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995 > Page 995 of History of the Orphan brigade

HISTORY OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE. 995 ROSTERS AND ROLLS OF THE FIRST REGIMENT KENTUCKY CAVALRY, C. S. A. [Note. It will be seen that in the following lists very little definite information is given of a great many of the men. Attention is called to the circumstance that no effort was made to gather up and record even so much as the names until thirty years after the war. Copies of the muster-rolls on file in Washington City, to which we had access, are very imperfect; in some instances confusing in the matter of proper designation of companies ; and misleading as to spelling of names, correct initials, and connection of certain men with this or that company. The surviving members to whom we have appealed for assistance in rescuing from oblivion the names and deeds of this body of Kentuckians, and who have so generously and heartily responded, could hardly be expected to have vividly in mind, after the lapse of so long a time, the details of every comrade's service. It has been impossible, for instance, to ascertain the counties to which the men ought respectively to be credited. Definite statement as to time served, skirmishes, battles, raids, etc., in which each participated, could not, in very many instances, be gotten ; and we could not speak except in cases where survivors have been sure and have so written. Where only the name is given, or the record contains but an item or two, or stops short of the close, it is not to be inferred that the man was not a soldier good and true. There are doubtless exceptions; but the rule is that those who are borne on this list held to their work unless killed, or disabled by wounds, disease, capture, and imprisonment, or other untoward circumstance. If unworthy names have unavoidably been placed here and there on a shining list, it is better than that a single one should be excluded on insufficient evidenceand so deprived of due reward for him and his children and his children's children.] field and staff : BEN HARDIN HELM, colonel. (See biography.) THOMAS G. WOODWARD, lieutenant-colonel. N. R. CHAMBLISS, major. SAMUEL E. SHIPP, adjutant; was made captain of Co. G in July, 1862, at Manchester, Tenn.; in the spring of 1863, he was assigned to duty as volunteer aide on Gen. Helm's staff; was afterwards assigned to duty on the staff of Gen. Cosby. Accidentally killed himself on his farm in Jefferson County, some years after the war. GEORGE W. TRIPLETT, A. Q. M. JACK VALENTINE, A. C. S. ROBERT D. SPAULDING, Union County, surgeon. GEORGE N. HOLMES, assistant surgeon.