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330 HISTORY OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE. ley, First Kentucky Cavalry; Col. James W. Hewitt, Second Kentucky; A. Dawson, Co. A, Second Kentucky; George R. Moore, Second-Kentucky; W. F. Willingham, Co. A, Sixth Kentucky; Oscar E. Reed, Co. I, Sixth Kentucky; W. A. Hatcher, Co. C, Second Kentucky; J. E. Dawson, Co. I, Sixth Kentucky; D. Passin, Co. H, Fifth Kentucky; R. Wolfe, Co. G, Fifth Kentucky; I. Sampson, Co. K, Fifth Kentucky; John B. Scott, Co. F, Fourth Kentucky; David Evans, Co. A, Fifth Kentucky; J. A. Smith, First Kentucky Cavalry; James N. Wilkinson, Co. A, Fourth Kentucky; C. Hutchinson, Co. G, Ninth Kentucky; E. R. Pemberton, Co. G, Ninth Kentucky; Levi Jones, Cobb's Battery; Capt. Tom Walker, Byrne's Battery; J. W. Davidson, Co. E, Sixth Kentucky; L. H. Spalding, Co. C, Fourth Kentucky; David Ellison, Co. B, First Kentucky Cavalry; Adam Razor, Co. C, First Kentucky Cavalry; Silas H. Bingham, Co. F. First Kentucky Cavalry; W. B. Hanley, Co. H, Fourth Kentucky; J. W. Ellington, Co. C, Fifth Kentucky; M. Rogers, Co. F, Fourth Kentucky; C. H. Jones, Co. F, Fifth Kentucky; D. D. Shyrer, Co. F, Fifth Kentucky; James M. Plaster, Co. C, Second Kentucky; P. Formhals, Co. I, Fourth Kentucky; G. J. Stewart, Co. K, Second Kentucky; J. Ii. Calvert, Co. E, Fifth Kentucky; E. V. Henry, Co. C, Fifth, Kentucky; Mark Hancock, Co. C, Fourth Kentucky; J. W. Williams, Co. C, Fifth Kentucky; Lieut. J. W. Cleveland, Co. I, Fifth Kentucky; L. Maxon, -, Ninth Kentucky; W. A. Bush, Co. H, Sixth Kentucky; George Peach, Co. G, Sixth Kentucky; H. G. Hogge, Co. A, Fourth Kentucky; G. M. Calhoun, Co. G, Fourth Kentucky; E. W. Anderson, -, Sixth Kentucky; Lieut. John W. Webb, Co. D, Ninth Kentucky, (the last near Col. Grant's house); G. B. Barnes, Co. G, Fifth Kentucky; W. H. Walker, Co. B, Fifth Kentucky; G. E. Rice, Co. C, Fourth Kentucky; B. G. Collier, Co. G, Sixth Kentucky; John Bradshaw, Co. C, Fifth Kentucky; S. D. Hancock, Co. C, Fourth, Kentucky; J. C. Grissom, Co. C, Sixth, Kentucky; J. L. Ambrose, Co. C, Fifth Kentucky; Thomas Whallen, Co. B, Fifth Kentucky; Jedediah Branch, Co. H, Sixth Kentucky; J. T. Boyd, Co. G, Fourth Kentucky; Lieut. Phil Murphy, Co. F, Second, Kentucky; A. Wells, Co. B, Sixth Kentucky; James M. Ashford, Co. H, Sixth Kentucky; Silas King, Co. I, Ninth Kentucky; James Metcalfe and John Withers, Co. H, Sixth Kentucky; L. N. Stout, Co. A, Sixth Kentucky; James Osborne, Co. E, Sixth Kentucky; J. E. McDonald, First Kentucky Battery; Lieut. Robt. D. Spalding, Co. F, First Kentucky Cavalry. There are many around Atlanta of whom no record has been preserved. In the Confederate Cemetery at Forsythe, Ga.: H. E. Mott, Co-