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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 11, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

ner nt 7 o'clock In the red room of the Lafayette hotel. Saturday, April 12 Last day of the Music Festival at the University. Campus Club formal dance nt the Phoenix hotel. Alpha XI Delta Founder's Day banquet nt the Phoenix hotel nt alHmnmnnntmnmttmttmnmttmmttmttinntnntittttminiimtttntmli Society! G;30 o'clock. 1 Triangle formal dance nt the B men's Rymnnslum. Mr. n, D. Mclntyre host nt lunch-co- n for Mr. Bnrre Hill nt the Chimney Corner nt 1 o'clock. 5 Sunday, April 3 m Vesper services at Memorial Hall Stgma Delta Chi Pounder's Day at 4 o'clock. Friday, April 11 Tuesday, April 15 Kentucky High banquet at the Lafayette hotel. Fifth annual Kernel Banquet nt the Lafayette University luncheon In Boyd hall hotel at G o'clock for members of School Music Festival nt the Unl- verslty. hi honor of the music supervisors, the staff. Announcement of the Junior lot 12:30 o'clock. Alpha Delta Thcta alumnae din- Prom Queen. 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Tea for Woman's Club Mrs. Howard Pcnk, president of the Woman's Club of the JJnivcr-sH.- v. pntrrtnlned with a bridtrc ten Tuesday nfternoon nt her home In honor of the new members or tne club. The house was attractively arranged with spring flowers and lighted candles and n delicious dinner was served. Assisting Mrs. Peak were: Mrs. Leslie Ingcls, Mrs. W. E. Freeman, Mrs. W. A. Price, Mrs. Robert Lundy nnd Mrs. Fordyce Ely. Recital to Be Given The following invitation has been received: "The McDowell Club of Lexington invites the members of Phi Mu Alpha to be their guests at a recital of Modern Music by Mr. Harry Jrteyers, of Louisville, Ky. "Phoenix hotel ballroom, April 15, 8 o'clock." ., Tea for National President Beta chapter of Alpha Delta Theta sorority entertained with an elaborate afternoon tea yesterday afternoon from 4 to 6 at the chapter house in honor of Mrs. Ansel F. Hemenway, national president. The house was decorated with pink glad-oll- o and delphinium and blue tapers in silver candlesticks tied with blue tulle. In the receiving line with Mrs. Hemenway were Miss Margaret Horsfleld, faculty advisor; Mrs. Charles Van Deren, province secretary; Mrs. Annie Neale, house president, and Miss Margaret Marrs, president of the active chapter. Mrs. Margaret Cole Hare presided at the tea table, which was beautifully decorated with pink foses. A delicious salad course was served. Members of the active chapter are Misses Margaret Marrs, Mollie Mack Offutt, Eleanor Smith, Mary Adair, Mary Josephine McCormlck, Mary Margaret Howes, Freddie Mae Bocock. Marlanna Lancaster, Ro-zaRuttencutter, Elizabeth Salmon, Ruth Osborne, Minnie Lou Bennett, Agnes Worthlngton, Edith Price. Helen Browning, Helen Dale, Jane Gooch, Dorothy Parsons and Nancy Schrugmah. Pledges are Ruth Caywood, Mildred Cochran, Lillian Gooch, Eugene May, Frances Herndon, Hortense Smith. Betty Slmerall, Carrie Lee Whitaker and Mona Souther. ing, Jean Campbell, Lorinc Fatil-conc- r, Katharine Best, Mary Chick, Knthcrinc Forsythe, Marjorie Duncan, Mnry Armstrong, Winston Brynn, Charlotte Shnw, Tilllc Ferguson, Louise Mason, Ann May Kirn, Martha Chapman, Sara Rcnyolds, Mac Millignn, Ruth Wchlc, Mina Pate, Ellen Mlnlhan, Elizabeth Board, Jane Hamilton, Bllllc Haymaker, Katharine Smith, Anna Mny Lewis, Jnnc Gary, Doris Striker, Scrclda Bishop, Ruth Eumorc, Doris Smith, Jewell Martin, Margaret Kirk, Bruce Loughridge, Frances McCandlcss, Mnry King Montgomery, Henrietta Sherwood, Lcona Day, Chnrlscy Smith, Lois Adams, Pearl Radcr, Kathcrlne Adams, Jop-pcrConnelly, Mrs. H. C. Botts, Mrs. Waller S. Herndon, Ocrtrude Evans, Marjorie Bastln. Messrs. Stanley Mllward, T. J. Judy, Henry Glostcr, Ryder Austin Henderson, L. G. For-quc- r, Lnrry Crump, Robert Lewis, Jnck Gilham, Cecil Smith, Henry Scott, Jnmes Sonmcs, Conrad Rose, Morgan Perry Foster Coleman, Hughes Hamilton, Robert Kipping, George Hlllen, Robert Tucker, Wil-linLussky, Jnmes Glostcr, John Single, Edward Johnson, Hargis Hughes, Hayes Owens, Thornton Helm, Edwnrd Sampson, Richard Heyser, Frank Worthlngton, George Forsythe, Sam Kennedy, Wade Jefferson, Pnul Carroco, Richard Clark, Raymond Alford, James Owens, Rodman Kennon, Jack Hayes, Lewis Fishback, Joe Montgomery, Newman Boardman, Clifton Thompson, William Mllwnrd, Herbert Wllkerson, Walter Forsythe, Horace Miner, Hnrry OHenr, Burton Prewltt, Dr. Wnllcr S. Herndon. Alpha Gamma Rho Dance The Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity entertained with a formal dance Saturday night at the Phoenix hotel. The ballroom was elaborately decorated In the fraternity colors of green and gold and the lighted fraternity crest was hung at one end of the room. The Kentucky Rhythm Kings orchestra furnished the music for the programs dances and attractive were given the guests. Several hundred guests were Spring Formal The Sigma Chi fraternity was host Bfihirrinv nlcrht to a snrinir formal dance In the men's gymnnslum from 0 until 12 o'clock. The ballroom was gaily decorated tn Mm fraJrrnltv colors nnd varlrd colored bnlloons hung from the cell- lng. At one corner of the room the orchestra wns scntcd on a plntform arranged m tne snapc oi a mbhcsc cross, the badge of the fraternity. nnrlntr thn pvrnlne six were played nnd n special waltz for the members. Small programs of blue nnd gold were given the guests. The chaperons for the affair were: Mr. nnd Mrs. F. Paul Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Isaacs. The guests numbered about 300. The members are Messrs. Cecil Smith, Lawrence Crump, Henry Scott, Foser Benjamin, L. G. For-que- r, C. Rose, John Single, Edward Rnmnwn. Atisin Henderson. James Gloster, John Glllham, Morgan Per ry, Wade Jeirerson, James somes, Henry Gloster, Richard Heyser, William Lussky, Paul Carraco, George Hillen, Ryder McNeal, Raymond Al ford, Robert Kipping, Ktcnara uiaric, Sam Kennedy, Hargis Hughes, Stanley Mllward, Edward Johnson, Robert Lewis, Thornton Helm, Robert Tucker, Frank Worthlngton, T. J. Judy, Hays Owens, jnmes uwens. Pledges are Messrs. Newman Fishback, Joe Louln Boardmnn, Montgomery, Jack Hays. ENGAGEMENTS LcMerc Alexander The engagement of Miss Alice of Saginaw, Mich., to Mr. David Alexander of New York City has been announced and the marriage ceremony Will be solemnized June 7 in New York City. Miss LeMefe was formerly a student at the University of Kentucky and was very attractive and talented. While in school she was a member of Strollers, dramatic fraternity. She is majoring In fine arts at Barnard college and will receive her A. B. degree this spring. Mr. Alexander, who is now advertising manager of the Franco-Bel-glqTours Company, stationed in New York, also attended the University. He was quite prominent in school activities and was a member of the PI Kappa Alpha social fra ternlty, served on the Kernel staff and wrote many articles ior "liei-ters- ." Last Cadet Hop ' The last of the series of Cadet hops of the school year was given Saturday afternoon in the Men's gymnasium from 3 to 6 oclock. The Masqueraders orchestra playThey will make their home In ed the music for the six New York. which were given. The chaperones were the members of the faculty of A NATIONAL ORGANIZATION the military department and their WANTS YOUR SPARE TIME wives. About 200 guests were present. Pnr students havlner two or three hours to spare In the evening or K. D. Mother's Club Meets morning, a large organization can The Kappa Delta Mother's Club use a limited number and will reheld its April meeting at the chap- imburse you in cash as high as $5 ter house on East Maxweel street hourly. Down .and outs are not Monday afternoon, Mrs. J. T. Pride, wanted, only students of good standpresiding. Two new members were ing and ambitious to utilize their welcomed to the group, Mrs. W. T. spare time. Fowler and Mrs. M. E. Llgon. It Closing time for all applications was decided to have a rummage sale is April 25. Address Box ZZ, care on April 26, all proceeds of which will this newspaper. adv. go to the building fund. A pleasant social nour was enjoyed alter tne "I love you," he1 whispered. "You business was dispensed with. must not leave me." Her eyes melted. "I adore you," he choked. "You must stay." Her heart melted. Keys Elect "I must have you," he shouted. Keys, men's honorary sophomore fraternity on the campus, held a "I cannot bear to lose you." Her knees melted. Then her feet, her meeting Thursday night at the Phi Delta Theta house, Kenneth An- hands, her head, and her shoulders drews, presiding. At this meeting melted, and soon there was absolutetne ten most outstanding freshmen ly nothing left of his little snow girl Buffet Supper on the campus were elected for this at all. Mr. Hughes Hamilton entertained years spring pledging exercises, Ain't life tough, children? Saturday evening with a buffet sup- which will be held at the SuKy per at Colonial Home Farm, his Gingham Dance on May Day. I am at my wit's end, sighed Wil home in the country, for the membur as he sat by the bier of his Members of the active organizaSigma Chi fraternity and bers of the deceased Joke writer, Shartin R. tion are Kenneth Andrews, the guests they escorted to the Kleiser, Jack Robey, Robert William Henn. Porter, dance. The lovely old colonial home, with John Venn, George Hillen, Jack the log fires burning, was a lovely Phipps, John Drury, "Woody" Woodsetting for the occasion. At 8 o'clock ward and Benjamin Le Roy. Triangle fraternity announces the a delightful supper was served, in OI which blue and gold, the colors of pledging of Walter L. Wolfe, Louis- SAY ville; James W. Wilson, Mlddles-bor- o, the fraternity, predominated. and James N. Scudder, CalDuring the evening the lights were lowered and a fake holdup was houn, Ky. staged, the bandit going to each girl and presenting her with a bracelet engraved with the fraternity crest. Each member of the fraternity wore a white rose as a boutonnlere and the guests they escorted to dinner wore a shoulder corsage tied with blue and gold ribbons. Guests for the dinner were: Misses Mary Cloud Bosworth, Margaret Thompson, Frances Herndon, Ann Hart Mllward, Anne Payne Perry. 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