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1015 > Page 1015 of History of the Orphan brigade

HISTORY OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE. 1015 H. C. Leavell, lieutenant-colonel; John Allen, lieutenant-colonel; J. W. Caldwell, major; George Wright, Thomas W. Napier, C. W. Ford, A. S. English, and William Timberlake, each as quartermaster; R. M. Morehead and R. S. Hunter, as chaplains ; W. W. Garrett, sergeant-major, and W. E. Russell and William Killebrew, as quartermaster-sergeants. COMPANY A. W. J. TAYLOR, captain, elected in June, 1863 ; was wounded at Snake Creek Gap, Ga., May 9, 1864; also in fight near Madison-ville, Ky., April 12, 1865. (See Incidents and Anecdotes after Chapter V.) THOMAS C. JONES, first lieutenant. (See first Co. C; see also biography.) JOSEPH M. YEWELL, second lieutenant, promoted from third lieutenant; died at Ringgold, Ga., Jan. 26, 1864. RUSH IRWIN, third lieutenant, promoted to second lieutenant, Jan. 26, 1864; was wounded by saber cut in a fight with a detachment of Stoneman's Cavalry below Newnan, Ga., 1864. JOHN S. PIINKLE, third lieutenant, elected by the company, Feb. 1, 1864. B. A. VAUGHN, first sergeant; killed near Beech Grove, Tenn., Jan. 24, 1863. [Name of second sergeant not ascertained.] JAMES H. BOZARTH, third sergeant, promoted to first sergeant, Oct. 9, 1862. (See account of fight in Hopkins County, Ky., after Chapter V.) W. H. McKAY, fourth sergeant. WILLIAM M. LASHBROOK, fifth sergeant; promoted to second sergeant, Oct. 9, 1862. PHILIP A. POINTER, first corporal; was afterward promoted to third sergeant. (See Incidents and Anecdotes after Chapter V.) A. N. CONYERS, second corporal, wounded at Dug Gap, May 8, 1864. S. H. MOBERLY, third corporal, wounded at Charleston, Tenn., Dec. 28, 1863. - S. D. LASHBROOK, fourth corporal, captured at Snake Creek Gap, May 9, 1864. Died in Rock Island prison. WM. T. ELLIS, Daveiss County, fifth corporal, promoted to sergeant. (See biography.) J. H. MOBERLY, company bugler, captured at Charleston, Tenn., Dec. 28, 1863; escaped at Kelly's Ferry, but was recaptured; afterward escaped from Rock Island prison into Canada.