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1025 > Page 1025 of History of the Orphan brigade

HISTORY OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE. 1025 LYMAN M. SUTER, Owen County, third corporal, was captured at Ultawa, Nov. 25, 1863; was exchanged and returned to company, with which he served to the close. JOHN THORNTON, Owen County, for some time third corporal. Died at Sweetwater, Tenn., Dec. 15, 1862. ALDRIDGE, BEN F., Owen County, company blacksmith. ANNIS, L. A., died at Sparta, Tenn., May 2, 1S63. ABBOTT, THOMAS. BATES, THOMAS, was captured at Eutaw, Tenn., Nov. 25, 1863. BURTON, ANDERSON, was in battle of Perryville and subsequent engagements, including Stone River. After that, was detailed to drive wagon with blacksmithing outfit, and continued to serve thus till close of war. Now (1898) a citizen of Missouri. BIBB, L. H., was transferred to Fourth Kentucky Cavalry. BARNETT, AMBROSE. BIBB, W. H., died at Fairfield, Tenn., March 5, 1863. CARTER, JORDAN, was sixty years old; never did any active service, but remained with the company until the surrender. He died in Owen County after the war. CARTER, JOSEPH, was captured at Liberty, June 7, 1863. CARTER, JOSIAH D. CRABBE, NATHANIEL, Owen County, was captured at Chickamauga, Nov. 26, 1863. CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER, was in the battle of Stone River and all subsequent engagements till the close. CUNNINGHAM, JACOB H., Owen County, was very young when enlisted, and was discharged at Fairfield, Tenn., because of disability by disease. CHOWNING, NED, was captured at Ultawa, Nov. 25, 1863. CARTER, J. M., was captured at Liberty, Tenn. CHAPMAN, F. M., was in the battle of Stone River and all subsequent engagements to the close. Died in 1883. CONDER, W. H. ("Chip"), Owen County, was transferred from Co. D, Fourth Kentucky Infantry, Jan. 15, 1863; took part in the subsequent engagements till he was captured during the Charleston fight, Dec. 28, 1863 ; was imprisoned at Rock Island, where he remained till exchanged, March 26, 1865 ; then rejoined his company and served till the surrender, May 10, 1S65. CRAIG, JOE, was transferred to Fourth Kentucky Infantry, Jan. 12, 1863. DURHAM, JOHN. DICKENS, JAMES, Henry County, took part in the battle of Perryville and all subsequent engagements to the close. He was accidentally killed thirty years after the war (1895). 65