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823 > Page 823 of History of the Orphan brigade

HISTORY OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE. 823 D. W. ROBERTSON, Bardstown, was unable for active duty, on account of lameness contracted before he enlisted, and was left at Nashville, February, 1862. J T. ROBERTS, Tennessee, was transferred from Crews' battalion, May, 1862, and engaged in some of the subsequent engagements. He was transferred, in 1864, to a Tennessee regiment. SYLVESTER SMITH, Bardstown, was mortally wounded at Shiloh, and died at Corinth, May 23, 1862. LLEWELLYN P. SMITH, Louisville, fought at Shiloh, Vicksburg, and Baton Rouge; was killed at the latter place, Aug. 5, 1862. H. SHOTWELL, Bardstown, was appointed third sergeant, Jan. 4, 1864. Fought at Shiloh, and was wounded there; fought also at Vicksburg, Hartsville, Stone River, Mission Ridge, Rocky Face Gap, Resaca, and Dallas ; from Dallas to Atlanta; at Peachtree, Intrenchment, and Utoy Creeks; at Jonesboro', and in the mounted engagements. He was wounded at Jonesboro'. WILLIAM STONER, Bardstown, died of disease at Bowling Green, February, 1862. ROBERT TYLER, Louisville, was transferred to Morgan's cavalry, April 23, 1862. He fought with this company at Shiloh. PHIL THOMPSON, Bardstown, died of disease at Bowling Green, February, 1862. JOSEPH M. TYDINGS, Louisville, on going to Camp Boone, in July, 1861, was assigned temporarily to the Second Kentucky as assistant surgeon. After being relieved he went to Nashville and thence bore important public documents to the Central Army of Kentucky (headquarters then at Bowling Green). In the autumn he enlisted as a private in Co. B; but was put in charge of the regimental hospital at Bowling Green. Was at Russellville on leave of absence when Johnston's army left Kentucky, but rejoined his company at Murfreesboro', where he was left sick when the army moved to Mississippi. Recovering, he went southward to find his command, but fell in with Morgan's cavalry, and did service with it until after the raid through Kentucky (July, 1S62), taking part in scouts, skirmishes, and some more serious engagements at Chattanooga, Tompkinsville, and Cynthiana. In August, 1862, he rejoined his company, then near Jackson, Miss., and fought with it at Hartsville, Stone River, Jackson, Mission Ridge, Rocky Face Gap, Resaca, and Dallas; from Dallas to Atlanta; at Peachtree, Intrenchment, and Utoy Creeks, and both days at Jonesboro'. He took part in the mounted operations until at Whitesville, Ga., Feb. n, 1865, he was severely wounded in right arm, by accidental discharge of his own gun, by which he was disabled until some time after the war closed. PHIL VACARO, Louisville, was appointed captain and A. C. S., 1861, and served in the commissary department throughout the war.