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[2] > Image [2] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1920-06-jun1-ec.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

2. .Vexpansiorn oa the 'eiri. was very neoesiary. The Committee took the matter under oonsle~ration and discussed the qhestion of funds for t~t purpose0 On -imtion, duly eoonded, the Presi- dent was requested to make a surVey of the situation and present the matter at some future meeting of the Committee for further oorsiderat ion. (4) ,qtmeent.. The following appointments on iaeomenda- tion of the Predident were approved by tho Committee. Appointment of Jehn Hurst tdams as assistant county agent, Mason County, Kentucky, at a sa ar-y of $125 a month, foa a period of three and one-half months, effective June 1, 1920. Alppointment of the following named assistant county agents on the dates indicated opposite their names, their salaries to be $125 a month with travel allowance of $50 a month: Lloyd E. Cutler, June 20, 1920 John R. Spencer, June 25, 1920 Charles A. Mosgrove, June 10, 192O Me L. Hall, June 15, 1920 Donald w. Martin, Jute 15, 1920 (5) Budget for PEhioll Education, President MeVey reported to the Committee that the following budget had been agrned upon with the Interdepartmental Sooial Hygiene Board: United States Interdepartmental Social Hygiene Board Washington, 1. C. Budget for 1920-1921 University of Kentucky, Lexington Soicatific and Educational Research and Development, Fundu In accordance with the application of the above institution now on file in the off ice of the Interdepartmental Sooial Hygiene Board in Washington, D. Co, and. made a part of this agreement, we, the under- signed officers of the iustitution above named, hereby submit the following budget of estimated expenditures to be paid from an allot- ment to be received from the funds appropriated in the "Act making appropriations for the support of the Army, fiscal year 1919, Chapter XV, section 6."