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1034 > Page 1034 of History of the Orphan brigade

1034 HISTORY OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE. horse died from the effects of the jump); was struck with a Minie ball at Chickamauga Station, and taken off the field under the impression that he was mortally wounded ; was desperately sick for a short time, but went back to the field and stayed till the battle was over; was struck on neck at Benton ville, N. C; was in 165 battles and skirmishes; served to the close. JAMES V. MURRAY, Nelson County, first corporal, was killed between McMinnville and Murfreesboro, 1S63. C. H. MAY, Spencer County, first corporal promoted from third corporal; was wounded in Kentucky during Bragg's campaign (1862); was wounded also at Louisville, Ga., Nov. 30, 1864-served to the close. JAMES AV. BEAUCHAMP, Spencer County, second corporal; served to the close. S. P. DAVIDSON, Franklin County, second corporal promoted from third corporal; was captured near Manchester and kept in prison till the war closed. AVM. M. JOHNSON, Franklin County, third corporal, promoted from fourth corporal; was Captain Jones's clerk in Commissary Department. Stayed with company till the close. JOHN YEAGER, Jefferson, fourth corporal. Served to the close. ALLEN, AV. D. BROAVN, BURR ("Cotton"), Nelson County, was in all the engagements of his company. BENNETT, QUINT, Spencer County, was with company till near the close, when he was taken to the hospital and was sick there at time of surrender. BEEM, ISAAC, Spencer County, died early in the war at Beech Grove, Tenn. BEEM, JOHN, Spencer County, was teamster for a year or more. Served to the close. BELL, THOMAS, Shelby County. No facts known to the writer. BELLMAN, CHAS., Spencer County, captured Oct. 20, 1862. BURROAVS, C. BOAVLING, AV. J. BRYANT, RICHARD, Shelby County, was transferred to Sixth Kentucky Infantry; was killed at Chickamauga. BASYE, ELIJAH, Shelby County, was transferred from Co. A, Sixth Kentucky Infantry, July 9, 1863; never missed a fight or skirmish; was shot in right arm at Shiloh, while a member of the Sixth Kentucky Infantry. BRYANT, THOMAS, Shelby County, joined this company at Marys-ville, Tenn., having been transferred from Steam's Regiment of Tennessee troops, with which he had enlisted Oct. 5, 1862. He remained with this company till war closed.