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Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1921-03-apr6.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

75 Minutes Of The Board Of Trustees Minutes of the regular quarterly meeting of the Board of Trustees, University of Kentucky, for Wednesday, April 6, 1921. The Board of Trustees, University of Kentucky, met in regular quarter- ly session in the office of the President of the University, at the hour of 11330, a. m., on Wednesday, April 6, 192^. The following members were present; Richard C. Stoll, George Colvin, W. C. Hanna, T. L. Hornsby, E. M. Froman, R. G. Gordon, Rainey T. Wells, James W. Turner, Frank McKee, W. E. Grady and P. P. Johnston, Jr. President Frank L. McVey and Welling- ton Patrick, Secretary of the Board, were also present. The minutes of the meeting of the Board of Trustees for April 1, 1921, were approved. The minutes of the Executive Committee, for March 16, 1921, were approved. (1) Report g.Lth.e9Bjmi-La5s AgAt. The report of the Business Agent was read and ordered incorporated in the minutes. The report was as follows: April 6, 1921 President Frank L. McVey University of Kentucky Dear Doctor McVey: Will you please present to the Board of Trustees at its meet- ing April 6, 1921, the Financial Report for the month ending Febru- ary 28, 1921, as the report of the Business Office. It is not possible to complete the report for March by that date. I wish to call your attention to the statements attached which give approximately the needs of the University for the re- mainder of this year and the first six months of next year. I call your attention to the fact that the balance in the Fertilizer Fund has never been large enough to permit the trans- fer from General Fund of the amount paid on the Mulligan property indebtedness that was ordered transferred by the Executive Com- mittee. It is possible for the charge to be made against the Farm Fund. Very truly C Signed) D, E. Peak Business Agent