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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, August 8, 1930

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i .1 PAGE THREE THE KENTUCKY KERNEL ttmtmttiimwirororotmitmimttmim matmttmmmnmMamtmmtrotmmtttro oLMINULli (lULl EAST HIGH LUUKljfc HEYON1) EUCLID WAW.VWM'.V.V.WM 1 VIADUCT 1 1 WW Viaduct and High St 1 MISS HAZEL BAUCOM, Editor Phone Ashland 1074-- i an College, Winchester and has been teaching for two or three years. Mr. Cecil Is the ton of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cecil. Henry county, and He a graduate of the University. holds a position with the American Company In Pennsylvania, Bridge where he and his bride will make their home. ttmm:mtKttt::K:ttttiK:ttttKKttttt:ttttKtntnt:;t; rne PHARMACY THERE'S A REASON why patrons of our miniature golf course always return. The location of the course, away from the noise and dust of heavy traffic, coupled with the fact that our carpet greens are always in good con : : : : : dition, make it the most popular m town. ALSO, TRY UUK INUW DKiviNU KANliU Y JH Address Institute Smith-Custa- j following announcements The have been received by friends In Lexington: Miss Jennie H. Smith announces the marriage of her niece Carolyn L. Smith ll to The marriage of Miss Maldcna Mr. Marlon C. Custard Poc to Mr. Earl Franklin Cecil will on Monday, August the fourth be solemnized the morning of Augnineteen hundred and thirty ust 12 at 11:30 In Guthrie. Fort Thomas, Kentucky , Miss Poe Is a graduate of Wesley- At Home after August eleventh 265 Lyndhurst Place Lexington, Ky. Both Mr. and Mrs. Custard are popular students at the University, and prominent In all student and social activities. Mrs. Custard Is a member of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority, and Mr. Custard of the Al417 E. Maxwell St. pha Sigma Phi fraternity. 1419 ntm:t:t:mm:tmKmtmt:;tnttttt:tttnnn:t;;:tt: Free Delivery Service Fountain Drinks Sandwiches THAT SKULLER'S MICHLER, FLORIST, lnc WHITMAN'S CANDIES Phone Ashland "Leave your order with Miss Carrie Bean, our or agent, at the Book-Stor- e Post Office." Your Name Engraved FREE TTTTTi on Each Fountain Pen W. fi. EAT AT BENTON'S Salads, Croquettes, Home Made Pies, Chicken Sandwiches, Strawberry Tarts Cake Famous for our Chocolate Fudge OWEN, Proprietor i 5 I Imii H4 South Lime Phone Ashland 5961 Engagement Announced Mr. and Mrs. Sanford M. Boyer, of Campbellsburg, announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Willie Marlon Boyer, to Mr. William Basil Jones, of Clay City. The marriage will take piece the fourteenth of August. Miss Boyer Is a graduate of the University and has been a frequent visitor In Lexington where she has many friends. Rogers-Po- BENTON'S SWEET SHOPPE Phone Ashland 4779 LwwvwwavwJ "'""fl iTiTiuTi m imii iTum TnTiiTn g gT rt wood Miss Florence The marriage of Rogers, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Rogers, of Midway, to Mr. Alfred Stanhope Portwood, was solemnized Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Midway Chistian church. The Rev. J. W. Waldon, pastor, officiated at the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Portwood are both graduates of the Midway High school, and Mr. Portwood is a graduate of the class of 1929 at the University. Mr. Portwood was prominent in athletics at the University, a star football player. He was a member of the Sigma Beta XI fraternity. The young couple left for a wedding trip to Detroit after the ceremony. Later they will be at home In Richmond, Ky., where Mr. Port- - R. W. SMOCK Watch Yoar Watch Careful Watch and Clock Repairing EVERY U. K. GIRL CAN OWN A GOOD LOOKING FUR COAT THIS YEAR! on our 10 Per Cent Down secures your Coat Plan. 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GENUINE MENDOZA BEAVER, self pouch shawl collars LAPIN, with rose, blege or natural self pouch shawl collars. SEAL, handsome cape shawl Lapan collars BONDED and cuffs. BONDED SEAL, with dyed squirrel collars and cuffs. BONDED SEAL, with mink dyed Kolinsky collars, cuffs. BONDED SEAL, White Russian Fitch collars and cuffs. BONDED SEAL, with Butter Dyed Ermine collars, cuffs. BONDED SEAL, with Paradise Mink collars and cuffs. New process. BABY iSEAL, self pouch shawl collars. New sport model. Values to $150.00 Others Up to $299.00 Work Called For and Delivered 157 S. LIME PHONE 7638 DRY CLEANING SPECIALS Phone Ash. 8380 1 Men's v QQ SUITS Ladles' v Q0 SUITS Plain CI HQ Ladies' WOOL DRESSES All prices reasonable and work guaranteed and examined by experienced tailor and dress maker We Call for and Deliver LEVIN'S DRY CLEANERS 137 North Lime wood will be freshmnn coach at ' of Public Affairs at the UniDrama," the Eastern Kentucky State Normal Associate No. 7, Dr George K. Brady, stltute of Virginia. The convention versity Professor of English. School. Friday,, August 15. 12:45 to 1:00 will last throughout the week. p. m. "What Farm Folks Are AskDuring the convention Dr. Wlest PERSONALS ing," Prof. N. R. Elliott, College of will make an address on "GovernAgriculture. ment Aid to Business' In which After a visit of several days In field he has made considerable reShelbyvllle, the guest of Miss Sadie cent study. Walters, Miss Jane Walker has reCommerce Dean to The convention will last through- turned home. wm Mr. Leonard Weakley, of Fort arnoWChisomcce.Dcan Wlcst Thomas, Ky., is spending the weekon the Kenend at Camp Ta-H- a Dean Edward Wlcst, of the It takes a man of tact to rememtucky river, at Clifton. of Commerce, left ucsday to at- ber a woman's birthday, and at the Mr. William B. Gcss came home tend the annual meeting of the In- - same time forget her age. last week from spending two weeks vacation in Michigan. Misses Marlnm Field Sloan and Katherinc Davis, Alpha XI Delta sorority sisters of Miss Martha Fowler LAST" "GIFTS Given, Versailles, were her guests last week. Mr. John Catcs, member of the Sigma Nu fraternity, from the of Tennessee, Is the guest of the local chapter of Sigma Nu this week. Mr. W. Henderson Dysard spent Lexington's Leading Jewelers visiting friends at the week-en- d Louisville. Phone Ashland 344 127 West Main Miss Elizabeth Davis spent the week-en- d at her home In Louisville. Miss Anna Mae Lewis, University student last year and member of the Delta Delta Delta sorority here visited friends In Lexington Friday and Saturday. Miss Lewis has returned to her home In Louisville. Lieut. James R. Hestei and his wife, the former Ruth Bonnln. are visiting friends at the University this week. Mr. Hester Is a former student of the University, graduating in 1929, and Is a member of PI Kappa Alpha fraternity. Mrs. Hester Is a member of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority here and a former Kentucky beauty. CORRECT APPAREL FOR WOMEN AND MISSES Mr. Lee Grasfedder, PI Kappa Alpha, University of Cincinnati, is a guest at the Pi Kappa Alpha this week. aiiMiitiuiniiniiiiiiiiMHimit 264 West Main Street STUDENTS 0 Mr. Gray Tucker, Pi Kappa Alpha, will be the guest of his fraternity thFs week. MAKE YOUR OLD CLOTHES NEW! Have Them Cleaned and Pressed at 0 Mr. John Ramey and Mr. Charles Gilley, members of the Sigma Nu fraternity, are guests at the house this week. THE CLOTHES SHOP RADIO PROGRAM East High, near Viaduct MRS. WHITE Phone Ashland 2259 IS ANNOUNCED Dr. George K. Brady to Give Seventh of Series of Talks on Adventures in Drama Dr. George K. Brady, associate professor of English at the University, will present the seventh of a series of talks on "Adventures In Modern Drama," Thursday, August 14. from 12:45 to 1:00, from the University remote control studio in connection with the radio station and WHAS of the Courier-JournTimes at L,ouisvnie. rroi. rcoy c. instructor in music at the Jarman. University, will feature the Tuesday radiocast at the same hour the week of August 11. Another feature of paramount public Interest Is that on Monday, August 11, 12:45 to 1:00, Dr. Lin-woA. Brown, and Prof. Earl K. Borman. both of the University Experiment Station, will talk on "A Discussion of the Public Water Situation." Tuesday. August 12, 12:45 to 1:00 p. m. "How to Use Your Voice." second of a series of talks by Prof. R. E. Jarman, Music Director. Wednesday. August 13, 12:45 to 1:00 p. m. "Marl." second of a series of talks by G. L. Drury, Ky., former speaker of the house of representatives. Wednesday, August 13, -- 0 to 10:30 p. m. University of Kentucky Salon Orchestra and Soloists. "The Story of Our Music." No. 10 English Composers. Thursday. August 14. 12:45 to 1:00 "Adventures in Modern p. m. Eat at the WUdcat Lair! i SODA FOUNTAIN LUNCHES SANDWICHES PROMPT DELIVERY 304 South Limestone Phone Ashland 9191 or 8262 Can BEAUTY and WEALTH Get Away With Murder? She trampled Here They Are threw She love! on money away! She cared for nothing or no one until her lover threw her in jail for Everything You Need in ENGRAVINGS, TYPEWRITERS, NOTEBOOKS, PENS, PENCILS, DESK SETS, AND OTHER STUDENT ACCESSORIES "MANSLAUGHTER" See this dramatic struggle of Beauty and Wealth against the Law! at with CLAUDETTE Transylvania Printing Co. COLBERT and Frederic March A Starts (Incorporated) N. Upper Street Near Fayette Hank Paramount All Talking Drama Tomorrow M en t.UU W TuluM hast Times Today! CYItll, MAUDE in " (! It U M l Y " ttt::t:t:::ttt:::::t:::: 1