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333 > Page 333 of History of the Orphan brigade

HISTORY OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE. 333 In Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Ky.: JohnLeals, Co. B, Second Kentucky; J. R. Ashbrook, Co. B, Second Kentucky; N.Brown, Co. A, Fifth Kentucky; Vincent Eastham, Co. B, Fifth Kentucky; James Tabscott, Second Kentucky; Joseph W. Steele, Co. D, Fourth Kentucky; John Howe, Fourth Kentucky; John H. Haddington, Co. E, Fourth Kentucky; Albert S. Smith, Fourth Kentucky; Alexander H. Lloyd, Co. B, Sixth Kentucky; Phil Uhrig, Co. E, Second Kentucky; Matthew Lewis, Co. H, Ninth Kentucky; Joseph Cole, Co. E, Fourth Kentucky; Cicero Harris, Co. B, First Kentucky Cavalry; Surgeon W. H. Gait, First Kentucky Cavalry. In private lots, same Cemetery : Col. Phil Lee, Second Kentucky; Charles L. Ward, Co. D, Fourth Kentucky; Col. Thomas W. Thompson, Fourth Kentucky; Thomas Clay, Ninth Kentucky; Capt. Alexander Casseday, Buckner's Staff; Henry Elston, Ninth Kentucky;. Phil Vacaro, Ninth Kentucky; Adam Wayland, Co. K, Second Kentucky; David F. C. Weller, Co. C, Second Kentucky; Maj. Clinton McClarty, Breckinridge's Staff; Andrew W. Randolph, Co. B, Sixth Kentucky; Col. J. Russell Butler, First Kentucky Cavalry; Geo. W. Ball, Co. E, First Kentucky Cavalry; Wm. R. Abbott, Co. E, First Kentucky Cavalry; Julius Dorn, Co. E, First Kentucky Cavalry. In the Lexington Cemetery: Maj.-Gen. John C. Breckinridge; Brig.-Gen. and Mrs. Roger W. Hanson; Col. Thomas H. Hunt, Ninth Kentucky; Maj. Joel Higgins, Second Kentucky; Capt. Cornelius M. Hendricks, Co. B, Second Kentucky ; Lieut. Ed Keene, Co. B, Second Kentucky; Dr. B. W. Dudley, Assistant Surgeon, Second Kentucky; Thomas S. Stamps, Co. B, Second Kentucky; John W. Davis, Co. B, Second Kentucky; Lieut. Henry M. Curd, Co. H, Ninth Kentucky; William P. Frazer, Co. B, Second Kentucky; Walter G. Ferguson, Co. B, Second Kentucky; Samuel W. Garrett, Co. B, Second Kentucky; Chilton A. Sandusky, Co. F, Fifth Kentucky; T. E. Thomason, Co. B, Second Kentucky; Lieut. J. C. Griffith, Co. B, Second Kentucky; Mornix W. Virden, Co. B, Second Kentucky; J. Ed Cromwell, Co. B, Second Kentucky. In Daviess County, Ky.: Lieut. Al M. Hathaway, Co. K, Fourth Kentucky; T. A. Moreland, Fourth Kentucky; Maj. George W. Trip-lett, First Kentucky Cavalry; W. H. Johnson, Co. H, Ninth Kentucky; Phil A. Pointer, S. M. Dean, A. J. Hawes and James Hathaway, these three of Co. A, First Kentucky Cavalry; (all the preceding eight in the Elmwood Cemetery, Owensboro); Capt. Wm. J. Tay7 lor, A. N. Conyers, Richard Ray, Co. A, First Kentucky Cavalry, (near Masonville); James O. Wilkinson, Co. E, Sixth Kentucky, (near Habit); S. D. Lashbrook, Co. A, First Kentucky Cavalry, (at Macedonia Church); P. J. Bowles, Wm. McBride and Elisha Able, Co. Ay