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336 > Page 336 of History of the Orphan brigade

336 HISTORY OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE. Lewis Gatewood, Co. D, Fourth Kentucky (at Stamping Ground) ; Thomas Lynn, Co. F, Fifth Kentucky (in the neighborhood of Turkey foot). In Hart County, Ky.: Lieut. A. Monroe Adair, Co. D, Sixth Kentucky (near Hardyville); Hal B. Garvin, Co. D, Sixth Kentucky (particular place not given). Near Frankfort, Ky.: E. P. Mershon, Co. E, Second Kentucky. New Salem Church, Barren County, Ky.: Sergt. Thomas Wilson, Co. E, Sixth Kentucky. Near Bear Wallow, Ky.: James T. Wilson, Co. E, Sixth Kentucky. In Bourbon County. Ky.: Capt. John S. Hope, Lieut. James A. Allen, Wm. O. Hite, Thomas York, LaFayelte Bills, James Patton, George M. Hibler, and H. C. Richardson, all of Co. G, Second Kentucky, in the Paris Cemetery); R. Bruce Champ, Co. F, Second Kentucky, (at Millersburg); Ben F. Batterton, Co. G, Second Kentucky, (at Ruddle's Mills); James Price, Co. F, Second Kentucky, (at Centerville); Adjt. O. F. Payne, First Kentucky Cavalry, (at Paris). In Owen County, Ky.: Green P. Smith, Co. E, Fifth Kentucky, (near Jonesville); and Capt. John N. Witt, Co. C, First Kentucky Cavalry, (at Gratz, removed from Louisville, Ga., after the war); Thomas Steger and Paschal Jones, Co. D, Fourth Kentucky, (in the neighborhood of Poplar Grove). At Richmond, Va.: Col. Robert P. Trabue, Fourth Kentucky. Near Zion Church, in Barren County, Ky.: Sergt. Wm. J. Callahan, Co. A, Fourth Kentucky, and Wm. L. Witt, Co. F, Sixth Kentucky. At Covington, Ky.: Lieut. Michael J. Campion, Co. H, Second Kentucky, and Capt. Wm. T. Estep, A. Q. M., Second Kentucky. At Clinton, Ky.: Lieut. Luther C. Moss, Co. A, Second Kentucky. In Oldham County, Ky.: Col. Jacob W. Griffith, First Kentucky Cavalry, (near Floydsburgh); F. M. Crow, First Kentucky Cavalry, (near Floydsburgh); Wm. Oliver, First Kentucky Cavalry, (near Floydsburgh); Paschal Wilhoite, First Kentucky Cavalry, (near Pleasant Hill Church); Joseph Griffith, First Kentucky Cavalry, (place not definitely named). At Anchorage, Ky.: Presley Gaar, Co. E, First Kentucky Cavalry. In the mountains of Kentucky : William Russell, Co. B, First Kentucky Cavalry. At Pleasant Valley, Ky. : T. R. Griffith, (old) Co. E, First Kentucky Cavalry. At Mt. Sterling, Ky.: Lieut. Guy Flusser, (old) Co. E, First Kentucky Cavalry.