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331 > Page 331 of History of the Orphan brigade

HISTORY OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE. 331 , Fourth Kentucky; R. H. Williams, Adjutant, Fourth Kentucky; F. S. Barnes, Co. A, Fifth Kentucky; Lieut. S. M. Orr, Co. G, Sixth Kentucky. At Resaca, Ga. : Sergt. Robert E. Hewitt, Co. G, Second Kentucky; Charles W, Gayley, Co. A, Second Kentucky, and eight others marked "Kentuckians, Lewis's Brigade, Infantry, names not known." The above were reinterred in a beautiful little Confederate cemetery near Resaca, completed through the exertions of Mr. John Green's family. At Kenesaw Mountain are W. H. Ross, Co. K, Fifth Kentucky; Maj. John Bird Rogers, Fourth Kentucky. The following names, with places of interment, have been copied from the private papers of the writer and furnished by friends here and there in response to inquiries; but at almost every place mentioned there are doubtless a number of others, about whom he could not obtain reliable information. At Dover, Tenn., in the vicinity of the battlefield of Donelson: J. F. Wyatt, Co. B, Second Kentucky; A. Lyle and J. Sothern, Co. C, Second Kentucky; Felix G. Stier, Co. D, Second Kentucky; Lieut. Wm. H. Hill, D. H. McDaniel, G. H. Eveleth and S. Matthews, Co. F, Second Kentucky; H. B. Nelson, Co. G, Second Kentucky; G. W. Emerson and Perry Turpin, Co. I, Second Kentucky. On the battlefield of Shiloh and in the vicinity : Wm. L. Rogers, Co. A, Fourth Kentucky; Hugh McVey, Co. D, Fourth Kentucky; Nathan Booker Thompson, Co. F, Sixth Kentucky; John Crawford and John Purcell, Co. H, Sixth Kentucky; Matt Champion, Co. F, Fourth Kentucky; Tom Porter, Co. B, Ninth Kentucky. At Corinth, Miss. : G. S. Williams, Co. G, Sixth Kentucky; John Harned, Co. H, Sixth Kentucky. At Goodwin, Miss. : William Martin and Nathaniel Martin, Co. E, Sixth Kentucky. At Jackson, Miss. : George W. Oliver, Co. E, Sixth Kentucky. In the old Waddy Thompson burying ground on Little Barren River, Metcalfe County: Capt. James B. Thompson, first a member of Co. D, Sixth Kentucky; commissioned a captain of cavalry while Bragg was in Kentucky, 1862. On the battlefield of Intrenchment Creek : Richard M. Johnson, Co. E, Sixth Kentucky; Lieut. Frank Harned and Allen Snellen, Co. H, Sixth Kentucky; and Capt. J. Matt Bowling, Co. D, Sixth Kentucky. At Hartsville, Tenn., and in the vicinity : Corporal D. W. Weaver, Co. A, Corporal R. N. Yancey, Co. B, Lieut. Charles H. Thomas and Lieut. John W. Rogers, Co. C, J. A. Pryor, and John R. Usrey, Co. D, Sergt. Thomas Maddox, Co. E, G. A. Elgin and John N.