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862 > Page 862 of History of the Orphan brigade

862 HISTORY OF THE ORPHAN BRIGADE. JOHN B. MATTHEWS. A. H. MARSHALL. E. P. MARSHALL. J. M. MEDLEY. THOS. H. PLEMANS. GEO. W. PATTERSON. GEO. W. PATTON. JOHN QUINN. MARTIN RAFTER. (See Cobb's Battery.) SAMUEL STEWART. BEN W. SANDEFUR. WM. E. THOMPSON. (See Cobb's Battery.) J. W. TUCKER. J. T. WILLIAMS. BRYAN WORDICK. DAVID WILLIAMS. COBB'S BATTERY. This artillery has been so often referred to, in the course of the work, that it is scarcely necessary to notice it at length as a separate organization. H. B. Lyon (afterward a general of brigade,) was associated with Capt. Cobb in the recruiting and organizing of the battery, and was its first captain; but he was promoted to colonel of the Eighth Kentucky Infantry before it saw any service, and Cobb was promoted to captain. He commanded it till after the battle of Chickamauga, when he was promoted to be major and chief of artillery on the staff of Gen. Breckinridge, and served on the division staff during the remainder of the war. He was engaged with his battalion of artillery almost daily from Dalton to Jonesboro', during the campaign of 1S64, and acquitted himself with his usual gallantry, and with all the promptness and excellent judgment which had characterized him previous to his promotion. The following is the roll of the battery, with such facts relative to the individual members as the writer has been able to obtain. No attempt is made to indicate each man's home county or city, as no reliable record is now to be had ; but nearly every one was a Kentuckian born and bred: