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332 > Page 332 of History of the Orphan brigade

332 HISTORY OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE. Mason, Co. H, all of the Second Kentucky; Peter Kay and Albert Rhea, Co. H, Ninth Kentucky. At Murfreesboro, Tenn., and elsewhere in the vicinity of Stone River battlefield: Sergt. Reed and Corporal Robinson, Co. A, Corporal A. G. Montgomery, Co. B, Elijah Barnes, Thomas Clark and J. W. Glasscock, Co. C; Lieut. Frank Tryon and Robert Garter, Co. E, Corporal Edward Sayse Wright, Co. Ft, Sergt. A. O. Ffornbaker, Bugler Charles H. Bowen, and W. O. Hardesty, Co. I, all of Second Kentucky; Eugene L. Johnston, Co. B, Fourth Kentucky; Sergt. Whayne, Cobb's Battery; Thomas Higdon, Co. A, First Kentucky Cavalry; Wilson G. Parker, Asa Lewis, and Thomas W. Payne, Co. E, Sixth Kentucky; Hense G. Tracey, Co. C, Sixth Kentucky; Wm. Harned, Henry Hayman, James A. Hill, and John Tabb, all of Co. Ff, Sixth Kentucky. At Fayetteville, Tenn. : Charles Vise, Co. H, Sixth Kentucky. At Manchester, Tenn : John G. Tisdale, Co. E, Sixth Kentucky; Wm. Younger, Co. H, Sixth Kentucky. In the Chattanooga Cemetery : John Baiter, Co. B, First Kentucky Cavalry; W. Berry, Co. B, Second Kentucky; J. G. Burgess, Co. D, Ninth Kentucky; A. Bohet, Co. B, First Kentucky Cavalry; Wm. McCullen, Co. H, Sixth Kentucky; James Switzer, Co. F, Ninth Kentucky; D. M. Simpson, Co. D, First Kentucky Cavalry; Joseph M. Winston, Co. D, Fourth Kentucky. At Tullahoma, Tenn.: John Holtzclaw, Co. H, Sixth Kentucky. At Nashville, Tenn.: Theodore Pearl, Co. H, Sixth Kentucky. In Louisiana, (place not definitely stated): Capt. Frank D. Moffitt, Co. H, Sixth Kentucky. At Estelle Springs, La. : James Ross, Co. H, Sixth Kentucky. At Baton Rouge, La. : John Clark and John Smith, Co. H, Sixth Kentucky. At Columbus, Ga. : W. Dudley Chipley, Adjutant Ninth Kentucky. At Columbus, Ky. : John Chinn, Co. H, Sixth Kentucky. In Bullitt County, Ky.: Capt. Jno. B. Cundiff, Co. C, Second Kentucky (at Belmont); Abram Brooks, First Kentucky Cavalry, near Zoneton; John Henry Lee, Co. C, Second Kentucky: Wm. Dawson, Stephen Quick, Thomas T. Lee, Ben Chambers, and Hardin Masden, Co. H, Sixth Kentucky (the six last named are near Pitt's Point). Two and a half miles from Chattanooga, across the river: R. G. Shacklett, First Kentucky Cavalry; James Mitchell, Co. H, First Kentucky Cavalry; Lieut. Thos. Harrison, First Kentucky Cavalry; C. W. Love, Co. I, First Kentucky Cavalry; J. H. Anderson, Co. A, First Kentucky Cavalry; Thos. Hardaway, First Kentucky Cavalry.