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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 3, 1931

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

m Best Copy Available THE KENTUCKY PAGE FOUR KERNEL. Talented Musicians Funkhouser Makes Petition Is Made By Press Group Elects Appear at Vespers Graduation Address Professional Lodge Lovett to Presidency Thcin Sienna Tau Presents Application to Hecomc Social Sorority Theta Sigma Tnu, professional sorority for girls with a Masonic relationship, has petitioned the university for permission to become a social sorority after February 1. The chapter has presented a petition to Phi Omega PI which, If accepted, will become effective June 1, 1031. Mrs. Wayland Rhodes, past national president of Phi Omega PI, will act as adviser to the sorority and will bo assisted by Mrs. Eda Giles. Officers of the new organization will bo elected at the first meeting after the second semester opens, Theta Sigma Tau has been a professional sorority for the past five years. If petition is accepted will occupy a house on East Maxwell street. Members of the sorority are: Virginia Carlln, Margaret Stuckcr, Bernlce Hooks, Willie Ann Fraas, Lucille Traband, Louise Otterbach, Thelma Evans, Carolyn Foxworth, Jean Olbbs, Helen Alpcrln, Anna Dugan, Ruby Murphy, Joe Chapman, Artie Leo Taylor, and Alice May Durllng. (Continued from Page One) Christian church, spoke to ths group on "Our Common Task." Saturday morning, the meeting opened with a round table discussion on "Building up Local Adver tising." The discussion was led by Mr. Roc. In the afternoon, a business meeting was held, at which time, the president's annual report was read to the convention. The two-da- y session closed with the election of officers and an open meeting at 3 o'clock Saturday after noon. Other officers who were elected were James Norm, Asniana Dally Independent, vice president, and Lawrence W. Hagcr, Owcns- boro, chairman of the executive committee. .1. Curtis Alcock, Danville Dally Messenger, was reelected t. secretary-treasure- r. Favorites Selected Here are the favorites of the so- niors in the College of New Ro- chcllc: Ambition, marriage; author, John Galsworthy; book, Phlllippa; poem, the Bubaiyat; men's college, Notre Dame; poet, Francis Thompson; screen stars, Ruth Chatterton and Robert Montgomery; stage stars, The Carletonlan, newspaper of Carleton College, is Eva La Galllanne and Walter Ham-de- n; planning to try a dally publication play, Cyrano do Bergerac; talkie, Common Clay. for one month as an experiment. PALAIS ROYALE DANCE CASINO Open for Winter Season Friday Night College Night ADMISSION 25c PARK PLAN Dancing Every Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat. Nights JOHN (SHIPWRECK) KELLY, Mgr. 242 EAST MAIN f (fl . enjoy good FOOD -- nr m in III hi in iii iii in Memorial Hall Professor Carl Lamport, composer and head of the music department at the university, appeared with several other artists on the university vesper program in Memorial pall Sunday afternoon. The program included performances by Mrs. William H. Hansen, soprano, and Miss Virginia Tyler, organist. Professor Lamport, long active in musical affairs of the city and the university, is a violinist and con ductor of the university philharHis nnnenrnnce monic orchestra. Sunday was in the dual role of composer and soloist since he used one of his own compositions. Mrs. Hansen, soloist at the bec- ond Presbyterian church and for the past two years president of tne McDowell Club, has been Identified with musical activities in Lexlng ton for some time. She Is al30 a member of Phi Beta, national musi cal sorority. Miss Tyler is organist at the Maxwell Presbyterian church and She is Is a noted piano teacher. nast president of the MacDowcll Club and Is active In the worK 01 the Federation of Music Clubs. Fraternity Taxes Fraternities in Oklahoma pay no taxes on their houses, but now comes forward a state senator with a bill designed to change this happy state of affairs. Fraternity men at OR lahoma A. & M. assert that the passage of this bill would mean an additional annual expense to each fraternity chapter of $1,000. Such an added expense, they say sadly, would mean the extinction of every group on their campus. one ray or suusmne is seen through the clouds in that the state supreme court once ruled fra ternlty property exempt from taxa tion on the ground that fraternities exist "solely for educational, moral, ana cnamaDie purposes" Begin the New Semester Right come to HEAR lir rvn i i nivi rwirovjo III III - in i III v PHONE ASHLAND 642 Professor Lamport Plays Own Composition at Propram " ijiiv'i. ri it wi i H II kh n iii.i. n r r i i'iihii.i.i' iiikii.iju unniiiBiranicw III in mi in m Tuesday, February 8, 1981 SEMI-WEEKL- Y (Continued from Pane One) Thompson, No Id a Winchester: Waterman, Louisville and Edith Caldwell Williams. London. The degree of bachelor of science was conferred upon Arthur Paul Davison, Fairmont, W. Va.; Edward Hale, Lexington; William Karrakcr, Dongoia, ill.; Paul Runyon, Ewmg; Bertram Van Arsdole Louisville; Russell Smith. Winchester; William Thurmond, Blackford, Yandal Wra- thcr, Murray; Marrlctta sparKs, Paris; Elizabeth Spears, Winchester; Lawrence McGlnnls, Lexington and William Leo Polot, Cleveland, Ohio. Dean Alvin E. Evans presented the candidates for the degreo of bachelor of laws, who were RichElmer ard Carran,, Lexington; Drake, Lexington; Oayle Mohncy, Lexington; Henry Nethcrton, and Kenton Prlchard, Ashland. degree of civil engineer was The conferred upon Rowlette Laymon Mays; the degree of master of science in chemistry, on Forrest Fcnton, Cleveland; and the degree of master of arts upon James Malcolm Boswell, Katie Carpenter, John Dotson, George Hleronymus, James Holtzclaw, Jessie Irvine, Oils Klnt-ne- r, Geneva Thomas Parker, and Eugene Lewis Pearson. Five R. O. T.. O. graduates who were commissioned as second lieutenants were Lawson Cornett, Sassafras; Charles O. Fury, Lexington; Louis Payton, Lynch; Stanley H. Robertson, Owensboro; and Charles Calloway C. Whitaker, Hartford. Hoskins was given a certificate of eligibility, being under the age to be able to accept the commission. MMMMMMMMMWMMM Sneers Snickers Scandal is still being given for Used Books at the Campus Book Store At TYPEWRITERS SALE OR RENT Special Rental Rates to Students Dealer: L. C. Smith and Corona Typewriters STANDARD TESSgF Opp. Cmijthou8eWJEST SHORT ST. Phone Ash. 1792 IH By WILLIAM ARDERY I May Wc Be Queen of the May? In this issue, ladles and gentle men, wc announce our candidacy lor uic Highly distinguished and greatly coveted office of Queen of tne May. We stand solidly on our past record and will conduct our camnalnn in a straight-forwar- d. nonest manner, we pledge our selves to make the annual May Day festivities more entertaining, more more truly brilliant. interesting, Wc will not use the office as a means to marriage, nor will we become snooty following our election, which at the present time, seems almost certain. We believe that we will receive the undivided support of the Engineering College and the Sigma Beta Zees. The multitude of Kappa votes which will be cast for us will not be counted. Contribu tions to our campaign fund will prevent us from starving until the election. Afterwards we will en dorse Heinz' Baked Beans. We are appealing particularly to those eds and ettes who want a DIFFERENT May Day. Freedom of the Press We believe that the eds and ettes nave either stopped reading us or are becoming more tolerant. We Loafing: CoBTse Announced were not threatened with physical nnmard Collece has recently an violence but three times during the nounced a course which will consist past semester. of several hours' rest each day for students whose health does not Alpha Tau Omega come up to a certain standard, and Two enterprising eds were doing for those carrying heavy schedules. battle with the wolf by selling sorRegular college credit will be given ority back-dokeys to the freshfor the course. It sounds like a men. Rather a rushing business chance to loaf one's way through was done until the verdant ones discovered that the keys did not fit college. any back door except the one at Carnegie the Three Triangle house and that In cooperation with the of Washington, the Harv- it was always open anyway. Institute The ard school of tropical medicine, and means men of business sought other of livelihood and finally dethe University of Chicago a detail- cided to found a fraternity. Ideas ed survey of the area is planned were purchased wholesale from a that may take 20 years. The Mich- national organization and were reigan men will concentrate on the slight tailed birds, mammals, and plants in the profit. to the pledges at aup and was drawn A district; Harvard will make a medi presented ritual marvelous success. with cal survey, and Chicago wm mane It has recently been altered, howsurvey or tne more ever, sociological in order that the athletes than 2,500,000 living Mayas. The might not bev confused about the Carnegie Institute Is doing tne ar meaning of the long words. chaeological work. Throughout its long and unintero esting history the lodge has been Abolition of the traditional four- - noted for its exclusiveness. Its year course at tne university oi scholastic standing Is malntianed by Minnesota and the introduction oi the practice of admitting only those courses ranging from two to 10 men who can read and write, and years in length, depending on the an idealistic atmosphere is brought financial circumstances and ability about by the exclusion of and Chinese. of the individual, are predicted by Assets: Al Klkel, athletes, proxiPresident L. D. Coflman. mity to the Chi Omega house. Liabilities: Rebellious freshmen, original dancing, proximity to the Chi Omega house. CASH ALL MAKES Well, Really. . . Throughout the past semester we have never Intentionally injured anyone. We do not mind having people angry with us in the least, but it makes us feel very bad in deed for anyone to think we have taken advantage of him. We are not too utterly tenorant to know that no matter how outraged a fair Kappa might appear, she is inward ly deliEhted that attention has Been called to herself or her organization. So. with" exams gone and forgot ten, with hearts broken and mended, with fragrant, warm, beautiful spring not very far away, with lovely fdrls. with a small but faith ful group of friends, with everything to hope for any very little to regret, eagerly we begin the new Pledging Service Members of Phi Kappa Sigma and Phi Sigma Kappa stood in a circle. A University of Minnesota freshman stood in the center with a coin poised on his thumb nail. The Most Royal Archon of one of the two lodges cried, "Heads." The fresh man spun the coin. "Heads it is," he announced not without a thrill. . Give me the button. It's heads up rushing that al ways gets the man." And the brothers who placed their faith on tails slunk away muttering, "Well, wo got the twelve best men on the campus any way." ALWAYS THE BEST IN DRUGS Phone Calls Ash. 21 or 640 Hutchinson's Drug Store PRESCRIPTIONS Main & Deweese Street U iimiiiiiiiimiiiiimiiiHiiiiimiiiiiiiii Favors, Programs Dance Invitations We have An exceptionally fine assortment and display, and feel sure that we can please and satisfy. Transylvania Printing Co. Near Fayette Bank Opp. Court House Books! Books! Books! Fill Your Needs from a Large Supply of New and Used Textbooks at the Kentucky Book Store (Next Door to Students' Restaurant) Also Notebooks, Pads, Fillers and many other accessories for the new semester STUDENTS Bring us your Used Books and let us sell them for you. Receipts will be given for all books left with us for sale. KENTUCKY BOOK STORE 385 SOUTH LIME A New Semeste- rA New Opportunity to Begin Right, by Making New Friends. at Alexander's THE STUDENTS' STORE South Lime Opposite Memorial Hall SANDWICHES SHORT ORDERS FOUNTAIN SERVICE We Deliver Ash. 8251 An badminton touris being planned at the University of Michigan. nament Sigma XI, honorary scientific fra ternity, recently voted to establish chapters at Harvard and at the University of Pittsburgh. University Commons Fall Semester, 1930 Bring in Your Books or a MEAL HOURS: list of the Books You Wish to Sell Campus Book Store JAMES MORRIS, Manager Breakfast 7:159:15 Lunch Dinner 9:00 A. M. On your radio tonight . . . listen to l.orna l'uiitln, famous miintToloftlst. She'll tell you how naim-- and dates alh'H success in business, line marriage. A real radio thill WLW at 8 o'clock tonight Central Standard Time UrllUlJ III. 5:156:45 SODA FOUNTAIN HOURS: (ie cjcrtiouJL C I". 11:301:00 In- - 6:00 P. M. $5.00 MEAL TICKET Meals for Six Days S Consecutive $3.50 MEAL TICKET Breakfast and Supper for Six Days McVey Hall Third Floor Ascend South Stairs to Commons