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367 > Page 367 of Account of the people called Shakers : their faith, doctrines, and practice, exemplified in the life, conversations, and experience of the author during the time he belonged to the society : to which is affixed a history of their rise and progrogress to the present day / by Thomas Brown.

367 She was the Lord's anointed To (hew the root of fin, And in its full defiruafion Her gofpel did begin. A flefhly, carnal nature, WXith all iti deep difguife, She ftript entirely naked Before the finners' eves. Sunk in your bafe zorruptions, Ye wicked and unclean! You read your fealed Bibles, But know not what they mean; Confefs your filthy adions, And put your luffs away, And live the life of Jefus, This is the only way. Ye haughty kings and beggars, Come learn your equal fate t Your carnal, fallen nature, You've furely got to hate; Whatever your profeffion, Your fRx or colour be, Renounce your carnal pleafures, Or Chrift you'll never fee. The way of God is holy, Mark'd with Emmanuel's feet,. Lull cannot reach Mount Zion, Nor (tain the golden ftreet; If you will have falvation, You firfl muff count the coft, And facrifice that nature, In which the world is loft. At Manchefter in England, This bleffed fire began, And like a flame in fiubble, From houfe to houfe it ran. At firft a few receiv'd it. And did their luff forfake, And foon the word in power Brought in a mighty (hake. The rulers cry'd " Delufion! Who can thefe Shakers be i Arc thefe the wild fanatics Bewitched by Ann Lee We'll ftop this noife of flaking, It never fhall prevail; We'll feize the grand deceived, And thruft her into jail." Before their learned councils,