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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 11, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Cop THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE SIX 'CAT THINLIES LEAVE FOR TECH RELAYS Wildcats Will Invade Ohio Monday and Tuesday Shively to Enter Six Men for Dashes and NEW RULES OF Pat Devereaux Keeps Two -- Mile Combine ;5een from the Pres s Box jj TENNIS COURTS First Lineup Intact; track the members and Team Settles Down take part left last night for Atlanta where they By Lawrence Crump The following revisions in the rules governing the use of the Uni1930 of six Conch Bcrnic Shively versity courts has been prepared will sqund by the grounds committee and will e Saturday. Shively intends to enter a in the Tech relays be strictly enforced: CAPTAIN HAYS OWENS d dash. Heber track team. And Hays has never and two men in the 1. Courts are for the use of U. relay team Hays Owens Is captain of his third of K. faculty and students only. and Kelley will run in the century and Captain Owens, Thom-asso- led a losing team. Kentucky, of 2. Courts must not be used when Owens has followed an eventful career O'Bryan and Jones will compose the relay team, each mostly along athletic lines, with his exploitsat the Universitydimmed by his wet or damp. In other fields man running a half mile. achievements In the blue and white rigging. 3. All players must wear regula" For an athlete who has won letters three different times in two sports tion smooth d The Tech Relay came a little early f tennis The Wildcat relay team has been and worked Just as hard In a third, Hays has an exceptional scholastic shoes without heels or suction soles. In the season for Kentucky to show by the cool standing of better than 2. Among other things Hays is captain of Comher full strength, but Shively Is op- - greatly handicapped 4. When all courts are in use playtwo-mil- 100-yar- rubber-sole- i tlmlstic on the chances of the 'Cats weather which has prevailed since to place In the meet. There Is no the opening of the track season, official team score kept during the dash Is the meet and the only track event besides the various relays. Field events are a part of the program, but none of the Ken- tucky men have so far jusuneci tneir being taken on the trip. Kcllcv and Hcbcr will find them selves pitted against the best in the South when they start against Brown, of L. S. U., Farmer, of North Carolina, and Smith, of Alabama. Brown won both the dash and the dash at the Southern Conference meet held last year at Birmingham, and Farmer can be counted on to push the entire field. Kelley has been able to show his dash heels to Heber in the so far this year, but Shively expects Newport boy to give him a much the better race as he develops endurance. Kell'ey's best race Is the dash and his time of 23 seconds flat on the Georgetoown track last week is indicative of what can be expected of him when he is pushed in this event. In addition to Brown, Louisiana State University will be represented relay team by a powerful two-miwith all four of Its members click ing off the half mile in close to 2 mlnutes flat. pany A in the University R, O. T. C. Owens was graduated from Lexington Senior High school in 192G, where he had played football, basketball and ran on the track team. He but failed to get earned letters by running the dashes and the half-mila letter In the other sports. Kentucky freshman thlnlies in 1926 when Owens was captain of the and 440. He made letthe team won eight meets. He ran the half-mi- le ters in basketball and track In his second year and again in his Junior run at Louisville. 1927 he won the intercollegiate year. In scrub on the football squad in 1928 and 1929. He was a half-mil- e 4:35, and the two miles in 2 flat: the mile In Hays made the and the relay this year. In 10 flat. He is running the two miles, half-mi- le Hays was captain of the track team that won the meet at Camp Knox Sigma Chi social fraternity, Omrlcon last summer. He Is a member of Delta Kappa, honorary campus leader's fraternity, Sigma Delta Chi, honorary Journalistic faternnlty, and Scabbard and Blade, honorary military fraternity. He has been named delegate on the national convention of He formerly was conScabbard and Blade at Minneapolis, April nected with The Kernel sports staff. Hays is majoring in Journalism and mlnoring In history and military science. He plans to become a coach or enter some form of Journalism. Hays lives at 316 Woodland avenue. and Wayman Thomasson's time of 2:01 for the half at Georgetown Is j the best turned in by a Kentucky man to date. Owens, Jones and O'Brien have all run the half In less .man s:uo ana snouia lower ims on the Atlanta track The meet at Georgetown last week disclosed the fact that Kentucky has two first class dash men as well as four top notch middle distance runners. Floppy Forquer surprised by defeating Babe Wright in the shot, but the showing of the Kentucky men in the high jump and pole vault was disappointing. Gibson was handicapped in the pole vault by having a pole break under htm, but Roberts simply had an off day In the high Jump. Captain in 10 minOwens ran the two-miutes and 33 seconds and finished KENTUCKY'S BASKETBALL COACH with plenty of reserve. It would The University of Kentucky is entertaining applicants for the position have been Interesting to have seen of basketball coach of the Wildcat varsity. When Johnny Mauer packs him pushed In this event. his duffel and moves north to Miami University next year a new man will be deciding who's who and how it should be done. Just now the athAll members of the freshmen bas letic council is master of ceremonies at the who's who game. Approximately 300 applications are being considered by the council ketball team who made their 1933 numerals may obtain them at the for the position recently vacated by Coach Mauer. A majority of the of S. A. Boles, athletic direc applications are written and Include excellent recommendations, accordoffice tor, on the first floor of the men's ing to S. A. "Daddy" Boles, athletic director. A number of well-knogymnasium. It Is desirable that nu-- I mentors are Included in the aspirants for the Kentucky post. Selection of the new coach will be made within the next several meral men call for their sweaters as soon as possible according to fin an- - weeks, Daddy Boles said. The council refuses to be rushed in its selection and is considering each application thoroughly. Announcement as to who nouncement by Mr. Boles. the new coach will be will be made immediately following1 his selection. The athletic council which will make the selection is comprised of Dr. W. D. Funkhouser, chairman: Daddy Doles, Enoch Grehan, Ernest A. Bureau, Gale Mohney, Len Miller, Louis Hillenmeyer, John Stoll and Lou Haggln. Everyone (Especially Students) Eats SAYS TOM SILER CABIN BAR COCOANUT CHOCOLATE LOG CHERRY BOUNCE NUT EGG BRADAS & GHEENS Phone, Ashland 7703 205 Woodland Avenue or Lexington, Ky. m:nn:ntmmmtniiiiiiintimmmm "HQ MEN'S Polo Shirts 1 Tom Siler, sports editor of the Orange and White, University of Tennessee student publication, is looking for a great team at Knoxvllle this fall. He speaks thusly: field clad "When the undefeated Volunteers step on Shleld-Watklin moleskin and fed up on sauerkraut juice next fall there will be a great team to represent the university. Not only will there be a great team on the field, but there will also be a great team on the bench. Never have we seen such a galaxy of superlative reserve material to call upon In case of injuries. Mention any position and there will be a high class sub on the bench ready to fill a regular's shoes. Not men who will fill the position in name only, but also in victorious action." Tom's last words do not apply to the Thanksgiving game. MAUER AND SPICER And while we are working on Tom' Slier down Knoxvllle way we might give the devil his due. Tom seldom forgets Kentucky in the column he conducts in the Orange and White and his comments are often complimentary. For instance: "Kentucky's great basketball coach, John Mauer, has announced that he will accept a position with Miami University at Oxford, Ohio, at the close of the present school year. This is quite a blow to the cage hopes of the Wildcats, as it always takes a new coach a year or two to become acclimated to a new school. Also it was announced that Carey Splcer was elected captain of the cage forces. It seems that there are very few things that this boy Splcer can't do. For one thing he can play football and he's far from mediocre on the hardwood." WE'RE ALL WET straw vote on prohibition, being conducted In view of the nation-wid- e by the Literary Digest, a recent pool at 14 of the largest universities in the country is tof interest. In all cases except Pennsylvania, where the vote aroused litfle interest, a majority of students voting wanted either modi fication or total repeal, itesuus oi me you iuuuw. Enforce. Mod. Repeal 820 1046 2966 Michigan 110 54 94 Purdue 542 1144 387 Cornell 529 720 188 Dartmouth 142 240 288 Lafayette 122 285 77 Amherst 323 540 363 M. I. T 173 463 13 Brown 64 52 2 Assumption 675 966 209 Princeton 84 170 386 Colgate 1101 896 509 Pittsburgh 1018 1555 436 Harvard 478 731 Pennsylvania A strong wool ribbed Polo shirt that is particularly adapted to cool days out of doors. "We have them in new Spring colors that are guaranteed fast, and the shirt is cut to fit the body admirably. The price is reasonable only three dollars . . . and we have them in a full range of sizes. PAGE MISS MARGIE! This Isn't exactly sports unless it can be listed under the Indoor variety, but since Miss Marguerite McLaughlin Insists that women dictate their own fashions, and since Niel Plummer threatens to forsake the water wagon and cast a "wet" ballot in the Literary Digest poll should anyone make that crack about long skirts "hiding a multitude of shins," here 'tis: clipped from the "Grapurchat," student publication of State Teachers' College at East Radford, Va.. under the gentle heading of "Apes." "The girls from Hunter College, who are approximately 6,000 strong, have condemned the new long skirts and have a multitude of sins to lay are going to wear Just exactly what the male dressmakers of Paris tell them to, whether they like it or not. They Just simply can't get away from it. And what hurts them most is that they have to admit it. Free, emancipated womanhood of this country? Who coined that term any way? Next year some big French dressmaker probably will decide that he needs a new car and will make some striking aleration in woman's dress. Will they complain and refuse, in indignant terms, to wear such a thing? Perhaps, but they'll wear 'em Just the same. We dare 'em to say it am t so." The menu for this wceK is pienty of hitting and quite a bit or Monday afternoon. Coach Dcvc-reu- x fielding:, with probably a couple seems to have his best combiof scrimmages with Coach Johnny nation now working in the infield, Maucr's freshman crew. With the though it became erratic enough in ice broken and a .667 percentage the first Ohio game. Urbaniak and on the win side of the column, the Toth, the keystone twins, who were arc settling; down to real credited with most of the errors, Wildcats work and do not intend to lose settled down In the last game and any more ball games due to erfrom their fielding this week they ratic fielding and lack of hitting:. seemed to have overcome their difCONVOCATION The pitchers were given as much ficulties to a crcat extent. Mauser rest as couia oe nnoraea inem injat third and Kruger on first base the earlier part of the week. Rhoads seem to have had little difficulty in and McBrayer were allowed to work holding thlr own against invading but an Inning each in the frosh players at their positions. The starting: outfield of KelInstructor In Military Sci- game Tuesday afternoon. Howard "Big was called upon Trott will ence from Indiana Univer- Green" gunners in to face the fray. logg, Murphy and the hard-hittin- again most of the be used against sity Will Address Student As yet McMurray has not seen any "Buckeyes." In case either of the Body service, but he probably will get to above should run into a hitting or work part of one of the Ohio games. fielding slump Coach Devereux No Changes Indicated Col. O. P. Robinson, professor of can replace them with Bill Kelly Apparently no changes are to be or Joe Ohr, the lad who furnished Military Science and Tactics at the University of Indiana, will speak at made In the lineup before game time (Continued on Page Seyen) the General Convocation, April 23, at 10 o'clock in Memorial hall. His subject is "The Operations of March Re-Ro- of 21, 1918." This is better known as the Somme drive. Shown . . Colonel Robinson is a graduate of the Army Staff College, Army Friday and Saturday School of Line and Army Signal a beautiful selection School. He was formerly head of the of newest department of military history at Johns-Manvil- le the general service school at Fort RobinLeavenworth, Kan. Colonel son is the author of "Fundamentals Exclusive and original of Military Strategy." As a speaker he is extremely interestng. His submodels from Bendel, ject has an appeal, not only to the Vogue, Hyland and COMBS B. O. T. C. students, but to the Country Club. Your Inwhole student body. spection invited. The operations of March 21, 1918, better known as the Somme drive, CO. biggest and final offensive was the (Incorporated) drive made by the Germans. An his torlcal synopsis of the drive is as Ky.- follows: "The first and heaviest blow 215 East Mnin fell to the right of the British army the and at the junction between miiiiii)iiiiiniiiiiiiiiniiiiiin French and the British. It was launched March 21 on a front of 50 miles, and continued until April 6. "This drive aimed to separate the British and French armies, to isolate Coo-Cothe former by the capture of an important railroad center at Amiens, and force them back to the channel. SHORT ST., BETWEEN LIME AND UPPER It resulted in driving the British forces back about 40 miles." THE INTRAMURAL PUTTING TOURNAMENT This was the hardest combat the IS ON Allies had during the entire war. It was at this time that Marshal Foch SPEND YOUR SPRING HOLIDAYS HERE took command of the Allied forces and united them under one head. WATCH THIS SPACE FOR FURTHER INFORCol. Robinson knows this subject thoroughly and his talk can be apMATION OF THE SORORITY TOURNAMENT preciated by everyone. TO HEAR ROBINSON First Time JOHN J. GALVIN, if ' W M Use HATS Rigid Asbestos Shingles LUMBER ST. MARIE Millinery The Lexington, Golf Course o Hours 10 a. m. to 12 p. m. We also have Ping-Pon-g and Scotch Golf Alpha Delta Sigma To Present Award The Desha Breckenridge Chapter Delta Sigma. National Honorary Advertising Fraternity, will present a key to the graduating senior of the fraternity who has made the highest standing In advertising during his four years In school. The senior will be decided upon by the Faculty Advisory Comof the fraternity, of which mittee Dr. Miner is chairman. The key will be presented during the May Day exercises at the Men's gymnasium on May 2. This is an annual award, given by the fraternity to a graduating senior and is an incentive toward better work among advertising students. Alpha Delta Sigma held a short business meeting Thursday at 7 p. m.. April 10, In The Kernel business office. Plans for the new year were discussed. of Alpha Watch Your Watch Careful Watch and Clock Repairing Work Called For ani Delivered 157 S. PHONE 7638 LIME melodies on her latest Columbia record. The first hit of a talkie and of every dance floor Lee croons so charmingly that it's downright disturbing. The second is distinctly indigo, and her mellow warbling gives you the full, nutty flavor of its completely goofy lyric. Hear this corking coupling today and these other entertaining discs, too . . . Record No. 2136-D- , I'm Following You! (fromMoiiou Taint No Sin fro Dauce Around in Your Doues) Record No. 2128-D- , ( Imagine On a Blue And Moonless Night) RATES $1.50 $2.00 MATT SCOTT, Clerk W. T. BOOKER, Day R. P. REDMON, Night R. L. WELCH INN DINING ROOM SERVICE IN CONNECTION DRAKE HOTEL BARBER SHOP DRAKE CLEANERS, Melvin Peel, Manager iiiBiiM Me And the Leven-Thiht- y 10hci, 75c j yocais Lee Morse and Her Blue Grass Boys 10Wici, 75c Fox Trots WillOsborueamlllisOrchestra 75c Record No. 2137.D, I Gikl Next Doou y0cals ( Satuhuay Night . . . Eddie Walters Mafic $2.50 President Mn Site gives you THE CHANTS OF A tlFJGTIME . . Lee Morse now offers you two of the season's swellest R. W. SMOCK Managers: W. P. MAHER TIP-TO- E M51i for Roof or the Last Time HOTEL DRAKE KENTUCKY the Kentucky stadium last Friday and Saturday. - ers must play doubles only and give up the court to those waiting after the doubles sets have been played. 5. Any violations of these rules will result in the forfeiture of all privileges of using the courts. Everything New, Every Room with Hot and Cold Running Water, or Private Bath. Tub or Shower Bath LEXINGTON, By Bill Luther Coach Pat Devereaux is preparing his Wildcat baseball team for a return invasion to the Ohio State stronghold at Columbus Monday and Tuesday to continue the argument left unsettled when the teams divided the two game series in Columbia tonal Viva Recording Records lhe Records without Scratch Sold By CANDIOTO PIANO CO. 118 South Limestone 1 I'