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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 11, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

available THE KENTUCKY KERNEL LADIES' PLAIN FECIAL DRESSES $1.00 Until Next Issue of the Kernel (Watch this space each week for our Special to Students) . IMAIN AT ROSE i ST- - ; (Incorporated) BARRIE HILL, CHICAGO OPERA BARITONE, TO SING HERE MAY MAIN AT WALTON MAGAZIN 4 I J " Easy to Remember" Telephone, Ashland At Lexington Dry Cleaning Co, Society FRATERNITY ROW PAGE THREK 2222 - AVE.- ELAUDS WORK OF DR. NOE Life of Poet Laureate of tucky Is Reviewed by don Publication by Incorporated Ken- Stunning Lon- Elmer Newman was In Clay City Ed Milton motored to Louisville Miss Nancy Wilson, Louisville, spent the week-en- d at the Kappa for the week-enKappa Gamma house. J. P. Jones of Louisville was a visitor at the Kappa Alpha Miss Mamie Bennett, Fulton, was week-en- d a visitor at the Alpha Oamma Delta I house. Mr. and Mrs George J. Cella of house last week-enChicago arc visiting their son, Earl, Miss Eunice Jane Denton, Cincinat the Kappa Sigma house. Dcl-t- o nati, was at the Alpha Gamma Dr. W. D. Funkhouscr, W. G. M. house last week. of Kappa Sigma, Is attending a Messrs. Virgil Couch and Harry convention In Nashville. Callaway attended an Alpha Tau Messrs. Omega conclave at Sewanee, Tcnn., venson, Al Jess Laughlln, Doc SteStoffcl, T. C. Gaines, Jr., last week-enH. H. Morris, Maurice Hill, Andy Ray Bowser, Cincinnati, spent the Hayes, Elam Evans, Melvln Moore, week-en- d at the Phi Kappa Tau Irvin Crosby and Newell Hargett house. attended the district conclave of Charles Baron Woodbury, who re- Kappa Sigma at Vanderbllt Univecently underwent an appendicitis rsity, Nashville, Tenn., April 5. operation at Christ hospital in CinAlpha Gamma Rho announces the cinnati, is reported as doing nicely. pledging of Mr. Richard Walters of George Koether, Albion, Mich., Harrodsburg. who is connected with the Among week-en- d visitors at the Advertising Syndicate of Alpha Gamma Rho house were Detroit, was a visitor recently at Messrs. Bob White, Garney Haydon, the Delta Tau Delta house. Strother Harney, R. B. McClure, John. Rice Bullock, a graduate in John Ford, Reynolds Bell, B. E. Har- the class of '28, is visiting in Lex- rls and Armon C. Berry. ington during the spring examina-ion- s Mr. and Mrs. Kreig of Toronto, of the Yale Law School, where Canada, spent lost week-en- d with he is now a student. Mr. Bullock Mrs. W. E. Davis of Lexington, Ky. plans to take his state bar examinMrs. Kreig is grand historian of ation in Frankfort some time next Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. While in ' week. Lexington Mrs. Kreig visited at the The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraterZeta house. nity entertained Thursday evening Miss Jane Anna Carlton of Louwith a dinner and a smoker for the isville, Ky., spent lost week-en- d at Lexington alumni of the chapter. , the Zeta Tau Alpha house. Messrs. Robert Holt and George Dr. and Mrs. Bland of Shelby-Ivlll- e, May motored to Campbellsville for Ky., visited their daughters, a week-en- d visit there. Jane and Pope Bland, at the Zeta W. E. Rogers spent the week-en- d Tau Alpha sorority house last week end. in Louisville. Messrs. Jack Loss, Herbert WilMiss Carolyn Peoples spent the kinson and W. H. Lueslng, of Lou- week-en- d at her home in Butler, guests at the Ky. isville, were week-en- d Sigma Chi house. Mr. and Mrs. Crowe of Louisville, Barre Hill, baritone of the ChiBaritone solos Miss Anna May Kern, of Louis- Ky., spent last week-en- d at the Zeta cago Civic Opera Company, will ap- "I Saw a Stranger Yestereen" ville, visited in Lexington last week- Tau Alpha house, visiting their pear on the program which will be Mess. Gee presented at the regular vesper ser- (Old Gaelic Tune of Hospitality) end to attend the Sigma Chi dance. daughter, Mary Katherine Crowe. Wesley Fesler, an vices at 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon. "Phyllis Has Such Charming Engagement Announced May 4. He is an internationally football player from Ohio State, Wilson Graces" was a guest at the Pi Kappa Alpha Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Weber of Lou- known baritone and his appearance "Flowers of Forgetfulness".Cadman isville, Ky., announce the engagehouse. at the University presents a remarkMr. Barre Hill ment of their daughter, Lorena able opportunity to hear one of the Miss Lillian Lachman Silver at the Marion Longmler was in FrankWeber, to Mr. Robert Campbell. truly outstanding musicians of the piano fort over the week-en- d. Moco Edwards, Cynthiana, spent The wedding will take place during present day. Recitative and aria: at the Pi Kappa the latter part of May. the week-en- d Mr. Hill has received recognition "It Is Enough," from Elijah... Alpha house. Miss Weber graduated from the both in this country and abroad and Mendelssohn David Tibbie has concluded a University in 1927, where she was sings annually in London and Paris. Mr. Hill a popular member of the Zeta Tau He will be accompanied on his pro- - I Doctor Kelley at the organ short visit in Somerset. Dwight Stuessy and his Durham, Alpha sorority. Since graduation gram by Lillian Lachian Silver, pi-s- ' Organ N. C, high school basketball team Weaver has been teaching home eco- - anlst, and Dr. Abner W. Kelley, "The Squirrel" ganist. Besides the singing of Mr. "Rippling Waters" were at the Phi Sigma Kappa house Tonner in Louisville. Sunday. The team was returning Hill, Miss Silver and Doctor Kelley Doctor Kelley Kenton Malone Prichard, a sec- - will play several solos on the piano ; Baritone solos ' " from the national basketball tournament at Chicago. "The City of Joy "....Deems Taylor ond year student in the College of and organ. I Spring in Town. Lawrence Kennedy, a student at Law Is the proud father of a girl, The program for this week-en- d Georgia Tech, was a guest at the born Sunday evening. service follows: Poor But Happy. i Organ The Roof Garden Home. , Phi Sigma Kappa house Sunday. Mr. Hill Then there was the laddie who 'Toccata and Fugue in D Weenie De Meyer spent the weekBaritone aria necking as "Just a little Bach ner" (Giant) end with his parents in massage of love." McGill Daily. Dr. Abner W. Kelley '"Avant de quitter ces Heux" In a recent Issue of "Town and Country Life," a magazine dealing with art, literature, agriculture, sci ence, education, sport, the stage and travel, published In London, England, there appears a biographical sketch of Dr. James Thomas Cotton Noe, poet, author and lecturer and member of the faculty of the university college of Education. Reviewing the life of Professor Noe In brief, the writer says: "There arc some personalities which command themselves to attention because of virility, others because of their audacity, but It Is given to the chosen few to command attention because of the genuine affection and admiration which they arouse. In this category must be placed James Thomas Cotton Noe." The biography opens with a descriptive sketch of Cotton Noe from the pen of one of his contemporaries in Kentucky; It says: "I have known Cotton Noe In the home, In the schoolroom, on the platform, on the log in the woods. In all these places I have found him to be a big man, big in brain and heart tender, observing, thoughtful. His poems can never die. They are not only polished literary productions, but they touch the souls of men. He Is both serious and humorous without trying to be either." Doctor Noe's three books of poems, "The Blood of Rachel," "The Loom of Life" and "Tip Sams of Kentucky," are all touched upon in pleasing fashion by the reviewer. He Is compared with Riley and Burns In the charming manner in which he idealizes the familiar in his poems. In 1926 the general assembly named Doctor Noe "laureate of Kentucky." Easter Frocks $C)95 short-sleeve- d, one-pie- Stunning Combinations. You'll find every wanted pastel shade. Light prints. yrmrVWrVrVrmrWVWrWrWWAMrWW , University Commons LOST AND FOUND Spring Semester, 1930 A Lost and Found Department is conducted by Dean Melcher. All articles found during the year may in at his office. Since, the beginning of the year numerous articles have been restored to their owners, while there are still many articles of value that have never been claimed. Among those articles are: small change case with a key; gold ring with a rather odd set; two pen tops, one a Sheaffer and the other a Parker. 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