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1033 > Page 1033 of History of the Orphan brigade

HISTORY OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE. 1033 WATTS, J. WELLS, S. LL, Jefferson County, captured at Harrison, Nov. 23, 1863, and was kept in prison till the close of the war. Died some years afterward. YEAGER, J. A., Boyle County, captured at Charleston, Tenn., Dec. 28, 1863, and was kept in prison till the close of the war. COMPANY E. JAS. W. JOHNSON, Shelby County, captain. When Co. K, Sixth Kentucky Infantry, in which he was first lieutenant, was consolidated with others, he resigned and enlisted with this company, and was elected captain. J. R. MONTGALL, Shelby County, first lieutenant, captured at Tryon Factory, Ga., Sept. 15, 1863. Was kept in prison till the close of the war. Now (1898) a citizen of Missouri. WM. C. PRICE, Shelby County, second lieutenant, had been a member of Co. K, Sixth Kentucky Infantry. Died after the battle of Stone River, at Beech Grove, Tenn. JOS. L. DAVIS, Spencer County, second lieutenant, was wounded at Lebanon, Tenn., by having his horse shot under him and crushing his arm in the fall; had another horse killed under him at Marysville, Tenn. While recovering from the effects of the fall at Lebanon he was placed in command of Convalescent Camp at Sparta, Tenn. After he recovered he returned to service with this company and remained to the close. JAS. B. KING, Spencer County, second lieutenant; after the battle of Stone River he was made sergeant-major of regiment; served to the close. JOHN H. GILLILAND, Jefferson County, first sergeant, served throughout the war. ROBERT ONAN, Franklin County, first sergeant, was captured at Liberty, Tenn. Other facts not known to the writer. THO. B. GARR, Spencer County, first sergeant, served to the close. JOHN T. THURMAN, Spencer County, second sergeant, was captured on retreat from Dalton; other facts not known to writer. GUY ELDER, Spencer County, third sergeant, promoted from fourth sergeant, is said to have been in every engagement of the company to the close. WILLIAM DECOURSEY JONES, Jefferson County, fourth sergeant promoted from first corporal; enlisted with Capt. Johnson at Post Oak; was in skirmish at Rough and Ready with Wyn-koop's Cavalry, where several of the members of the command were wounded; had a horse shot under him at Chickamauga; was also badly injured in the charge on McCook by having his horse jump a ditch, from which he has never fully recovered, (the