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997 > Page 997 of History of the Orphan brigade

HISTORY OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE. '.I'. IT was noted for gallant and meritorious conduct under this commander; was captured at Cynthiana. June 12, 1864, and died in prison. [Note. During the changes that took place when part of a Meade County company was united with this company, and after the transfer of Capt. Hawes, Preston Lindsay was a second lieutenant, and became first lieutenant on Murray Brown's promotion ; George Richardson was second lieutenant to succeed Holt; Samuel G. Hughes was third lieutenant, and became second lieutenant when Lindsay was promoted, and Taylor joined Morgan, and John S. Lamar was third lieutenant to succeed Hughes.] THOMAS ESTES, Hancock County, first sergeant, was captured in Sweeden's Cove, but afterward returned to the regiment. SAMUEL G. HUGHES, Hancock County, second sergeant, was promoted to lieutenant, later to captain. Died at home about 1895. JOHN S. LAMAR, Daveiss County, third sergeant, was subsequently a lieutenant. Died long after the war. PRESTON LINDSAY, Hancock County, fourth sergeant (see above), was wounded in the shoulder at Murfreesboro, July 13, 1S62, but returned to the regiment. BEN F. JOHNSON, Hancock County. Died at home some years after the war. THOMAS D. IRELAND, Hancock County, first corporal. WM. T. ELLIS, second corporal, transferred to Co. C. (See biography.) LEONARD T. PINSON, Hancock County, third corporal. JAMES J. PATTERSON, fourth corporal. BATES, SAMUEL, Hancock County. BOWLES, PIUS, Daveiss County. BURCH, J. K. P. BLACKFORD, JOHN A., Hancock County. COX, GEORGE T., Daveiss County, was killed at Murfreesboro', July 13, 1862. COLBERT, RAYMOND, Hancock County. DEJARNETTE, BEN F., Hancock County. DORSEY, ELI, Hancock County. DRAKE, JAMES, Muhlenburg County. ESTES, ALLEN, Hancock County, was wounded in the shoulder at Jug Tavern. ESTES, AB, Daveiss County. Died at home some years after the' war. ESTES, WARREN, Daveiss County. Died at home some years after the war. EMMICK, GEORGE, Hancock County, died of disease in Glasgow, Ky.