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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 11, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

W mailable '"V THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Electric Moore-Youn- jj HAWAII FAVORS Co. Phone Ashland lififtf 1W Rose Street Lexington, Ky. Contracting Electric Supplies ADA MEADE COME ON DOWN SATURDAY, APRIL 12 SEE "THE BIG FAREWELL MIDNIGHT RAMBLE" FEATURING Mildred Austin AND HER Musical Comedy Co. Red Hot Musical Numbers Lots of Specialties FEATURE PICTURES COMING SOON "COCKEYED WORLD" "SUNNY SIDE UP" "WORDS AND MUSIC" "FOX MOVIETONE FOLLIES" and Many Others We Bring Back All the Big Ones at Popular Prices. Why Pay More? LANGUAGE STUDY Value of Foreign Languages to Students Stressed in Honolulu Schools; May He Added (o Courses HONOLULU. The educational process in Hawaii, International in scope ana cnarncier as it is, neither contemplates nor apprehends the submergence of the more ancient cultures represented in this meeting place of all peoples. On the contrary, it hopes to perpetuate the best or the old and to blend it im perceptibly with the new, in the in tellectual molding of the youth of Hawaii, who derive from most of the races and nations of the world. Thus there are to be found in Honolulu several "foreign language schools," so called, In which Oriental children arc taught the language and some thing of the culture of their fore lathers, this In addition to their studies In the territorial schools, The largest of these foreign lan guage schools, and also the largest Chinese school outside China Itself, is tne Mun Lun Chinese School. In Honolulu, which has at present more tnan 1,100 scholars. These range in age from 6 to 7 to 18, for the in stltution includes all grades from the primary up to and through the high school with a complete course covering 12 years. It has been in existence for about 20 years, constantly growing in size and scope, receiving its chief support from the o Chinese of Hawaii and from its exceedingly small tuition charge, which is only about $1 month. The principal, Dr. Chang Wan, born in China, is a scholar of exceptional learning, having been educated in universities in both China and Japan. Several of the teaching staff, which numbers 21, are of American birth, and one is a graduate of the University of Hawaii. The craving of the average Chi nese for knowledge and his tenacity Easter Novelties ENGRAVING DANCE PROGRAMS and INVITATIONS WE ALSO HAVE THE NEW ROYAL TYPEWRITER Transylvania Printing Co. (Incorporated) Near Fayette Bank N. Upper Street You Can Reveal the Mystery Of A Person's Age! .. Ask the person to point to all the columns in as the person does which his age appears so . . . you add together the figures at the top of each chosen column . . . the total sum is the age. For example . . . Bill's age is in columns 2, 3 and 4. The age is 14. 2 3 6 7 10 11 14 15 18 19 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 22 23 26 27 30 31 34 35 38 42 43 50 21 23 25 27 29 31 33 35 37 41 43 45 4 5 6 7 12 13 14 15 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 20 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 26 27 28 29 30 31 of It arc strikingly revealed here in Hawaii and csne cinlly in connection with the Mun Lun School. For here the Chinese youth puts in several hours of study n day, including Saturdays, in addl tion to his work at the territorial public schools. The two are, of course, entirely separate, and neither this nor any of the other foreign language schools In any way interferes with the educational proc ess nt the American institutions, This point should be stressed, for there have not been lacking critl cisms of the general Idea of foreign language schools in Hawaii on the ground that if American citizens are to be made of the Oriental youth of the territory none but American influences should be about them. This, however, is extremely narrow "One Hundred Percentism," for it should go without saying that there is much about the Oriental cultures well worth preserving. One of the aims of the educational process in Hawaii is internationalism, for it is obvious that that process could not hope to succeed in such a place as this if arbitrary nationalistic distinctions were to obtain. There can, therefore, be no valid objection to the foreign languages school In Ha waii as at present constituted and directed, and the enthusiasm manifested by the great body of pupils at the Mun Lun School, some of whoso final year young people are already studying at the internation al University of Hawaii, cannot but augur well for their future useful ness and loyalty as American citi zens. Cooper Addresses Ec and Ag Students Thomas P. Cooper, Dean of the College of Agriculture, addressed the seniors of the College of Agriculture and the members of the home eco nomlcs department at the judging pavilion, Saturday, April 5. This was the third of a series of month ly addresses which are given each semester. The subject of Dean Cooper's ad dress was "Positions." Among the various qualities which he believes are necessary to success are: belief in one's profession, common sense, industry, and Integrity. The fine thing about these qualifications is that they may be developed. As different positions require different qualifications, it is necessary for the senior to analyze himself and to find his fitness for any certain type of work. "A college course," concluded Dean Cooper, "does not give one the right to expect an administrative or exec utive position at the outset of his career. He must work from the be ginning. He should start in one type of work and keep with this until he has reached success." Manuscripts Course Offered at School RICHMOND, Va. Edwin A. Al derman, president of the University of Virginia, announces the Institution is prepared to offer aid in the preservation, study, interpretation and publication of old letters, books, newspapers and documents, both public and private, that tell of the past social, industrial, political and intellectual life of the common wealth. Already more than 2,000 manu scripts have been catalogued and placed in fireproof cases. These in elude letters to and from Thomas Monroe, Richard Henry Lee and many others. Many of these are of great historic Interest and impor tance. mmftmmm:mmmmmmwm RoamiN' the RialtO With Thomas L. Riley With the fourth S. S. Van Dine novel In film form opening tomorrow and John Gilbert's latest talkie on deck, next week's cinema fare should prove popular with the fans. TLR Sign In the Ben All marquee: "Buster Kcaton In Free and Easy with Anita PaRc." A rather enviable position, say the men folk. TLR "Redemption," taken from Lvod Tolstoi's play "The Living Corpse" and starring John Gilbert, opens at the strand theater Sunday. This Is the second talking picture for Gil gert and although the first, "His Glorious Night," was not received any too well, this star remains high in box office value. "RedemDtlon" is a romantic drama of Russia and Eleanor Boardman, Renee Adoree and Conrad Nagel are In the supporting cast of the Metro production. Due to the past great necking bouts staged by Gilbert the flaps and their purple-suite- d boy friends will, In all probability, go in heavy for "Redemption." TLR You will like "Paris Bound." This picture is now playing and the performance of Ann Harding is truly great. Although "Montana Moon" is getting a big play at the b. o. I could scarcely remain seated during its unreeling. Inane dialogue and overacting killed my deep love for the motion picture. TLR "The Benson Murder Case" (Par). will open at the Kentucky theater tomorrow and It is honed that it maintains the former standard set by the other Van Dine novels which have been talkerized. William Powell is seen In the Phllo Vance role of "The Benson Murder Case" and he is said to eclipse his performances in "The Canary Murder Case" and "The Greene Murder Case." Although it Is now an open secret that the real name of S. S. Van Dine Is Wllliard H. Wright and he says that 23 28 29 30 31 36 31 38 44 45 42 20 21 22 23 24 25 llccman who does much to foil the designs of a powerful gangster. "Officer O'Brien" is sold to be thrilling as well as amazing. The latest Scotch story concern a member of that race who, desiring to communicate with his folks in Chicago asked the telegraph clerk how much a telegram would cost. He was told five cents a word for ten words, with no charge for the signature. "There will bo no charnn for thn signature?" he repeated. "That's right," said the clerk. The Scot rubbed his forehead with the pencil. "Well," ho said finally, "suppose you Just send the Another pause on the nart of the Scot. "Well" ho finally murmured. "I may not look It, but I'm an Indian. And my name is Homespun. i BBN AMI NOW PLAYING NOW PLAYING "MONTANA Paris Bound MOON" JOAN CRAWFORD JOHN MACK BROWN CLIFF EDWARDS RICHARD CORTEZ KARL DANE BENNY RUBIN DOROTHY SEBASTIAN Is here at last and you can bet it's a Good Picture NEXT Dorothy Sebastian Ernest Torrence in SUNDAY-REDEMP- TION Authentic Styled This is only possible through frequent style surveys made stylists at America's leading universities O'BRIEN with JOHN GILBERT CONRAD NAGEL RENEE ADOREE elinor boardman tully marshall claire Mcdowell -B- by LEARBURY y- WED and colleges. For Spring Learbury recommends: THURS RED HOT TWEED TONES TIGER TANS TIGER GRAYS Priced at $35, $40, $45 with extra trousers RHYTHM FRI. and SAT. APR. 18-1- 9 MARY NOLAN in TOLSTOI "UNDERTOW" A drama of supreme sacrifice on the altar of Love Note We will make 3 changes at Ben All next week Sun- ALL TALKING! R.S.THORPE&Sons (Incorporated) "The Men's Store of Lexington" day, Wednesday and Friday A SALE One Jc Cent Typewriting work of STUDENTS all kinds at reasonable rates. Prompt and accurate service. Hazel E. Brown, Fayette Warehouse No. 1, Mill and Bolivar, Phone Ash. 599, Adv. LOST Sheaffer Modernistic Fountain Pen. Notify Sarah L. Jones, 129 E. Maxwell St. Adv. SALE Silk Hosiery making that Mother: What's awful racket? Boy: Grandma ain't used Little to her new teeth yet, and she's bustin' up all the saucers drinking her tea. Flamingo. 43 44 45 50 One Pair 95 $ Regular Price Us as Philo Vance S. S. VAN DINE A Paramount ALL TALKING Picture M&ntucku m Uomt of Ftaaoa W iW 12-1- 5 Coming Next Wednesday- - JOHN BOLES in "SONG OF THE WEST 1 .96 I Regular $1.95 Humming Bird and Dovedown Hosiery. Picot Tops All Silk Chiffon. ALL PERFECT. Complete size and color range. Every pair WILLIAM POWELL The most thrilling and Baffling Mystery of the Remarkable Series by $ Sale Price Call Now! Starring -- College Clothes OFFICER 44 45 TUES. APRIL LEARBURY William Boyd A VALUE GIVING EVENT 42 "The BENSON MURDER CASE" SAT. of America Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Two Pai Ly The College Men Are the Designers of But here's a mystery not so easily solved! v Pinson's Radio Service Short and Mill Sis. Ph. Ash 943 Batteries Charged for 50c Batteries Rented for 25c per day tcrials Installed and Repaired Saws Sharpened and Set, 50c ATWATEH-KENRADIOS Keys Made Open Evenings AGAIN SELMAN'S OFFER 48 49 50 21 22 16 17 18 19 PAGE FIVE lie will destroy his nome do plume m 1931. His mystery plots are un doubtcdly among the mast ingenious in construction that the literary woria nas had in recent decades. "The Benson Murder Case" should prove to bo excellent entertainment. TLR A device has recently been nat cntcd whereby you can SMELL mo Hon pictures as you sit in the audi. encc. Think of it In a garden you get the delicate aroma of the roses while In the stable scenes you smell ine nay. TLR The Ben All theater will open "Officer O'Brien" (Pathc) Sunday. This production stars William Boyd and was directed by Tay Garnctt, the gentleman who did such a notable Job on "Oh. Yeah." "Officer O'Brien" has a stronir sunnortlntr cast in Ernest Torrence, Dorothy Sebastian and Clyde Cook. The picture Is a melodrama of the underworld and the protagonist is a po- - SATURDAY 31 40 41 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 In the pursuit Ladies' Spring full fashioned Every pair perfect. Limit 4 pairs to a customer. Come early. COATS (PI JTA DRY tpl.JV CLEANED PHONES: 1102-Ashland 470 SELMAN'S STREET FLOOR Y HEMPEL'S lrT Hj H Southern Dye Works Established 1883 DRY CLEANING 380 E'Mflin Corner Eastern Ave. OR ItC INTfiE CENTRE OF LEXINGTON .4 t H