Exhibit ferent discussed by Misses Sarah Harbison was held hero last spring during a Ramsey. Miss Mildred meeting of tho Federation of Women's and Louise Graham was leader. Clubs, at which exhibit Kentucky ar tists were invited to enter and com MUSIC CLUB. pete for the prizes offered. CHI OMEGA BANQUET MRS. A. C. ZEMBROD FEATURED BY PRESS The Chi Omega Sorority celebrated Founders' Day with Its annual banquet Saturday evening at the Phoenix Hotel. Chi chapter of Transylvania; Lambda Alpha chapter of tho University of Kentucky, and the alumnae joined in the celebration. The toasts by University girls were: "Tho Open Road," Miss Frances Geisel; "Those Who Made the Road," Miss Eliza Piggott. Those present who are taking work at tho University were: Misses May Barnes Browning, Frances Geisel, Eliza Piggott, Elizabeth Petty, Sarah Harbison, Marie Young, Nancy Innes, Louise Turner, Mary Parker, Farrel, Helen Morris and Eloise Allen. torlan Seminary; "Tho Paramount National Issue" by .Too C. Jenkins, of Georgetown University; "Tho Dawn of Victory," by Paul N. Dcmareo, of Kentucky WcBleyan, and "America's Greatest Enemy," by Richard C. Miller, of Bcrea College. Between the orations, tho audience of more than 300 persons was favored by musical numbers selected by tho Horca Male Quartet, the Aabury Male Quartet, and a Girls' Quartet from tho University, and solos by Miss Helen Durkholdor and W. Leo Smith. bonds of affection established between us and tho namo aforesaid BULL-DOIs our lawful chattel. Knowing you to bo gentlemen of high rcputo and believing as wo do, that you will bo true to your traditional precedence of honor and Justice, BRETHREN OF wo, tho JILTED UTOPIA, urgently request that our much beloved canlne. be returned. (Signed) ROBERT M. MITCHELL, High MoguL CLAY-HAL- S. H. BROWN, ONLY CONTRIBUTION BY MEN IN ISSUE Ser. of the Peace. CHAMBERLAIN, J. V. Chairman of Com. on Foreign Affairs. To tho Right Honorable Chief of tho T. K. B James Homer Moore: It Is very embarassing for us to be Tho Record of Cynthlana High A very interesting program wbb furBLUE RIDGE LECTURE. editorially for a girls nished by the Music Club Tuesday forced, to inform you that now, at this School pleads ALPHA XI DELTA. present time, in your Chapter House, orchestra. night at Patterson Hall. Many students enjoyed the beauti in your posMiss Nell Stucky gave several selec- you hold one BULL-DOfully illustrated lecture on Blue Ridge Xi chapter of Alpha XI Delta The April Vanderbilt Observer will tions and the male orchestra also session which by right of discovery, by previous possession, and by mutual bo edited by the will celebrate "Founders' Day" given in chapel Tuesday night by Mr. played. April 17, by their annual banquet at J. W. Bergthold, State Travelling SecEveryone is invited to attend future the Phoenix Hotel that evening. Many retary of the Y. M. C. A. meetings and hear excellent music. The pictures shown were illustraalumnae are expected. tions of the beautiful country in and O. L. REED TO near the Blue Ridge Association SUPT. and the Boys" SPEAK FOR FRESHMEN grounds Lexington Opera House Y. W. C. where the Y. M. C. A. and A. summer conferences are Professor O. L. Reid, Superintendheld. The attractive buildings and ent of Public Schools in Louisville, pictures of delegations attending these will speak in chapel Tuesday morning, Fail To Read conferences were shown, and some of April 18, under the auspices of the the Kentucky men and girls were recFreshman class. Mr. Reid's subject pictures'. ognized in the will be. "The Day's Work" and those The purpose of the lecture was to who have heard him before tknow his arouse enthusiasm sufficient enough power as a speaker. 326 W. Main St., Lexington. to send forty men and ten women to Published Three represent Kentucky at the 1916 News of the Style Changes Times a Week and the In the Special Dally Values KEYS AND THIRTEENS. PATTERSON HALL Papers. Offered. Jose-phln- o n "Father Reductions In Di't College Jewelry Porcell's Store News During the month of March only, we will offer the following reductions: NEWS. Friday night the Keyes and Mystic Thirteens, the honorary sophOn Society & Club Pins In Solid Gold, ORDE FROM HEADQUARTERS HEINTZ omore and junior organizations, will entertain their pledges and friends at a dance at Buell Armory. This promises to be one of the foremost social events of the year and extensive plans for its success are being made. Attractive programs announce the fact that every odd dance from the first to the eleventh will be the tenth and thirteenth being reserved for the pledging services of the organizations. After this there will be break dances only. PHILOSOPHIAN PLAY. Miss Lena Clem spent the week-enwith her parents at Bedford. Miss Willie Wood Taylor will spend Frances with Mis the week-enSteele at Winchester. Miss Mamie Starling Boulware, of Shelbyville, spent Thursday and Friday as the guest of Miss Charlotte Willis. Miss Jessie Cummings will spend in Louisville with her the week-enparents. spent the Miss Mollie Johnson week-enwith her sister, Miss Maxie Johnson. Miss Folson McGuire was a visitor last week at Patt Hall. Miss Eliza Piggott spent the week end in Louisville and several days at her home in Irvington. Miss Zula Ferguson spent several days last week visiting her sister in Louisville. Miss Maude Harman had Miss Grace Morris, of Richmond, as a guest for the week-end- . Miss Eliza Clay Mason spent the week-enwith her parents at now now 2,00 now I. 00 now '$4.00 2.40 $2.00 now $1.00 now $1.60 .80 Rings d d d d Rehearsals for "Twelfth Night," the play to be given by the Philo- sophian Literary Society May S on 123 EAST MAIN ST. the Patterson Hall lawn, are being OPPOSITE THE PHOENIX held regularly and a good cast is manifesting much enthusiasm under the We Do Watch and direction of Christine Hopkins. The play promises to be the best Jewelry Repairing ever given in the history of the society and all the characters are well adapted to their parts. Miss Anna E. Lewis, who appears for the first time in college performances, is excellent in the part of "Duke Orsino," while as a young Miss Darnall, I. P. A. CONTEST lady of much ability in theatricals, is STILL UNDECIDED cast for the difficult role of Viola." For any kind of dental service call on Miss Kathleen Sullivan, as "Olivia"; The oratorical contest of the KenMiss Alma Bolser as "Malvolio"; Miss tucky Prohibition AsCelia Cregor as "Sir Toby Belch" and 127 CIIKAPHIUB sociation, held in chapel last Friday OMce houri 8 a. m. 8 p. m. Miss Edith Sachs, as the "Clown" Phon night has not been decided yet, as one of the judges has not rendered his decision. The University was represented in (lBeorperaU4.) the contest by J. J. McBrayer on "Our Great Internal Destroyer." J. L. Phoenix Hotel Lobby Early, the Asbury College representative, addressed the association on tho J subject of "Uncompromising Conflict." "Prohibition, a National Defense," DAY AND NI6HT SERVICE CITY RATES 25c was the subject chosen by Leonard V. Buschman, of the Southern Presby- - JEWELER jj00 "OO d well-know- n Belts Watch $-5- CL rODS..,. 1.60 .80 now 0 now .50 now 0 $I20 .80 .40 We also have a Line of Kentucky Banners at Reduced Prices, this Month Only I Come Early and Make a CoodlSdection University Book Store AftAAAAWAAAWdllAAyWir' DENTIST Dr. J. T. Slaton e WELSH & MURRAY PRINTING CO. 844-- INCORPORATED TAXICAB COMPN'Y College Stationery, Engraving City Phone 854 Hotel Phone 1900 an J Die Stamping, Frat and Dance Programs 124-12- 8' NLimtatone Lexington Ky