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335 > Page 335 of History of the Orphan brigade

HISTORY OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE. 335 'Thompson, Co. I, Fifth Kentucky; Maj. Ben Desha, Ninth Kentucky; W. R. Hoffman, Co. D, Ninth Kentucky, (all these in Battle Grove Cemetery, Cynthiana); Joseph F. Cummins, Co. I, Fifth Kentucky, (at Antioch Mills); Joseph Taylor, Co. F, Second Kentucky, (at Salem Church); John F. Courtney, Co. D, Ninth Kentucky, (at White Oak); John C. Stiers, Co. D, Ninth Kentucky, (particular place not given); James Sauls, Co. D, Ninth Kentucky, (at Curry's Run Church.) In Simpson County, Ky.: Capt. David C. Walker, Philip Miller, John Meguiar, Capt. Samuel B. Crewdson, these four of Co. I, Sixth Kentucky; Finis Hampton, John DeBerry, W. T. Bibb, George Clark, Erasmus Hatfield, these five of the First Kentucky Cavalry, (all these in the Franklin Cemetery); Samuel Wilson, Sixth Kentucky, (particular place not given). In Logan County, Ky.: John Smith, Co. , Sixth Kentucky, (particular place not given). In Hardin County, Ky. : Gen. Ben Hardin Helm, commander of the brigade, Samuel Renner, Co. H, Sixth Kentucky, Freeland Cul-ley, Co. C, Second Kentucky, (these three at Elizabeth town); Wm. Carlisle, L. Warren and Hercules Hays, all of Co. H, Sixth Kentucky, (particular places not given). At Burnsville, Miss.: Capt. Lee Harned, Co. H, Sixth Kentucky. At Vicksburg, Miss. : James Bohannon, Co. H, Sixth Kentucky. Near Kenesaw Mountain, Ga. : Sergt. Thos. W. Cox, Co. H, Sixth Kentucky. In Kenton County, Ky. : Rod Reynolds, Co. H, Second Kentucky, (removed from Donelson soon after the battle there; particular place not given). At Carrollton, Ky. : John G. Anderson, Co. H, Second Kentucky, (removed from Donelson soon after the battle there). Near Sadieville, Ky.: James F. Hedger, Co. D, Ninth Kentucky. In Scott County, Ky.: George W. Drake, Co. D, Ninth Kentucky .(on Lytle's Fork); Andrew J. Montgomery, Cobb's Battery; John F. M. Lemon, Co. H, Second Kentucky; John T. Smarr, Co. D, Ninth Kentucky; James Hedger, Co. D, Ninth Kentucky; Gov. George "W.Johnson, Co. E, Fourth Kentucky; Lieut. John T. Varnon, Co. H, Second Kentucky (removed from Catoosa Springs, Ga.); John Cantrill, Co. H, Second Kentucky (removed from Camp Morton, 1S62); Joseph May, Co. D, Ninth Kentucky (these eight in Georgetown Cemetery) ; James Wells, Co. F, Second Kentucky (in the neighborhood of Turkeyfoot); Levin McFarland, Co. E, Fourth Kentucky; Lieut. L. E. Payne, Co. H, Second Kentucky (the latter two at places not given); Erastus Fish, Co. H, Second Kentucky (on Little Eagle);