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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, March 19, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

m-S- , .. KENTUCKY BOTANISTS KERNEL PAGE mttttmmttmmtttttuttttituuntttttttmtmmmMtntmtimjttmtt TO MUKT llghtful party Saturday evening. president of the chnpter, presided as' The first of the evening's pleasures tonstmistress and n number of spark-wa- s The Ilnfincsquo Hotnny club will dinner nt the Lafayette hotel, ling responses were made by members This wns followed by n theatre party of the active chnpter nnd nlumnnc. moot Thursday night, Mnrch 25, with nt the Romnny theatre to see the piny, The presenting of the nnnunl gift to Wt A. Anderson ns the snenker. All "The Pigeon." tho pledge of Inst semester, now one . itmmttntttmtttttttttjtttmjmtmttnjtuttttttttttttimuttttutt members nre Invited to attend. Dr. Hamilton Is nn cducntor, lectur- -' of tho active member's of the chapter, Miss Rebecca Smith, formerly of or nnd writer nnd has traveled abroad n I'wt representative of tho fraternity CALENDAR spirit wns nn Interesting Pnducnh, Ky., now of Christian Col n grent deal, Investigating social con- - Wenls lege, Fort Worth, Texas, wna a guest dltions in Switzerland, nnd other l"rt of the program. Miss Amelia P. Friday, March Ton was the winner, receiving an dnncc in the nfternoon from of Knppa Delta for the Phi Hotn Knp countries. During the World War lie service In France with, the Anicr- -. tractive Delta Deltn Delta bracelet. .l:.'tO to'fi o'clock in Patterson ball pa initiation. . t ll... !fl lean Hod Cross and has been enirneeri m,ss "cien JMmni, whu wim mu Km tflvon by th0 birls of Boyd nnd PatterKnppa Delta Tea in the study of the social life among n 1025, made the award. son balls. Epsilon Omega of Knppa Delta en the Kskimos of Alaska, nnd Indians Among those present for the nffnir Junior Prom, annual formal dance tcrtnined with n delightful tea on Sat of the Southwest. During the serv were: Misses Ruth Kehoe, Cnrolyn in the evening in the gymnasium. urday In the chapter bouse on Stone ing of dinner the guests had the Averill, Margaret Avcrill, Martha I). Saturday, March 10 Freshmen engineers' dance In the avenue, In honor of three of its mem pleasure of hearing some of the In Edclen, Bernice Edwards, Amelia P. berr who received the Phi Beta Knppi cidents of his work nnd travel. King, Lamport, Nancy Minerva evening in Dicker hall. Among the guests were Dr. Hamil Jones, Mnrgnrct Jones, Gladys Smith, Zeta Tau Alnhn soroity entertain I:oy Inst week. ' The guests of honor were: Misses ton, Dean and Mrs. C. R. Melcher, Alice Young, Billy Whitlow, Hetsy ing with their forpinl dance, in thci Summers, Hazel evening, in the ballroom of the rhoe Rebecca Smith, of Pnducnh,' teacher at Miss Ruth Melcher, Miss Dorothy Mil Worth, ..Frances Itobb, Virginia Texas Christian University, nnd grnd ler, Dcnn Virginia Frnnkc, Messrs. Champ, Lucille nix hotel. tiato of the university In 1D1G; Mary William Hillcn, W. S. Hamilton, of Reeves, Knthcrine McWilllnms, Emma VIA ALL Todd, Agnes Gordon, graduate in the class Louisville; Louis Shackelford, Hor Kelley, Helen Board, Jean AND TO ALL PARTS OF FRATERNITY ROW Evelyn Wright, Dorothy Baker, Mario of 1025, who Is working on her mas nco Miller Clay. THE WORLD Beckner, Ruth McCord, Helen Samptor's degree in psychology; and Fran Mr. Walter Ferguson, of Covington Lucille Cook, son, Frances Mnltby, Alpha Gamma Delta Tea Independent and Conducted' was a guest at the Pi Knppa Alpha cos Leo, prominent on the campus a"nd one of the two Undergraduate girls to house during the week-enTOURS Epsilon chnpter of Alpha Gamma Magdalene Rogers, Lucille Howard, Lillchave gained this coveted honor. To Europe nnd the Orient Delta fraternity entertained with a Elizabeth Gaitskill, Elizabeth Miss Helen Twomey, of Cincinnati Those in the receiving line were tea at the chapter house, Thursday ston, Helen Ralston and Mnbel C. national inspector of Alpha Delta Around the World, South Ameriin Miss Anne Louise Singleton, president afternoon from 3 until 5 o'clock, in Graham Thcta sorority, spent the week-en- d can, West Indinn, Mediterranean Lexington ns guest of the Alpha nnd of the chapter, Miss Smith. Miss Gor honor of Mrs. Lottie Bell Crow PorPiano Recital don, Miss Lee, Mrs. T. A. Stebbins ter, president of Gamma privince, who CRUISES Beta chapters. and Miss Margie McLaughlin, faculty A beautiful piano recital was give Several members of Knppa Gamma advisor for the fraternity. The dec is inspecting tho chnpter. Friday evening, Mnrch 12, in the aud SECOND The house nnd tea table were frag nre planning, to attend the national orations were spring (lowers, which the Lexington College convention to bo held last week in were placed throughout rant with flowers. A delicious' snlad itoriumbyofMiss Beiilnh Mae Stillwell the house and course wns served. The guests were Music July nnd the first week in August in on the tea table. of the faculty of tho Lexington Col Oakdale, Among them uro: Cal. guests including received by Mrs. Lottie Belle Crow lege of Music, assisted by Samuel About seventy-fiv- e STUDENT TOUR Misses Helen Van Derveer, Josephine p.Iumni, putronesses, fraternity rep Porter, Virginia Kelley, president; Adams, tenor. JUNE 23, AUGUST 6, 1926 Sknin, Curtis Buehler, of Lexington; icsentatives nnd house mothers called nnd Mrs. M. Johns, house mother. Excellent Itinerary Covering Six Miss Stillwell is well known in Lex guests, includ About seventy-fiv- e Louise Jefferson, of Louisville, nnd during the, afternoon. ' Countries ing alumnae, patronesses, two girls ington, her home, but this is the first Marian Young, of Mt. Sterling. ENGLAND, HOLLAND, GERfrom each fraternity on the campus, time that she has been beard in a re MANY, SWITZERLAND and Pi Kappa Alpha Banquet Messrs. Thomas Deane and Fred and nil c! the house mothers of the cital since a year's study and gradua PRANCE McLane, of Newport, were the guests Alumni, and active members of the tion at the Cincinnati Conservatory Both Ocean Passages on of Mr. Carl Ebert nt the Phi Kappa Pi Kappa Alpha in Kentucky and Ten fraternities were present. of Music, where her pinno work was GIANT CUNARDER Tau house over the week-ennessee and fraternity officers, alumni done under the direction of .Mnie. M. Phi Delt Banquet Mr. Ambrose Stephenson, of Win and active members of other chapters S. S. BERENGARIA Kentucky Epsilon of Phi Delta Melville Liszniewsha, artist teacher. Chester, was a guest at the Kappa in various states, held a founder's day Conductor and Experienced The program, played entirely from their Sigma house for the week-enbanquet in the Phoenix hotel on Theta entertained with Mondayannual memory, was a very exacting one, in LEXINGTON CHAPERONE eve founder's day banquet, Miss Mary Brown, of London, is Thursday evening. Accompany Party ning, March 15, in the private dining cluding Chromatic Fantasy and Fu visiting the Alpha Xi Delta's at their Interesting toats were given by rep room of the Lafayette hotel. The guc, by Bach, Ballade in G Minor by Round PRICE INCLUDES chapter house on S. Limestone. resentatives of the various chapters table was beautifully decorated in Chopin the two pieces Prelude and Trip Ocean Fare, Hotels, Meals, Railroad Fares in Europe, Mr. Robert Cicmb, superintendent Attractive menu cards bore the pic azure nnd argent, the fraternity col- Study, from "Children's Corner," by Guides, Museum Entrance Fees, of public .schools' in Bedford, Ky., tures, of the three chapter houses in ors. Debussey, Etude in D flat major and Briefly, spent the past week-en- d at the Sigma Kentucky and the program for the James Park, class of '15, Fayette Arage by Liszt, and the entire. So ALL evening. Chi house. county attorney, presided as toast- - nata in F Minor, Oo 5 by Brahms. On Thursday afternoon, members of master. Misses Stella Kclsall, and Martha Interesting speeches were This is said to be the first time and Elizabeth Wheeler, of Louisville, the Transylvania and University of given by Dr. J. T. C. Noe and Judge that this Sonata has ever been given Kentucky chapters, together with vis Lyman Chalkley for the alumni, Wil- in a public recital in Lexington and are guests of Alpha Gamma Delta Write or phone for literature Misses Corinnc Cowgill and Bona iting members, went to Georgetown, liam Tunks, for the chapter, and Louis Miss Stillwell gave it a masterly describing this and other tours. Lotta attended the dinner-danc- e given where they conferred a charter on Cox, for the freshmen. reading. by the Delta Zeta chapter at the Uni the Scarab club, thus reviving the old Alumni and visitors present were: Miss JAMES M. MOLLOY In the various compositions, versity of Cincinnati, last Friday eve Alpha Lambda chapter there. Authorized, Bonded Steamship fames Park, Dr. J. T. C. Noe, Judge Stillwell displayed unusual skill and ning. Agent Lyman Chalkley, W. K. Massie, John musicianship. Her touch is brilliant Phi Beta Kappa Reception 646 East High Street Delta Zeta entertained their moth Jewell, Robert Jewell, Headlcy and elastic, her phrasing clean and Phone 3561' ers wifh a tea at the chapter house on After the installation, ceremonies Shouse, Cromwell Allen, Robert Law- her interpretation forceful. LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY East Maxwtll, Tuesday afternoon. for the Alpha of Kentucky chapter less, 0. F. Troutman, J. William Turner-Blacof I'm Beta Kappa fraternity, nem Tunks, Richard R Jones, Daniel Z. Wedding Friday afternoon at the president's Torry, and William Walters. The wedding of Miss Rebecca TurnMcVey en home, President and Mrs. The hosts were the members of the er and Maurice Black was solemnized tertained with a reception in honor of active chapter: Messrs. Leving Mc- - Saturday afternoon, at 2:30 o'clock, visiting Phi Beta Kappas and the Carty, William Smith, Emmott Mil- - at the home of the Reverend Massio, the initiates. ward, Arch Bennett, C. Robert Kay, at Nicholasville. The house was decorated with William Richards, William Thompson, The bride is the daughter of Mr. plants and flowers; the host and Charles Durrett, Edward Bennett, and Mrs. J. C. Turner, of Waller avein the spacious Leonard Broecker, Elbert Bell, Wil nue. She is a popular member of tlie hostess received drawing room and in the line with liam Crutcher, LeLroy Miles, Joe Tay- freshman class and has won a number them were Dr. Oscar M. Voorhies, lor, Weldon Simpson, J. J. Richardson, of honors during her short stay at the secretary of the United chapters of Louis Cox, Alec Herrington, Addison university. She is a member of AlPhi Beta Kappa, and Mrs. Voorhies; Yeaman, Kenneth Creasy, Richard pha Gamma Delta fraternity. Dr. Edwin Mims, of "Vanderbilt Uni Carran, James Tapscott, William The bridegroom, son of Mrs. M versity, who delivered the address to Sandifer, Ted Hardwick, and James Black, of Barbourville, Ky., was gradthe new chapter; Bishop Lewis W. Barnhill, and the pledges, Messrs: uated from the university last June. Burton, president of the Blue Grass Fred Gross and Ranson Spiller. He was prominent scholastically and Association of Phi Beta Kappa, and in social circles on the campus and is ma:utmmmmntttttmtnfflttmrmttt?mttms Mrs. Burton. a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Tri Delt Banquet Assisting in entertaining were the Founder's day in the Delta Rho fraternity. TIE? MAKES A officers of the Alpha of Kentucky chapter of the' Delta Delta Delta fra Mr. Black has accepted a position chapter and their wives, Dr. Glanville ternity was observed with a banquit at Knoxville, Tenn., and the young The best of materials, sturdy and fine, Terrell, Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Miner, Mr. Tuesday evening at 6:30 o'clock in tho couple intend to make their home in - The best of workmanship, best of design, William Ray Allen, Dr. and Mrs. L. ballroom of the Lafayette hotel. this city. A snappy finish to- suit the eye, V. McMullcn, Mr. and Mrs. Wendell The decorations were of pine, as the Holmes Stephenson, MJr. andj Mrs, pine tree is the fraternity emblem, arid And you have a STETSON SNAPPY TIE. PERSONAL William Francis Galloway, Prof, and silver, gold and blue streamers, the Mrs. George K. Brady, Dean Charles fraternity colors: Miss Ruth Kehoe, Dean and Sirs. C. R. Melcher were Turck, Mr. Jesse E. Adams, Dean Virginia Franke, Mrs. Ezra, Gillis; Successor Mrs. McVey's mother', Mrs. Asa Jew Always ' ell; Miss Rachelle Shacklette. To The table in the dining room was Something Bells beautiful with flowers and candles and New Footwear" Mrs. J. B. Miner presided over the fmiMHt Needle, SOCIETY NOTES 10-- .. ! I tf-- 1 STEAMSHIP TICKETS LINES THREE hosts on Sunday morning nl 12 o'clock nt a lovely breakfast complementing their guest, Dr. Jnmes Henry Ilnmil ton, of Grecnsburg, Ind., noted lecturer nnd writer. Alumnno of Alpha Gamma Delta, cntertnincd Mrs. Lottie Hollo Crow Porter, of Mu chnpter, Brennnu CoU lego, Wednesday evening nt 7 o'olodc with n dinner nt tho Phoenix hotel. Hens need more fresh nir in proportion 'to their weight thnn any other animal. Martha Washington Tea Room Welcomes vpl the University Boys and Girls d. A 36 Day Personally Conducted Tou Europe All CXPCUSCB ANNUAL KENTUCKY with Wwe. ART CRAFTS conegiat touts) Never before hr.i tliert) been each a grr travel buy" oi thiil nfrio tour to Lng r!. B Holland. Belgium ana Franco at a coet of only ten dollars a day I Instead of Jas t an ordinary vacation at the e mountains or this Bummer, why not join our congenial party of college students. Instructors, alumni and their friends who will tour Europe7 Weekly salllngi from Montreal, on Canadian Pacific steamships. Free side trip (via Toronto) to Niagara Falls. Opportunity to see eastern Canada, romantlcMontreal and picturesque Quebec. Comfortable) accommodations and appetizing- meals on board the famous "M" fleet of the Canadian Pacific. An American college dance band with each party. Plenty of deck apnea for dancing, rest, recreation, deck games, sports, dramatics. Two-d- n voyagedown the beautiful St. Lawrence. Only four days open sea to Europe. Landing at Liverpool, we visit Chester By motor to famed and Leamington. English castles, the Shakespeare country, rural England and Oxford Uol versity. Four days in London. Visit tho Hague. Amsterdam and In Holland; Brussels, Bruges, and other points By train through the battlefields to Paris. where we Bpend a week. wlfh trips to Versailles and the American bsttlo st (ur Ample time for individual e and shopping. Return aallintr from Cherbourg. Shortertounlf deslrtd, at 260 and 1330 Extension to Switzerland, Germany and Italy at mod- erMtacMt. Toarmnnmnunt all details; personally conducts party. d EXPENSES $565 Canadian Pacific iv mcc illustrated Jfoider Art Craft Guild Tnval Buraau.Dant. 121 800 North Dearborn Straet, Chicago, III. k Gentlemen; Please send me, without oblina-tio- n on my part, full details of your Collegiate. Watch This Space 17 f&SSSi City 'GBSSSS Sta ? SNAPPY WHAT New. Departments Booteries 206 West Main coffee service. About eighty guests were present, making a most distinguished group. Professor Sax Entertains A Mr. Carol Sax entertained in honor of Dr. James Henry Hamilton, of Grecnsburg, Ind., the guest of Dean :md Mrs. .C. R. Melcher, with a de- - Beauty Parlor, Art Infants and Downstairs Economy Store. MITCHELL, BAKER & SMITH (Incorporated) "THE QUALITY DEPARTMENT STORE" ' LEXINGTGON KENTUCKY Tohe FLORSHEIM SHOE A typical brogue the kind worn with those loose fitting clothes. See thic last on if our feet-- -' if s one of the smarted. I y in would -- like ICE CREAM' "i " T,i , .TTi-T- Collegiate the newest thing in colcircles girls. It ij the "SLICKERSOL" umbrella, in color and in iterial a reproduc-ti- o of your own slicker is lege To Be A PIRATE &UT PRAT651 .Dcmt ,Get This Good n It's This I Formal Opening The Stadium At Our w New Location Tho "JLItflaERSOL" h slurtsr than tl j usual umbrella, therefore it holds an ndf'ei! nttru'tion for it may he uuko-- uw,,y in your trunk when vacation rime comes, without tin worry which usually ncconip.iiiies o.ccs.i lug. ease. Dixie is made from the HAND SOLID is protected by the two PAINTED AND IN COLORS, THE NEW "SLICKERSOL" IS A Bill. HIT NEW FEATURE VOX A RAINY DAY IT IS greatest scientific safe- COLLEGIATE. purest materials obtainable. It is Pasteurized and Heathized, so its purity guards known. NEAR LIME West Main Special Invitation For College Girls New York Wholesale Millinery Baynham Shoe Co. HAST .MAIN 317-31- 9 A DIXIE THERE'S DEALER NEAR YOU r.njKJiimmmnimmmmmmmmmm r First Floor '