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334 > Page 334 of History of the Orphan brigade

334 HISTORY OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE. First Kentucky Cavalry, (at St. Lawrence Church); David McCune, Co. G, First Kentucky Cavalry, (near Gatewood); Maj. W. F. Hawes, first Captain of Co. D, First Kentucky Cavalry, afterward Major in the Department of Subsistence, (in the Catholic Cemetery, Owens-boro); Nick Parks, Frosty Grooms, Pat Monahon, all of Co. A, First Kentucky Cavalry, W. Harvey Lober, Co. A, Sixth Kentucky, and John Mulligan, Co. H, Sixth Kentucky, (particular place of these latter five not given); Lieut. J. G. Taylor. (Gip), Co. F, First Kentucky Cavalry, (near Yelvington). In the W. B. Rogers burying ground, Barren County, Ky. : George Walter Rogers, Co. A, Fourth Kentucky, and Lieut. E. Moses Smith, Co. F, Sixth Kentucky. In Franklin County, Alabama: Capt. Charles T. Noel, Co. C, (afterward Co. A), First Kentucky Cavalry. In Nelson County, Ky.: John Ewell, Co. A, First Kentucky Cavalry, and Philip Troutman, Co. H, Sixth Kentucky, (particular place of these two not given); Tyler Wilson and Richard Hart, Co. B, Ninth Kentucky, (in Bardstown Cemetery); Dr. Al. Smith, surgeon Fourth Kentucky, and Thomas Lilly and James Hunter, Co. B, Ninth Kentucky, (in the Catholic Cemetery at Bardstown); James Burba, Co. B, Ninth Kentucky, (in the St. Thomas Cemetery); D. W. Holtz-houser, Co. B, Ninth Kentucky, (in the Coleman Cemetery); George Ambrose, Co. B, Ninth Kentucky, (at Mill Creek Church); John Gates, Co. B, Ninth Kentucky, (at St. Gregory's Church); Capt. Charles B. McClasky, Lieut. Charles Dawson, and E. Darwin Merrifield, all of Co. A, Sixth Kentucky, (at Bloomfield); David Middleton, Co. A, Sixth Kentucky, (at Big Spring Church); H. Lynch Terrill, Co. C, Second Kentucky, (at Fairfield), and Father Blemill, Chaplain Fourth Kentucky, (at Nazareth). At Eminence, Ky.; G. C. Sutton, Cobb's Battery. Near Jamestown, Ky.: J. C. Stowers, ("Chap"), First Kentucky Cavalry. At Glasgow, Ky,: T. M. Lackland, Co. A, First Kentucky Cavalry. Near Glasgow, Ky.: Col. Joseph P. Nuckols, Fourth Kentucky; Wm. H. Anderson and Theodore Allcock, Co. E, Sixth Kentucky. At Bowling Green, Ky.: Wm. Jones and J. McDaniel, Co. A, First Kentucky Cavalry; and Jesse McWilliams and J. H. Durbin, Co. H, Sixth Kentucky. At Willow Branch, Bracken County, Ky.: Robert Dunn, Co. I, Fifth Kentucky. In Harrison County, Ky.: Capt. A. K. Lair, Co. H, Second Ken-lucky; Capt. AV. T. Beaseman, Co. F, Second Kentucky; Andrew