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ix tn the Hiifory annexed to this work, to avoid repetitions, f have omitted feveral things which are inferted in the narration of my life; and I have been careful not to record any thing but what has been procured from authentick fources, and the truth of which has been well fubftantiated. Though this fociety may deem feveral of the tranfadiions related, prejudicial to their caufe, and on this accout will condemn both the work and its author, yet this, however, has not in the leaft deterred me from my undertaking, and particularly from keeping clofe to well authenticated fad2s, exclufive of every other confideration; and I feel perfuaded that the unprejudiced reader will obferve that candour'pervades the whole. I am far from thinking I have made no miftakes, notwithftanding I have ufed all the care and precaution that I could. If any fuch be pointed out to me, I fall be thankful for the intimation, efpecially if there fhould be a demand for a fecond edition. I might add more, but nothing more is neceffary to enable thofe to judge of this work, who judge with underflanding, impartiality, and candour. I there- fore conclude by expreffing my gratitude to God for his contin- ued kindnefs and mercy through every period of my life, and for his gracious aid and benediction in enabling me to bring this arduous undertaking to a clofe. ERRATA. N. B. (b) fignifies from the bottom of the page. Page 6i, line 3, for wzve, read I-p. 71 L. 6 (b) f. Matt. r, Luo-.- page 99, line 22, for cannot, read can-p. 134, L I0 (b) f. in, r. into-p. 139, l. 7 (b) f. mortal, r. immortal-p. 140, 1. 4 (b) pound; thou, r. though-p. i58, 1. 2o f. and, r. that is-p. 169, 1. 8 (b) f. 1803, r. I8oz-p. 230, l. X (b) f. pales, r. pale-p. 2Z7, 1. 9, f. March, r. anauary-p. 266, 1. 7 (b) f. hat, r. that-p. 319, l. z, f. compan- ions, r. companion-p. 34S5 1. 9, dele that-p. 346, 1. I8 (b) f. that, r. his-p. 347, 1. I3 (b) f. barked, r. aded-p. 34 7,l. 14, f. lie, r. lay p. .347, 1. 17 (b) r. with after accompanied, and by after fucceeded. For Nefkauna, wherever it occurs, read XN7emna. There are feveral ocher typographical errors, but not of fuffi- cient importance to be noted here.