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1020 > Page 1020 of History of the Orphan brigade

1020 HISTORY OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE. WAYNE, JOSEPH D., Daveiss County. WILHOPr, W. M., Oldham County, served to the close. WALKER, SAMUEL, Daveiss County, was killed May g, 1864. WILSON, BEN, Wilson County, Tenn. WOOD, R. M., Oldham County, was captured June 24, 1863, and died in prison. YEWELL, JOHN, Daveiss County, was in all the operations of his company till sometime in 1862, when he died at Bardstown, Ky. YEISER, A. R., Daveiss County, served to the close, and " is not yet," says a comrade, "much better reconstructed than he was when Sumter was fired on." COMPANY B. JACK JONES, Jefferson County, captain, was killed in the battle at Sequatchie Valley, Oct/k 1S63. GEO. W. BECKLEY, captarh, was promoted from first lieutenant. (See Co. E, first organization.) BEN W. THOMAS, Spencer County, first lieutenant, was promoted from second lieutenant; was captured at Dirt Town, Ga., Sept. 13. l863- ALONZO W. GRAHAM, Jefferson County, second lieutenant, captured at Alexandria, Tenn., June 4, 1863; was brought to the Louisville prison barracks, Tenth and Broadway; was taken thence to Johnson's Island; was exchanged and reached his company the night before battle of Bentonville, N. C, in which he took part. Died at home in 1867. JOSEPH E. VINCENT, Oldham County. (See Co. E, first organization.) AUGUSTUS M. HEAD, Oldham County. (See Co. E, first organization.) GEO. E. RUSSELL, Jefferson County, second sergeant, was promoted from fifth sergeant; was captured in Sweeden's Cove, 1862. (See Co. E, first organization.) E. POLK JOHNSON, Jefferson County, third sergeant, afterward second sergeant. (See biographical sketch.) JAMES E. MILES, Jefferson County, fourth sergeant. In nearly every engagement of his company, serving to the last. Died in Talladega, Ala., 1895. .B. F. CAMP, fifth sergeant, was promoted from second to first corporal, then to fifth sergeant; joined Co. E, first organization, and reenlisted in this company. Fought at Perryville, Oct., 1862; Stone River, with Orphan Brigade, Jan. 2, 1863; Chickamauga; (was absent sick during fight in Sequatchie Valley); Mission Ridge; in the skjrmishes from Mission Ridge to Ring-