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Bibliotheca Americana : catalogue of a valuable collection of books and pamphlets relating to America ; with a descriptive list of Robert Clarke & Co's historical publications. (vol. 3)

TI HlE LIBRARY JOURNAL. THIS monthly periodical, the official journal of the Library Associations T of America and of the United Kingdom, addresses itself not only to libraries, large and small, but to all collectors and others interested in books. It is edited with the co-operation of twelve of the leading libraries of America and Great Britain; Mr. C. A. Cutter, of the Boston Atbenxum, having charge of the full and valuable department of Bibliography, and Mr. J. L. Whitney, of the Boston Public Library, of that of Pseudonyms and Anonyms. yournwal des Ddbats (Paris). Should take its place upon the desk of every librarian and every col- lector of books, to whom it will furnish more than one useful help. Nei,, rork Times. This periodical is one which every literary man should have. A rich treasury of thought and experience in all matters pertaining to books and libraries. St. Logis Gobe. Promises to accomplish more in the way of practical benefits for all readers of books than any dozen publications issued since the invention of printing. Congregationaist (Boston). Every keeper of books have it. A. R. Spoford, Libraria,, of Congress. The practical suggestions and information embodied in a single number are freqUently worth ten times the year's subscription. Yohx Eaton, Commissioner of Education. Every library, whether public or private, that spends 2oo annually on its administration, cannot pay out 5 with more advantage to itself than by taking the Yourna/. YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION, 5.00; MONTHLY NUMBERS, 50 ct. Sample Copies Free. A VA L UARLE AD VER TISIAG M1BEDIU.M Inquiries should be addressed to MELVIL DEWEY, Mfanaging Edilor, ,2 IHawley Street, Boston. Subscriptions should be addressed to F. LEYPOLDT, Publisher, 97 Park Row, New York.