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11 > Image 11 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 11, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

iy " Available Have you THE KENTUCKY KERNEL an idea how many Rood things you can get to cat at the ELECTRIC MAID BAKE SHOP 50.3 7 East High Street Lexington, Ky. Woodland Drug Co. Try Our SANDWICHES AND FOUNTAIN SERVICE We Deliver Phone Ashland 1581 At Woodland and Maxwell tlWWWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIflllllltl'l ! Have you had those Spring Togs put in shape yet? Let us fix them up for you THE CLOTHES SHOP Ashland 2259 Hiirh. near Viaduct QQUIRREI O "V DANCE PROGRAMS, VISITING CARDS ENGRAVING AND FKINTAJNU OF ALL KINDS FOOD L- - . E ""i Have you seen the purple poodle which was the very original creation of some of the Pat Hall Inhabitants? The fashion, we hear, Is to get several scurvy little dogs and dye them to match feminine apparel. Instead of sending corsages In the future wc may merely run down to the pet shop, buy a two-b- it dog and send him to our date. The girl will necessarily wear a green dress. An Insult will be perpetrated when a favored one receives a flesh colored hound a few hours before a dance. It is rumored that when Goad graduates the Phi Tau's Intend to disband unless they arc able to pledge another "bel esprit" with sparkling eyes and a taste for good whiskey. The PI Kaps and the Sigma Chls have now assumed a quite definitely hostile attitude toward each other. It seems that the Pi Kaps has been courting the Sigma Chi house mother to such an extent that she send them the choice delacaclcs from the Sigma Chi larder. The Sigma Chls discovered the Illicit traffic when a freshman complained that there were no beans in his soup. The Pi Kaps were rolling In beans at the time. To a great extent the atmosphere of the European student's life is filled with the Idea of Internationalism. This fact eloquently under lies the intellectual awakening of the students toward a cosmic idea. The historical development of the human mind requires new social reformations In life. Without a doubt the aim of a mutual rcfractmcnt of nations lies In the young generation. This causes the new system of education to shift Its principles in accordance with the ideas of common friendship. Perhaps the time will soon come when the pedagogic principles will take full application in the school system of education of youth In the spirit of Internationalism. There are many student organizations In Europe whose aim Is an Intimate life between nations. These young students feel the necessity of common work In the exchanging of the cultural and material welfare In Improving the conditions of life. They believe that the mutual life Is the fundamental faction in the life of the people. This Idea Is not new to American students for in many universities In America there are organizations with the same idea and purpose. The Cosmopolitan Club at the and Tracy are getting good distance in their Javelin throws. Results of the Georgetown meet are as follows: (Incorporated) Varsity. 165-16- 7 Lexington, Ky. N. Limestone dash Kelly, Kentucky, first; Hleber, Kentucky, second. Phones, Ashland 760, 4996 Time :10.1. Kentucky, One mile O'Brlant, While wc were window shopping first; Twaddell, Kentucky, second. in front of the Zeta house the Time 4:50.8. other day the butler was sent to put Forquer, Kentucky, Shot tell us that any of the articles could be had on approval and easy first; Wright, Kentucky, second. Distance 40 feet, 3 2 Inches. payments and that for a closer High hurdle Shipley, Kentucky, examination of the products there first; Cavana, Kentucky, second. was a dark room In the rear. Time : 17.9. High jump Gibson, Kentucky; We have before us a copy of the 1 "Princeton Tiger." The only subjects Clellan and Van House, Georgej Phones Ashland 4177-417- 8 deemed worthy of literary effort by town, tied. Distance 5 ft. 3 inches. Discus Wright, Kentucky, first; 11 the staff of this publication seem to Andrew, Kentucky, second. Distance 401-40- 3 j Lexington, Ky. E. Main St. be women and whiskey. We had thought that' the blase Princetonian 109 ft. 6 inches. Pole vault Wilson, Georgetown, took these things very much for first; Porter, Kentucky, second. granted. Height 11 ft. 6 inches. dash Jones, Kentucky, Throughout the spring football season the members of the squad first; Ruttencutter, Kentucky, secestablished the risque custom of ond. Time :55.3. Low forcibly removing the pants of one hurdles Walters, George town, first; Weiman, Kentucky, secof their number every afternoon after practice. As this unfortunate ond. Time :27. SHOES one trod the weary distance from jump Kelly, Kentucky Broad the field to the gym, "en desha- - first; Van House, Georgetown, secLOOK bille," the sighs of the female art ' ond. Distance 20 ft. 7 inches. students could be heard at the Two - mile Owens, Kentucky, Lexington drug. first; Johnson, Kentucky, second. MORE COMFORTABLE Time 10:35. One of the profs in the College of Javelin Van House, Georgetown, Agriculture amuses himself while i first; Clelland, Georgetown, second. j his students are dissecting long-eDistance 151 ft. 1 Inch. Half-mil- e unci, came oy relating nauseating Thomason, Kentucky, stories. His finished scholars will first; O'Brlant, Kentucky, second. unquestionably be delightfully re- Time 2:01. freshing conversationalists. dash Kelly, Kentucky, first; Walters, Georgetown, second. We have recently discovered the Time :23. lowest form of animal life in the Relay Kentucky, first. college president who makes it his Freshman personal duty (to work as an undash Wilson, Georgedercover man at fraternity dances town, first; Foster, Kentucky, sec113 where his presence is neither ond. Time 10:8. Mill Sts. Cor. appreciated or desired in order One mile Price, Georgetown, to learn which of the bad little first; Maddox, Kentucky, second. boys have attempted to bury their Time 5:46:6. disgust with their school in drink. Shot put Stout, Georgetown, first; Seale, Kentucky, second. DisThe office the reptile holds is degraded the animal itself Is quite tance 37 ft. 5 inches. beyond, or below, degradation. High hurdles Emmerich, Taylor and Clark, all of Kentucky, tied for Along with our discovery of the first. Time 28 seconds. most detestable individual in the High Jump MuIIgan, Kentucky, world came the discovery of the first; Foster, Kentucky, second. most ludicrous. He Is the male who Height 5 ft. 2 inches. Discus Stout, Georgetown, first: thinks that he Is going over when Welsenberger. Georgetown, second. he sings to his date. Distance 113 ft. 6 Inches. Pole vault Hubbell Kentucky, U. K. first; Turley, Kentucky, second. Height 10 ft. 6 Inches. 440 -- yard run Mllllken, Kentucky, Only. Hurst &jByars Printing Co, PARKER TIRE SERVICE REPAIRED THE "NEW WAY" BETTER AND LAST LONGER ARE NEW WAY a m .a SHOE SHOP North Lime Short and mmiinmiiiiniitnitnitttn RENT A STUDEBAKER or a NEW FORD Hour Charge Sat. Nites and Sun. No Deposit Required from Students Studebaker U-Drive- Co. -It LEE W. WILKERSON, Mgr. Phone 7070 333 E. Main niiiiiiniiiiii:tmtiini:ttiiiii:nmwum:m amttmmmmtmt:ttmt:mttn:Kttn U. K. VISITORS TRY OUR MEALS AND LUNCHES WHILE IN LEXINGTON FOR HIGH SCHOOL WEEK On Your Way to Town Frosh Thinlies Defeat Georgetown Teleghaphic Meets Have Been Arranged With Three Southern Teams Th University of Kentucky frosh track squad with the scalps of the Georgetown frosh thinlies on their belts, have been preparing the past week for the remaining meets on their schedule. Coach "Curly" Pot ter seems well pieasea wnn me results that some of the men turned In Saturday and has high hopes ior the frosh schedule for the rest of the season. The week following the Easter vacation the Kittens have a tentative return meet with Georgetown, here, and the following week a tentative meet with the Berea varsity. Meets hnvn nlso been ararnced with Mis sissippi A. & M., Tennessee and Georgia. These will tie leiegrapnic meets. Thi following should be the high point men In their events: Foster and Splllman in tne century aasn; d Foster and Malum in the Hnshr MUllkin and Farmer should dash, and Mil- win In the llkln and Watts in the nan. Maa-Hn- v in Hir milo is colnc creat cuns. Seale and Aldrldge are putting the shot in good iorm, wnue uooawiu "Edmond Steam' Permanent Wave $5.00 Sandwiches and Soda Fountain Service Wildcat Lair We Deliver 304 South Lime Orchestra Evenings Phone Ash. 9191 or 8262 Large or Small Waves with Perfect Ringlet Ends LAFAYETTE BEAUTY PARLOR Phone for Appointment Ashland 4480 or 3743 BXPERT OPERATORS HOSE PERKY, Mgr. PAGE ELEVEN BULGARIAN STUDENT AT UNIVERSITY PRAISES COSMOPOLITAN CLUB WORK Bob UiDHMII ft. 1 1 Chimney Corner Tea Room Serves delicious lunches and dinners at special prices to University Students Beautiful and spacious rooms for parties, teas, dances, banquets. Maude Van Buskirk Student Representative Esplanade Phone 7740 smmmismmttmmmmtimsmim University Is one of these organizations. Probably few students know of the existence of such a club on the campus, although Its activities arc very Important and Interesting. This club has 39 members from 13 different countries. Tho monthly meetings of the club arc characterized by the close friendship between Its members regardless of the nation or race to which they belong. This club should command more attention, not only because it is one of the clubs on the campus, but because It Is the first spark necessary to light a fire of social understanding between the peoples. The Idea of the Cosmopolitan Club Is in unison with ideals, light, brotherhood and truth. The best source to know the souls and the hearts of the people from other nations Is for one to be In personal contact with them. Better acquaint-- 1 ance can be effected In such clubs where one will find Ideal friendship. The time Is not far off when these small clubs, scattered all over the earth, will become one large club with members from all peoples. It is to be hoped that the Cosmopolitan Club at the University will be more interesting for the students on the campus. first; Time Kentucky, Farmer, Easter Cream Eggs, Pudding Eggs, Large Filled and Decorated Eggs, Chocolate Bunnies, Fancy Mints for Parties, etc. Home-mad- e FAMOUS FOR OUR CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKES BENTON'S SWEET SHOPPE 141 South Lime Phone Ashland 5961 www YOU CAN GET THE BEST DOUBLE DIP CHOCOLATE SODA WITH WHIPPED CREAM, AND THE KEENEST FUDGE SUNDAE IN THE CITY AT OWEN'S VIADUCT PHARMACY NEW FOUNTAIN JUST RECENTLY INSTALLED second. 54:7. Low hurdles Wilson, Georgetown, first; Emmerich, Kentucky, second. Time :29. Broad jump Longmire, Kentucky, first; Farquar, Georgetown, second. Distance 18 ft. 9 Inches. Two-mil- e run Darnell, Kentucky, first; Miner, Kentucky, second. Time 12:10.5. Javelin Goodwin, Kentucky, first; Wilson, Georgetown, second. Distance 142 gt. Inches. Half-mil- e run Price, Georgetown, first; Mllllken, Kentucky, second. Time 2:15. dash Wilson, Georgetown, first; Foster, Kentucky, second. Time 24:3. Relay Kentucky, first. Prompt Free Delivery s Phones Ashland 4729-915- 4 Piccadilly Shoppe (Incorporated) EASTER FASHIONS First Road Hand (working near a college): Say, Mack, what In de wolld Is a co-eSecond Road Hand: Aw, glt to wolk, ye're to young to know about such things yet. FOR THE CO-E- D Policeman (at scene of murder): You can't come Into this room. Reporter: But I have been sent to do the murder. Policeman: Well, you're too late; the murder's been done. 15 Office Boy: I smoke nothing but quarter cigars now. Stenog: How come, did the boss give you raise? Office Boy: Nope, he smokes the s. other State Lion. Smart, Authentic Modes that will lead the Easter parade. Frocks for every occasion and no two alike I don't like to have a date in a taxi. Why not? Because with a meter before my eyes I can't go as far as I like. California Pelican. LAFAYETTE HOTEL BLDG New Bride: "This living room set goes back to Louis the Fourteenth." . WALDO CLOTHES Older One: "Hard luck, kid, ours house goes back to the Installment on the first." MISS LEXINGTON 1930 TO BE CHOSEN APRIL 19 AT BALL, PHOENIX IN CONTEST FOR HOTEL, CITY'S MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL Waldo Clothes The official Miss Lexington 1930 Beauty Pageant to choose the most beautiful girl between the ages of sixteen and twenty-fiv- e, will be staged this year in conjunction with a mammoth Beauty Ball at the Phoenix Hotel on Saturday night, April 19th. The winner will receive approximately $1,000 in prizes. is At the dance the same date will be held a dancing contest to se lect a Kentucky Dance Queen. This is open to all couples who are residents of Kentucky. They will be judged in a fox trot and waltz. The lady being awarded the prize and title. with fine style, superior tailoring and better quality wool ens, WALDO Clothes are increasing in popularity every day. Your Next Suit BEN ROOS, Inc. MEN'S All the beauty title winners of of curroundlng cities will attend. 1929 and 1930 Admission, Including Informal. dancing, only seventy-fiv- e cents. All University students cordially Invited. WALDO A WEAR Short and Lime Home of Rooster Hats $3.50 and 5.00 WWtfWWWWWWWVWyWWUNTUVW SPEND YOUR SPARE HOURS TAKING COMMERCIAL WORK AT Southern School (Incorporated) of Commerce "LEXINGTON'S SELECT SCHOOL FOR SECRETARIES " Phone Clay 160 TYPEWRITING 138 W. SHORT ST LEARN SHORTHAND BOOKKEEPING ACCOUNTING Special Part Time Schedules arranged for University Students taking part time work. Write for Tuition Rates P. O. Box 6 6 9 ? S