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1023 > Page 1023 of History of the Orphan brigade

HISTORY OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE. 1023 HAGAN, ALEXANDER, Shelby County, was captured on retreat from Mission Ridge, Nov. 26, 1863 ; was not exchanged, and so remained in prison till the war closed. HERR, WM. WALLACE, Jefferson County. (See biography.) JONES, HENRY, Illinois, was wounded and captured in Sequatchie Valley, Oct. 2, 1863. Was a Union soldier in 1861, but had trouble with his captain and transferred himself to this company for Confederate service. LOW, JOHN, Jefferson County, was discharged, Oct. 20, 1863, on account of disability by disease. LONG, LEMUEL, Shelby County. MAYFIELD, MICAJAH, Shelby County, was for a while wagon-master. Served with the regiment to the close. (See Co. E, first organization.) MOSELEY, PETER, Winchester, Tenn., remained to the close. Died at home in 1S97. RUSSELL, WM., Shelby County. (See Co. E.) RUSSELL, WM., Oldham County, served to the close. SMITH, JOHN W., Jefferson County, was struck in the hip at Gun-tersville by a ball which ran down and around the leg and lodged at the knee on the inside. Capt. Beckley cut it out with his pocketknife, on the spot, and Smith continued the fight. Remained in the service to the close. SHERLEY, JOHN. (See Co. E, first organization.) VINCENT, JOHN, Oldham County, captured at Charleston, Tenn., Dec. 2S, 1863; was taken to Rock Island; was at length exchanged and reached his company a short time before the war closed. Died at home, July 9, 1878. VINCENT, J. LYTER ("Burgoyne"), Oldham County, was captured in Tennessee in 1862 and kept in prison till the war closed. Died at home, March 2, 1875. WISE, JOHN, Jefferson County, served faithfully through the war. WINCHESTER, JOHN P., Jefferson County, was captured at Charleston, Tenn., Dec. 28, 1863 ; but was exchanged in March, 1865, and rejoined his company. WISOTZKI, JOHN F., Louisville, was on clerical duty for some time in the office of Gen. Sidney Johnston. When he was relieved he joined this company and served with it to the close. WOLFRAM, GEORGE, Jefferson County. (See Co. E, first organization.) (Note. When the war closed there had been changes among the non-commissioned officers, and James E. Miles was first sergeant ; E. Polk Johnson second sergeant, present and commanding company ; and B. F. Camp, third sergeant.)