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371 > Page 371 of Account of the people called Shakers : their faith, doctrines, and practice, exemplified in the life, conversations, and experience of the author during the time he belonged to the society : to which is affixed a history of their rise and progrogress to the present day / by Thomas Brown.

371 And WM not ferve the Lord you know, Then fure he muft live in his luft And take his jiufl reward you know. OIff . in vexation, May learch the fcripture through you know, And find a large relation Of Gentile and of Jew you know. But he that would be truly good, A woman will not touch you know; This is the one that God will own, And Paul himfelf was fuch you know. Hymn of Love. L OVING Brethren, loving Sifters, L Middle ag'd and blooming youth, Lay afide your Sirs and Mifters, Love the plain and finiple truth. Love's the Iipring of our communion, Life and breath of the new man; Never was fuch love and union, Never fince thc world began. From our blefsed. loving Mother, Firft the loving tidings came; That her children love each other, And that love's their fathler's name. Loving Elders brought the meffage, Loving New-lights gave it paffage, Till it fpread both far and wide. Let us then not be miftaken, As to what we're call'd to love; \Whether things that mnay be fhaken, Things below or things a-Bove. Firit divide the flefland-fpirit, Good from evil feparate; Then the thing that's vdid of merit, We muft lrve not, we muft hate. Love not feIf'that muft be hated, Love not fatan, love not fin; And to the fleflh though you're related. Love not flefli nor fleffhly kin. Love not riches, honour, pleafures, Love no earthly, vain delight; But the gofpel, hidden treafure, You may love with all your might. Love your parents in the fpirit, Love them freely though unfeen