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12 > Image 12 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 11, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

t Best Copy Available THE KENTUCKY PAGE TWELVE Does it mean anything to you to drink from sterilized glasses? We sterilize ours CORRECT APPAREL FOR WOMEN AND MISSES 264 West Mnin Street All Makes TYPEWRITERS fe Sale or Rent and added materially to the success i of the production. Frank Davidson, as Swede Garrison, ubiquitous reporter for n metropolitan paper, evoked many laughs and giggles irom me nousc uirougn his nonchalance and telephoning proclivity. However, we were not satisfied that a real reporter would talk as Swede did when confronted with the stunning events in the house at Oyster Bay. His was a difficult part, though, reflecting no lack of ability. The remaining members of the parts cast performed to the satisfaction of those in atHcarnc, as Doctor tendance John Slinkard, showed the devastating effects of imbibing liquor in quan tities Dcyona nis discretion, nna Special Rental Rates to Students Dealer: L. C. Smith and Corona Typewriters SR STANDARD Phont 1792 WEST SHORT ST. Opp. Courthouu C. H. McAfee's Shoe Rebuilding Shop WHY IS McATEE'S SHOE REPAIRING ALWAYS CONSIDERED THE BEST? BECAUSE YOU GET COURTESY, POLITENESS, QUALITY, SERVICE Phones 5640-10- 4 Branch Shop 507 East High 103 South Lime W. B. MARTIN Barber Shop 153 South Limestone SATURDAY PRICES 40c HAIRCUT 20c SHAVE 35c HAIRCUT 15c SHAVE CO LON I AL ATLANTIC aHi PACIFIC SOUTH BOUND NORTH BOUND Lv. 12:20 P. M. Lv. 11:10 P. M. Lv. 3:30 A. M. Lv. 2:55 P. M. Akron, Ohio S (Continued from Pngo One) Swede Garrison nnd J. Townnda Slinkard. Although the cast was composed nf mnnv who nrn experienced in the mannerisms of the stage, the guiding hand or Doctor uiicy was seen time and again in the finesse of certain roles requiring an extra touch of performance necessary to produccomplete the tion in a manner that must have been in the mind of Bruce Evnns when he wrote the script. The director's interpretation was equaled Cryn 7.85 Knoxviile, Tenn. 7.85 ,$ Cincinnati, Ohio 2.50 Chattanooga Detroit 7.50 Atlanta 9.50 Nashville Nth less simulation. James Se'the first victim of the murderer, mor(j tQ ai i , Five persons met doflh durlmt nddcd much loute He i the show had it not been for his .VereeihJf ho S2 ""fortunate early demise. Jack was the unknwnjbut the audience ag M a verdict of , Usl uhi Jn ordcr to brlng the had "not gulty." in i such nfnncr st production to an unexpected J and director nouement. George Roberts was con- , themselves throughout the entire gnr. m Noonanf tho o nrrformance. j j ou v.,,i 11.1, MliU UUUUl ttliu mil v. In recapitulation, it is indeed dlf- - he was that Detectlve Kldd suffered say uuu uuu munuw by comparison. Horace Miner, a ticuit to the cast outshone another, so varied ncw nctor ln stroller plays, gave a characterizations, but we realistlc and forceful performance were the point with admiration to the scar- - as juhus Hunter, the gardener who let-clMiss Davis, who, as the evi- - ( i;new too much and was murdered dential murder suspect, vhandled her before he could "come clean" to the . omnfinnc aeieciives. it. roie so sKiiiiuny mm- uiv of We feei that we should compll-h- er iof the audience ran the gamut ac- moods and ment the stage crew for their effi-- I through cjent Work. The sound of rain was tions. From Ian emotive lexicon to budding ten- - so reai jt made us feel uncomfort-derne- ss for her hero detective, she atje ana the movable fireplace drew performed her part with rare skill our admiration. Considered in toto, "Scarlet" was iand charm. pro-- I Second only to Miss Davis in the one of the outstanding student and this year feminine contingent, Miss Johnson,- ductions we have seenStrollers, their sus' reflects credit on all ns Delia Faye, a sophisticated, picious and unruffled dancer who officers and patrons, when the show goes on the road had pirouetted her entrance into the inner circle of the Marsh resi- - trip already planned we predict that dence, found instant favor with jt win be just as successful as it was those in attendance, me mwunau , wunin me environs oi me umvu of Miss Davis, she soon was stealing sity, Rtrnllpr nfflrprs nrfi! resident. the show, only to have her success cut short by a heart auacn wnue Frank Davidson; director, Thomas denouncing Jeanne L. Riley; business manager, dames passionately responsible R. Dorman, Jr.; stage manager, Page as the arch-fien- d for the mystifying series of deaths James Thompson; electrician, Irmen within the household. Fort; properties, Malcolm Barnes; Miss Fisher disappointed us as the prompter, Dorothy Jones; publicty, seemed Earl Cella. widow of Cyrus Marsh. She repressed failed to succumb to the Potrnns nnrt natrnnesses are: Mr. ravages of grief on account of the and Mrs. Maury Crutcher; President startling death of her and Mrs. Frank L. McVey; Miss sudden and husband; lacked the customary emo- Sarah n Hlanrilrnr. Miss Mareuerlte tionalism of wives and widows. But McLaughlin, Mrs. P. K. Holmes, Mr. when the play came to an end and and Mrs. Enoch urenan; mt. ana we found that she knew beforehand Mrs. L. G. Farquhar, Frank Fowler, what was going to happen, but not Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Melcher, Mr. the seriousness thereof, we realized and Mrs. Paul P. Boyd, Mr. and that we had been betrayed. One of Mrs. W. D. Funkhouser, Mr. and the finest touches of the entire per- Mrs. Paul F. Anderson, Mr. and formance is accredited to the beau- Mrs. Wallace Mulr; Misses Helen tiful and charming Miss Fisher. and Willy King, Mr. and Mrs. I. n. Although the Stroller ladles per- Combs, Mr. and Mrs. Louis des Cog- formed to the eminent satisfaction nets, Mr. and Mrs. Desha Breckinof the house, they cannot boast of ridge, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lee Hag-gi- n, having gained an advantage over the Mr. and Mrs. Edward Welst, menfolk who carried their roles Just Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stoll. talas satisfactorily and used their ents to further befuddle the audiCAMPUS ence. James Gates, who played the part rrnntlnned from Pace One) Federal narcotic of Lee Stuart, agent, convinced us that it is better Inning MARGARET DOUGLAS and to stay on the blind side of the law CHUCK MAXON made their enthan to attempt to outwit detec- trance. Late romance makes late At eventide I bedecked tive of the stuart type. He Identified entrance! "Scarlet," the murdered, fell in love my person and crashed tne bigma with Jeanne Page, kept his brother Chi dance. Oh, lovely maidens how learned 'SHIPWRECK" KELLY am start. detective second-guessinrttnday Sittine on a bench in how the murders were commltteed,-. nnri in iTpnpml rilsnnrted himself ac- ye olden church I didst all but up-cVin fomiiv tvvj when I saw Qualifications rnrrilner to the hlehest demanded by his part. Of course JULIA MARVIN steal meekly in. was still witn nis he had assistance, out mat oniy Brother WALLER penl-ton- t. served to show the excellence of his horses and could not see his mnldpn or else he might read acting. Kldd, the other ily have burst with pride. In the Earl Cella, as Al detective in the production, made afternoon to a show wnicn Dorea me us want to help him solve the mys tery. Aside from one or two in stances, he was a rarcicai sieuin with a derby hat, tough voice and hnH rilstviKlt.inn. He was continually puzzled and worried, but managed to conceal mucn oi it Dy means oi loud talking and a threatening attitude. He carried his role with ease 137 North Limestone it KERNELS 8.75 19.75 New York Buffalo, N. Y 13.00 St. Louis, Mo. 10.50 Denver, Colo 28.00 Los Angeles 56.50 Washington, D. C. 16.75 (Via Cincinnati, Ohio) New Orleans Jacksonville Miami, Fla 27.00 Macon, Ga 11.50 ALL WORK GUARANTEED Savannah, Ga. 17.50 APRIL 20th Note the above date. Less than TWO weeks from now is Easter, the greatest Dress Day of the year. It may seem to you quite a way off, but it will be here and passed before you know it Order Now Your Easter Tailored to Measure SAFE DEPENDABLE SERVICE Main Bus Terminal 245 E. Main St. Phone Clay 500 SUITS and TOPCOATS $30 to $50 We also do Cleaning, Pressing 11, Work called for and delivered Ashland 8380 :::m::m:::::n:u::m:mmm::mm PERMANENT WAVING $7.00 nnd $5.00 Fountain Pen in Exchange a New SHEAFFER HUTCHINSON'S DRUG LOOK! HAIRCUTS BEFORE EASTER Try Us Viaduct Barber Shop Presbyterian. H. Sermon, "Unbelieving Intellectuals and Christian Maxwell Street M. Morgan, pastor. Faith.' " First Presbyterian, pastor. Sermon, Necessary?" "Is H. H. Pitzer, Immortality The Class "A" Shop A. E. WARREN, Prop. E. High, near Viaduct Dean Evans Attends Annual Bar Meeting Dean Alvin E. Evans, of the College of Law, is in Paducah this week-en- d attending the annual meeting of the Kentucky Bar Asso ciation which is being held Thurs day, Friday and Saturday. ENTER SPRING sorely. I later saw JIMMY GATES and FRANK DAVIDSON posing on the art shack lawn while TOM RILEY clicked their elegance. Shades of conceit! Early to bed and so early to rise with nary a de sire to rise and grow wise. LEARBURY you If ioned blown chemises, of think you carrying (ash- - old are damsel, spring as a fairhaired 'with wind- boquet a of anemones. If your thoughts more R.S.THORPE&Son. are you've noticed new practical each Subconsciously here, I inkle that we the Brae-bur- ns day. you've said Spring IS too must have a Braeburn This sell and classical less is are to the remind you store who new Spring Braeburns. (Incorporated) "The Men's Store of Lexiartoa" IWWWIIIIIW)IICJIWIIIIHUt3IIIIIIMIIIItmW(IIMJIIIIIIIIIIIItJIIIIIIIIIIIIClllllllUlllt Harbison Tire Co. $33.50 to $50 All with Two Pairs of Trousers BATTERIES FIRESTONE TIRES BRAKE LINING and Altering Phones, Ash. 16165174 BEN LEVY'S Phone, Ashland 1105-11C (South Lime BEGINNING APRIL For Your Justright Tailoring Co. "TRAVEL THE NEW WAY" SPECIAL!! $1 Among the many things that can be said for the college men of today they know style and quality. Their judgment is Learbury's Standard. Our Specialty 17.00 SitinttttttHtnsuKittttttitttttntttttun Reed Beauty Shop of Style and Quality Pressing 18.75 WE DELIVER Sunday, April 13, has been desigFINGER WAVING, SHAMPOO FREE nated by the University Y. W. C. A. and Y. M. C. A. as "Go to Church" Sunday, especially for University students and faculty members. It is urged by the heads of the respec tive organizations that all students 305 West Short Street Phone Ashland 3057 attend some church on that Sunday. All students who arc members are reof fraternal organizations quested to go ln a body. iiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiitfiiiiitiiiiiiiiiintiuiiiiHiiiiiiiiiitifiiniiitiiiiiiiitiiiiiitiiiiiiiii Sponsoring tho "Go to Church" plan has been the custom of the Y. W. C. A. and the Y. M. C. A. for several years, and the students and faculty have always responded to afforded them. the opportunity Old ith Many churches these two organizations and give on special sermons on this Sunday. Students may attend the church of expecting to their choice. Those attend in a group will be given special accommodations. Those churches who are STORE with the Y. W. C. A. and Y. M. C. A. have sent these organizaPRESCRIPTIONS subjects for the sermons. tions the They are as follows; Main and Deweese Phones Ashland 21-64- 0 Central Christian, A. W. Fortune, pastor. Sermon, "The Victory of iiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiiEaiiitiiiiiiitcaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiitiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiuicaiiiiiiuiI Silence. Second Presbyterian, Jessie Herrmann, pastor . Sermon, "A Ques tion of Credentials." First Methodist Episcopal, South, R. H. Daugherty, pastor. Sermon, "Making Religion Interesting." Church of the Good Shepherd, C. S. Hale, pastor. Sermon, "Young People and Religion." GET ONE OF THOSE GOOD OLD Calvary Baptist. "Spiritual Ath letics." Maxwell Street Synagogue, S. Sof ter, pastor. Sermon, "The Festival of Spring and Hope." Immanuel Baptist, J. W. Porter, pastor. Sermon, "The Call of CRITICS Cleaning and 9.75 . University Students Arc Requested hy Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. to Attend Church April 13 All Ashland 23ft69196 Phones: appearing Let us rent you a Tuxedo for the school dances $2.50 A NIGHT (via Chattanooga) Birmingham SUNDAY IS 'GO TO CHURCH DAY' Levin's 9.50 Chicago Z flZr of Scion 6.00 .. 'Home of the College Folks THE TAVERN "Scarlet" Is Added To List of Annual Spring Successes 9 KERNEL L375 Lexington, Ky. East Main n nniNiiiniiniiiiiHiiiitniiiwi"iiirj Kaufman Clothing Co. (Incorporated) STYLE CORNER LIMESTONE AT SHORT STREET