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370 > Page 370 of Account of the people called Shakers : their faith, doctrines, and practice, exemplified in the life, conversations, and experience of the author during the time he belonged to the society : to which is affixed a history of their rise and progrogress to the present day / by Thomas Brown.

370 Whofe feet fhould tread the ferpent's head And people all the earth you know. The time has been prcdided, And this muft be the day you know; And he that is convided Will qtut his former way you know. The carnal life of man and wife Cannot appear fo right you know. Now the old man's offended. Unwilling yet to die you know; He fays he was commanded To go and multiply you know. He argues (till he can fulfil, The all important truft you know; But this pretence is his defence To gratify his lift yoU know. The ferpent now in fetters, Though he's but a thief you know; to Paul's myflerious letters He'll haften for relief you know. Permifflon blind he there can find, But no exprefs command you know. That fome forbid to marry, The carnal man can read you know; Whatever fenfe they carry, Upon this word he'll feed you know. Seducers boaft he now can trace Witb Shakers in his eyes you know; And boldly fay that thefe are they, But carnal men will lie you know. The proteflant reformers, The Roman priefts condemn you know; And this forbidding marriage They've charg'd upon them you know. Whoever might the civil right Prohibit or forbid you know; We do not fay it might be they, But Shakers never did you know. The luft his father gave him, The carnal man feduc'd you know; And marriage cannot fave him But from a worfe abufe you know. It comes to bind the carnal mind, And nail it to the crofs you know. The crofs he will not carry, Buw at the truth will fpurn you know; Though Paul 1ays let him marry, It's better than to burn you know, If hc's in paw4 and can't contain,