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iV pubilication; and if it can be clearly pointed out to me, wherein I have not given a correct accounts I fliall be willing to alter and correcct, as it is only my intention to aft the part of a faithful hiftorian. Having once had a privilege among you, and being now wbt you term a backflider, you may therefore confider me as an in- dividual. bencath attention; but you will pay fome deference to mankind in general, and as what I offer for your examination is of a publick nature, I conclude you may think it worthy your attention. Deference to you as a religious focitty, together with the ad- vice of fome of your members, and feveral other people, has induced me to make you this offer: if it fhould meet with your approbation, I will thank you to let me know it in due feafon. I fhall at prefent add no more, but that I remain, with fenti- ments of efteem, Your Friend, THOMAS BROWN. LvcY WRIGHT and ABIATHAR BABBOT, Firft in the Miniftration. Cornwall, November, i8o8. A thort time after, I received from the Church, the following anfwer: To Tkomas Brown. " PROFESSED FRIEND, "A letter with thy fubfcription, has been put into my ! hlands, direcded to I; Abiathar Babbot," purporting, that thou " art about publifhing thy Life, Experience, c. with a full ac- count of our Faith, Doctrines, c. prop6fing to offer the man- ufcript for our examination, previous to publication. So far ".from wifhing to offend thee with a reply incongruous with thy " feelings, it is with much regret that we have any thing to fay 4" or do in the matter; but fince we are c:dled upon in a cir- "' cumfiance like this, we deem it expedient to reply, That we Ad have no defire to examine thy writings. It is fufficient that we "4 know thee, Thomas; and be thy opinion whatever it may is concerning thy own abilities, we muft candidly tell thee. that "we are far from confidering thee competent to the task thet