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1035 > Page 1035 of History of the Orphan brigade

HISTORY OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE. 1035 CRAVENS, J. C. CRAVENS, J. D. CRAVENS, W. P. COLLIER, C. M., was captured at Harrison, Nov. 23, 1863. COX, JAMES, Spencer County, served to the close. Died some years after the war, at Taylorsville. CAVE, JACOB HOLLY, Shelby County. (See Co. B, second organization.) COCHRAN, D. F., Spencer County, was discharged, May 25, 1862, on account of disability by disease. CARLIN, WM. P., Spencer County, was in all engagements of his company; was wounded at Louisville, Ga., Nov. 30, 1864. CAPLINGER, JACOB, Shelby County, was captured, but returned and fought to the close. CHEATHAM, G., Spencer County. CRUTCHFIELD, G. W., Shelby County, detailed as scout; was captured and not exchanged. Time of capture not known. CROSBY, C. F. CALAHAN, JOHN, Franklin County, quartermaster-sergeant. CALVERT, REUBEN. CALVERT, W. T. COWPER, J. T., Shelby County, enlisted with Fourth Tennessee Regiment under Stearns, but was transferred to this command and fought with it to the close ; was wounded at Dover, Tenn., being shot through the body; got a furlough but stayed and still fought on to the end; was struck with spent ball at Columbia, Tenn. DOAK, THOMAS, Shelby County, was captured once; no facts known about him beyond this. DADISMAN, J. D., Nelson County. DOWNEY, JAMES, Owen County, wounded and captured near Rough and Ready, but was exchanged and came back to company and stayed to close. EASTBURN, J. C. FUSSAR, J. J., Frankfort, a very old man when he enlisted; was a Frenchman and had fought at Waterloo. About the second year after joining this company, he was sent into Kentucky by consent of officers at request of company to come in and see the families of the men and bring letters to them and other friends. He was recognized and captured at his home at Frankfort, after having discharged his mission, having delivered every letter. He was sent to prison, but afterward turned loose because of old age. He came back to company and was told to wait for his exchange, but he said, "D n the exchange! All I want is a horse and gun. I haven't long to live, anyhow, and I want to kill one