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1021 > Page 1021 of History of the Orphan brigade

HISTORY OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE. 1021 gold; fought also at Dug Gap, Resaca, Intrenchment Creek, and at Saltville, W. Va.; was in all skirmishes afterward up to battle of Bentonville. AVas shot through the whiskers at Liberty, Tenn., spring of 1863 ; shot once through the bootleg at Chickamauga Station, and had hammer shot off his gun while loading; was scraped on the leg by a bullet on Dalton-Atlanta campaign. Surrendered at Washington, Ga., but though honorably paroled, he was indicted in Louisville for treason, and the jury was ready to try the case when a pardon, which had been secured by his friend and former law partner, Jas. Speed, who was then Attorney-General, was received in time to stop the trial. J. S. WILHOITE, Oldham County, first corporal, was promoted from third to second, then to first corporal. Fought with this command to the close. COLEMAN BASYE, Shelby County, second corporal, was in every engagement of his command. Now (1898) a citizen of Neosho, Mo. BENNETT, W. G., Louisville, was captured in battle at Mission Ridge, Nov. 25, 1863. BENTON, PARKER, Oldham County. (See Co. E, first organization.) BOWMAN, ROBERT, Pittsburgh, Pa., enlisted at Chattanooga, in 1862, and fought with his company to the last. "As gallant a soldier," said a friend and comrade, " as ever lived." BARKER, AUGUSTUS, was captured near Chattanooga, Sept. 22, 1863. BURRIS, CLARKE, was captured on the retreat from Tullahoma, June, 1S63; returned to company after exchange and was killed in front of Atlanta, 1864. BROWN, WM., was once taken prisoner. BAKER, W. D., was killed in the battle at Saltville,Va., Oct. 2, 1S64. BECKLEY, J. H., Jefferson County, died of disease at Fairfield, Tenn., March 29, 1863. CROAN (or CROGHAN), R. H., Bullitt County, was slightly wounded in Sequatchie Valley, Oct. 2, 1863 ; on the retreat from Mission Ridge, Nov. 26, 1863, was again wounded of which latter wound he died at Marietta, Ga., Dec. 1, 1S63. CARR, R., was promoted to captaincy in another command and afterward killed in battle. CUTTER, JOHN, New Hampshire, was captured at Dechard,Tenn., July 28, 1863. CAVE, J. H., was captured in Kentucky in 1864, and ordered by Burbridge to be shot, but his life was saved by interposition of members of the Masonic order, to which he belonged; was exchanged and returned to command, after which he remained to the close; was for a time a member of Co. E, second organization.