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7 > Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 11, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

)y Available THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Kentucky Rifle Teams Complete Successful Telegraphic Season Easter Spring with nil its freshness, n glorious time of the year, can only be made more enjoyable at this holiday time by a box of MAUD MULLER'S delicious, fresh, healthy candy. PAGE SEVEN with the Danville Institute Is: Ellis, Wootcn and Worthlngton, pitchers; Lavln and Ollber, catchers; Kacm- pffe or Sparks at first, Krueter at second, Hogge at short and Tucker at third, The outfield will bo selected from Engcl, Worthlngton, Carney, Davis, Mltchcl and Shields. Following Is the Big Green's schedule for this year Danville D. & D., there, April 11. Irvine, here, April 15. M. M. I., there, May 2. Irvine, there, May 9. Danville D. & D here May 14. The varsity and It. O. T. C. ride versity of California, 1,847. teams of the University of Kentucky Week ending March 15: Kentucky, have Just finished one of the most 3,751; University of Wisconsin, 3,672; successful seasons In the career of South Dakota State College, 3,748; University competition. Practically Manllus School, 3,702; University of all the telegraphic contests during South Dakota, 3,434; University of the past season were posted as vic- North Dakota, 3,646. Week ending March 29: Kentucky, tories In the Kentucky armory. Through the diligent efforts of 3,783; University of Michigan, 3,549. Sergeant H. B. Bryant, who acted as assistant coach and kept the rifleSchools men in the gallery early and late, BIG the Kentucky team was developed At 6 o'clock Wednesday night the to a high point of efficiency. Capvisiting high school students and tain Herbert Schmidt is coach of the teachers were given a dinner at the team. University Commons. The varsity team includes Rex L. Ellis Holds Varsity Runless Miss Virginia Harrison, Carrolton, Allison, R. L. Bradbury, Ed Crady, While His Teammates Tally was the winner of the cxtcmpora- -' C. M. Christie, William Eads, Wilncous speaking contest held ThursLone Score in Third; Howliam E. Florence, Austin Henderson, day .morning In the Memorial bundAlvln McOary, Jess M. Laughlln, L. ard Hurls for Varsity ling. William Fanning, Ashland, S. Payton, T. Mantz and Cecil were Smith. The Kentucky Kittens baseball and Clinton Gooch, Eubank, The R. O. T. C. team is composed team will Journey to Danville today tied for second place. of R. L. Allison, R. L. Bradbury, C. to meet State Deaf and Dumb In the declamation contest held M. Christie, O. B. Coffman, P. H. School In their first game of the on Wednesday In the Memorial Orem, William Eads, I. C. Evans, season. The Big Green has been building Miss Emma Scott Proctor, Austin Henderson, I. D. Iverson, Ce- showing rapid signs of improvement Morganflcld, was declared winner cil Smith, William E. Florence, Al- and If they continue to Improve, over the 15 other contestants. Gwen-ct- h vln McOary, L. S. Payton, S. C. should be able to complete their Thomas, Bethel Academy at Perry and J. Thornton. Wllmorc, was given second place, schedule without a defeat. Season results follow: and Janet Bamberger, Paducah, In a practice session Monday with third place. Varsity scores follow varsity Coach Mauer presented Week ending Jan. 18: Kentucky, the "Installment Buying of Personal a team that gave the Big Blue plen3,545; Massachusetts Aggies, 3,542; ty of trouble. At the end of the Property" was the topic for the disOhio State University, 3,610. cussion contest held n the Memofour Inning practice Week ending Jan. 25: Kentucky, year men had licked period the first rial building Thursday morning. the varsity by 3,543; University of Cincinnati, 3,667. Miss Lucille Gordon, Lawrenceburg, 1 to 0 score. accountThis can Week ending Feb. 1: Kentucky, a for, however, becausebe Miss the Wild- was Judged winner; given Mildred 3,650; North Dakota University, ed second Perry, Marion, was 3,643; University of Dayton, 3,635; cats were without the services of place, and Ruth Weak was judged Rhoads or McBraycr on the mound. University of Alabama, 3,460; New 16th district winCoach Devereaux sent "Red" How- third, from the York Stock Exchange, 3,648. ners. to pitch against the Week ending Feb. 8: Kentucky, ard Inall appearances he f rosh and The various Individuals and group from should de 3,664; Johns Hopkins University, contests n the Music Festival will be 3,225; New York Stock Exchange, velop into a capable hurler. held today and the band and or3,578; Washington University (Mo.), ' It was Ellis, the freshman pitching act, who kept the varsity from chestra contests will take place 3,377. Week ending Feb. 15: Kentucky, scoring. The Wildcats seemed to be to find out just what kind of 3,724; Iowa State College, 3.489: unable University of Missouri, 3,730; New a ball this Ellis was throwing and York Stock Exchange, 3,662; Emory were able to connect with it but few University, 3,536; University of Ne- times. Ellis has a nice delivery and his promotion to the varsity should braska, 3,624". (Continued from Page Six) Kentucky, five men, 1,884; West lessen the worries of Coach Devereaux In his search for men to fill the thrills of Friday's game with ern Maryland College, 1,818. will be left vacant two sensational catches of sure hits Wee kendlng Feb. 22: Kentucky, the places that off the bat of Wes Fesler, l.ard ten men, 3,662; University of Idaho, by Rhoads and McBrayer, who gradhitting Ohio second baseman and 3,487; Rose Polytechnic Institute, uate this year. The Kittens sent an infield to the end when football 3,460. diamond that is as good, if not betseason rolls around.. Ohr's weakWeek ending March 1: Kentucky, ter, than that of the varsity. Three ness at the plate keeps him from 3,719; University of Wichita, 3,329; being a regular on the Wildcat Oklahoma Medical College, 3,582; men in the infield could step up into the shoes of their big brothers nine. University of Alabama, 3,509. and they would never be missed. Rhoads and McBrayer turned in Kentucky, five men, 1,877; Massa Hogge at the shortstop position good performances in the three chusetts Institute of Technology, looked best, and it was his three-bas- e games last week. It Is a bit early 1,337; university Southern Califor hit that allowed the frosh to and the weather has been somenia, 1,849. score after one of his teammates what too cool for the veteran Pat Week endlng March 8: Kentucky. to let his star hurlers hurt their 3,755; Georgia Tech, 3,655; Montana had singled. Hogge fields beautiState College, 3,489; Vlrganla Poly, fully and when it comes to hitting throwing arms with too much steam 3,496; University of Tennessee, 3,707. he can usually be counted on. Mike or curve In their deliveries. Both Kentucky, five men, 1.890: West Tucker at third made the veteran men seem to be entering their best Mauser look sick. Tucker steps year on the mound for U. K. They Virginia, 1,829. Week ending March 15: Kentucky, around in a fast fashion and would will reach their best form by the 3,753; University of Maryland, 2,631; be able to relieve the Wildcats' flat-foot- time the southern conference teams third baseman if he were begin to appear on the Kentucky University of Iowa, 3,708; Indiana only a sophomore. Kreuter at sec- schedule. That they will carry the University, 3,632. ond plays nice ball and should de- U. K. team to a high standing in Week ending March 22: Kentucky. velop into a nice ball player by next the conference there is not the 3,747; Culver Military, 3,609; Univeryear. slightest doubt. They did last year, sity of Akron, 3,568. The probable, lineup for the game and with 11 other lettermen to aid Week ending March 29: Kentucky. five men, 1,392; Carnegie Tech, 1,830; Connecticut Aggies, 1,831. R. O. T. C. scores follow: Week endlne Jan. 18: Kentimkv. 314; University of Wyoming, 3,485; University of Iowa, 3,611. Week ending Jan. 25: Kentucky, 3,539; University of Washington, them, It may be accomplished this the mound and Barnes doing the year as well. receiving. The probable lineup for the Mon- "Moses, I say, is my bawth day game will be: Trott, Murphy and Kellogg In the outfield; ger, Toth, Urbaniak and Mauser in "Deed sah, do wahmcst Ad evah the Infield, with Rhoads starting on was in." Meet Here GREEN SHOWS CLASSY INFIELD tomtit- - Phone, Ashland 114 S. 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"Week ending Feb. 1: Kentuckv. 3,534; Kemper Military School. 3,542. Week endlne Feb. 8: Kentuckv. College. 3.443? 3.658: Presbvterian Mississippi A. and M., 3,558; Michi gan aiaie uouege, 3,524? Week endlnsr Feb. 15: Kentuckv. 3,708; Kansas Aggies, 3,610. Kentucky, five men, 1,870; University of Vermont. 1.817. Week ending Feb. 22: Kentucky, 3,641; Davidson College, 3,664; University of Illinois, 3,702; Oregon State College, 3,544; North Carolina State College, 3,629. Week endlne March 1: Kentuckv 3,718; Massachusetts Aggies, 3,233; University of Porto Rico, 3,120; Lafayette College, 3,525. Kentucky, five men. 1.874: V. M. I., 1,839. FLORIST PLACE YOUR EASTER ORDER EARLY FOR CORSAGES AND CUT FLOWERS Shoulder and Wrist Corsages, $3.00 and up Waist Corsages $4.00 and up Boxes Cut Flowers $2.50 and up GEORGE BUSKIE, Campus Representative 116 South Limestone Georgetown Road, Lexington, Ky. Week endlne March 8: Kentuckv DePauw University, 3,452; Cornell University, 3,626. 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