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1028 > Page 1028 of History of the Orphan brigade

1028 HISTORY OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE. THOMAS, EDWARD, Owen County, was in all the engagements of his company to the close. THOMAS, R., Owen County, was in all the engagements of his company to the close. WAY, R. T. WITT, ANDREW J., Owen County, fought at Shiloh, Vicksburg, and Stone River, in Co. E, Fourth Kentucky Infantry; was transferred from that company to this (Co. C, First Kentucky Cavalry), Jan. 20, 1863, and took part in all subsequent engagements to the close. WILSON, F. F. WORKS, JOHN. WILLIAMS, A. J. COMPANY D. S. B. WILLIAMS, Bullitt County, captain, died in the service, at Fairfield, Tenn., April 3, 1863. JEFF ROGERS, Bullitt County, captain; promoted from second lieutenant after the death of Williams. Was for some time on detached service, but did his duty to the close. Now (1898) a citizen of Uniontown. J. McLAUGHLIN, Jefferson County, first lieutenant, resigned at Fairfield, Tenn., April 4, 1863. BARNEY LOGSDON, Jefferson County, third lieutenant, was promoted to first lieutenant, April, 1863; was wounded and captured at Charleston, Tenn., Dec. 28, 1863; was confined in Rock Island prison and not exchanged till March, 1865. SAMUEL D. BROOKS, Bullitt County, first sergeant; was promoted to second lieutenant; was at times the ranking officer present for duty and commanded the company on march and in battle serving to the close. G. R. POPE, Boyle County, for some time a second lieutenant; was wounded at Tunnel Hill, Ga. ; was captured at Bentonville, N. C, March 20, 1865, and remained in prison till the close of the war. J. R. BARBER, Jefferson County, was some time first sergeant; was captured at the Charleston fight, Dec. 28, 1863, and not exchanged till March, 1865. G. W. SANDERS, Bullitt County, second sergeant; was promoted to first sergeant; served to the close. T. J. BELL, Jefferson County, third sergeant; was promoted to second sergeant; then to first sergeant, and served to the close. Died March 27, 1885.