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1002 > Page 1002 of History of the Orphan brigade

1002 HISTORY OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE. LONG, RICHARD, Shelby County. At expiration of twelve-month term he joined Morgan's command and was killed in battle. LUCKETT, JACK, Jefferson County, served tall twelve-month term expired. ^ 3z 1^tr rtw G-^u/T MILLER, JAMES E., Jefferson County, captured at Sweeden's Cove. MILLER, MINOR G., Jefferson County, captured near Liberty, Tenn., after having been in many engagements, and was confined in Fort Delaware, where he died in 1S63. MILLS, SAMUEL, Jefferson County, was once severely wounded in battle. MITCHELL, WM. L., Jefferson County, captured at Sweeden's Cove. MAYFIELD, MICAJAH, Shelby County, was one of four cavalrymen who took part with the detail from the Sixth Kentucky Infantry in the fight at Cy Hutcherson's, Oct. 10, 1861. (See page 52)- MILES, JAMES E., Jefferson County. (See Co. B, second organization.) MILLER, JOHN P., Oldham County, served till term of enlistment expired. OLIVER, WM., Oldham County, was killed at Shelby farm fight, 1861. OGLESBY, WILLIAM, Oldham County, though a man ofhonorand spirit, was wholly incapacitated by disease for active field service. PEEL, AUGUSTUS, Cincinnati, O., fought at Munfordville, 186^-and in several other engagements. No other definite facts remembered. RUSSELL, GEORGE E., Jefferson County, was captured at Sweeden's Cove, June, 1862; was exchanged; was afterward recaptured near Alexandria, Tenn., and kept awhile in prison, but was finally exchanged and rejoined his command before the war closed. Died at home about 1887. RUSSELL, WM., was killed in Kentucky by bushwhackers, after having served about three years. ROBINSON, LUTHER, Union County, served till term of enlistment expired. SHERLEY, JOHN C, Jefferson County, was appointed quartermaster after Triplett's promotion. (See Co. D, second organization.) SIMCOE, HENRY, Jefferson County, died of disease in Mooresville, Ala., March, 1862. SMITH, GEO. T., Henry County, was for awhile a member of this company, and afterward served to the close in Ninth Kentucky Cavalry. SMITH, JNO. W., Jefferson County, was once wounded at Hogg's Landing, Tennessee River. (See also Co. B, second organization.)