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1017 > Page 1017 of History of the Orphan brigade

HISTORY OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE. 1017 GEORGE, RICHARD, was severely wounded in the charge on the stockade at Tullahoma, Tenn., July, 1862. GRIFFIN, F. M., Daveiss County. GRIFFITH, WM., Daveiss County. GROOMS, FROSTY, Daveiss County, was discharged in 1862. HIGDON, THOMAS, Daveiss County, was killed in Murfreesboro', Tenn., in Forrest's charge on the Court House, July 13, 1862. HENNING, ALBERT, Daveiss County, served to the close. " Not yet," says a comrade (1898), "very much reconstructed, and wants now to try his hand on Spain." HARDESTY, BENJAMIN, Daveiss County, captured near Liberty, Tenn., and died in prison at Camp Douglas, July 13, 1864. HARDESTY, JAMES C, Daveiss County, was captured June 6, 1863; died in prison at Camp Douglas. HARRISON, DAVID, Hancock County, was captured at Charleston, Tenn., Dec. 28, 1863. HAWES, A. G., Daveiss County, served to the close. Died in 1893. HALL, HARMON, Daveiss County, served to the close. Was for some time a lieutenant. Became after the war a citizen of Arkansas, where he died some years ago. HERRON, ELISHA, Daveiss County, served to the close. Settled in Georgia after the war closed, and still a resident there. HOLMAN, WM. T. HILL, HOMER, Henderson County, served to the close. Died at home some years ago. HOWARD, T. Y., Daveiss County, served to the close. JONES, G. H., Daveiss County, went with Morgan on the Indiana and Ohio raid and was captured. JONES, J. F., Daveiss County. JONES, WM., Daveiss County, died at Bowling Green, Ky., January, 1862. JONES, T. B., Daveiss County, served to the close. KIRK, T. P., Daviess County, served to the close. KELLY, S. D., Daveiss County. LEWIS, S. M., Daveiss County, was appointed assistant surgeon, March 1, 1863, after having served long in the ranks. Died in Nelson County some years ago. LACKLIN, THOMAS M., Daveiss County, died on Big Barren E.iver, January, 1862. MOSLEY, CORNELIUS, Daveiss County, was appointed corporal; was afterward second lieutenant, Co. H, Eighth Kentucky Cavalry, and served to the close. McKIEG, D. W., Daveiss County.