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364 > Page 364 of Account of the people called Shakers : their faith, doctrines, and practice, exemplified in the life, conversations, and experience of the author during the time he belonged to the society : to which is affixed a history of their rise and progrogress to the present day / by Thomas Brown.

364 Lo Achor's valley fpreads in fight, T hle doors of hope difpell'd the night, And thoufands brought their deeds to light, Anid wafh'd in the pure river. S Like Pentecoft, new fcenes unfold; With tongues and figns as Jefus told, And gifts of God, more rich than gold, Had every true believer. 9 This was not in a corner done, But fpread towards the rifing fun, And became the glory of New-Lebanon, Which God had firft prepar'd. xo From Lebanon, towards the-eaft, With beams of burning light increas'd, And thoufands called to the feaft Of hidden glory, fhare. i i Thofe whom the gofpel call obey'd, Then felt a furc foundation laid, Whereon the righteous never ftray'd, Nor can they be miltaken xE The work which God had promis'd long; H-ath now appear'd, at laft fo ftrong, 'Tis verify'd with a new fong, With dancing and with fhaking. 13 Some twift and turn, and back they ftart.s With idols fixed on their heart, They hated from their fins to part, So call'd the work delufion. 14 Now void of fenfe-how God will break The proud, the lofty and the great; At once cry out, ye mifchief make- Ye Shakers uiaLe confufion. IS So in their rage they turn away, And never think what God did fay, That fhaking in the latter day Should feize all earth and heaven. i6 The little (lone is now cut out- The trump of God fpraks with a ffiOUP' Awake, thou fleeper, and come out, And have thy fins forgiven.