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368 > Page 368 of Account of the people called Shakers : their faith, doctrines, and practice, exemplified in the life, conversations, and experience of the author during the time he belonged to the society : to which is affixed a history of their rise and progrogress to the present day / by Thomas Brown.

369 Though oft fhe was arraign'd, Her life was uncondemned, Her charaaer unftain'd; And by her painful travail, Her fuffering and her toil, A little church was formed On the European foil. This little band of union, In apoftolick life, Remain'd a while in England Among the fons of ftrife, Till the Columbian Eagle, Borne by an eaftern breeze, Convey'd this little kingdom Acrofs the rolling feas. To mark the fl-ining paffage, Good angels flew before Towards the land of promife, Colymbia's happy fhore. Hail! thou viaorious gofpel! And that aufpicious day, Whcn Mother fafely landed In Hudfon's lovely bay Near Albany they fettled, And waited for a while, Until a mighty flaking Made all the defert fmile: At length a gentle whifper, The tidings did convey, And many flock'd to Mother, To learn the living way. Through forms of perfecution, The truth fhe did maintain, And fhow'd how fin was conquer'd, And how we are born again: The old corrupted nature, From place to place fhe trod, And fhow'd a new creation, The only way to God. About four years fhe labour'd With the attentive throng, Confirm'd the young believers, And help'd their fouls along: At length fhe clos'd her Labour, And vanifh'd out of fight, And left the church increafing In the pure gofpel light. How much are they deceiv'd Who think that Mothcr's dead!