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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, May 11, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

fHE KENTUCKY KERNEL Mutual Program FIRST-CLAS- S IN EVERY .MEET APPOINTMENT Go Where the Go's Go. ME AT THE ORPHEUM THEATRE Admission Sc OPEN 10:00 A. M. TO 11:00 P. Manner. J. H. STAMPER, Jr., Owner and I Suits Made to Order Dry Cleaning P. B. ROBARDS, Tailor College Boys' Tailor Suits Dry denned and Pressed - $1.00 Suits Pressed 3oc All work Guaranteed hone 1550-152 S. Limestone MUSIC CLUB NEW HOLDS SUPERIOR VAUDEVILLE IC ITS LAST MEETING MEN TO MAKE FORTY COUNCIL IN CHARGE TRIP TOJLUE Council has The 1915-1resigned In favor of the new council 'which will act as a governing body of Association for one the year. An Important question which will come before the council at its next meeting is tho matter of pledging men beforo they becomo matriculates In the University. It is expected that a rule prohibiting pledging will be passed. The now council and officers consists of D. F. LaMaster, PI K. A.; Howard Evans, S. A. E.; H. C. Simpson, Sigma Chi; Harold Pulllam, Sigma Nu; W. L. McKee, Kappa Sigma; McClarty Harbison, president, Kappa Alpha; Bart Peak, secretary, A. T. O. and F. Y. Hutchinson, treasurer, Phi Delta Theta. 6 Large Audience Enthusiastic Over Excellent Program Rendered ADA MEADE PAN-HELLEN- RIDGE M. conference nil that could possibly bo desired. For full information see Karl Zcr fosB or E. K. Robertson. There's a Reason. There was a pure Young amatour Who novor took a penny. I asked him why Ho made reply: "I ain't been offered any." University Y. M. C. A. Making Plans For Fund To Send Delegates ITEMIZED The Inst meeting of the Music Club EXPENSES Ex. was hold at Patterson Hall Tuesday The Blue Ridge Club of the Univernight. A large audience enjoyed the Strangle Hold Barred. sity, composed of those students who program, which was unusually attrac"You havo made a great Impression have attended tho summer conference tive. Among those present were: at Bluo Ridge, N. C, Is making an upon me, dear." Dean Hamilton, Miss McLaughlin, "I'm so sorry. I'll not hold you so effort to have forty men to reprenent Professor and. Mrs. Grehan, Professor this tight next time." Miami Student. Kentucky State at the conference and Mrs. Dutt, Professor Noe and Pro summer. An endeavor to raise a fessor Zcmbrod. After the program, fund is being made, so that each sturefreshments were served. The pro of Columbus dent may bo able to borrow the larger gram was as follows: part of his expenses, which he agrees 1 Piano Solo Venetian Barcarolle, Dances Open to repay one year after he graduates Godard. Miss Nancy Stagg, Other College from the University. Violin Solo Mazurka, MUnalski. The cost of the entire trip from iMr. G. S. Sprague, accompanied by Lexington and return, can easily be , Miss Sprague. CO-EPLAY TWELFTH thirty-thre($33.00) fRICE $7.50, Pianos Fonlslcd kept) within Vocal Solo Violets, Wright. Miss The different items are as dollars. Helen Burkholder, accompanied by Phone B. HIGHT ARTISTICALLY follows: Miss Geisel. $10.80 Railroad fare, round trip Piano Duet Menuetto, BeethovBoard for conference period.... 12.50 en; Lohengrin, Wagner. Misses Philosophian Society Wins Conference registration fee .... 5.00 Neville and Beard. 4.00 Deserved Honors With Incidental spending money Violin Solo "Somewhere a Voice Is Calling," Tate. Mr. E. S. Cobb, Shakespeare Play $32,301 Total cost accompanied by Miss Geisel. For two dollars one can stay over Sketch Cyril Maude. Miss Chris-- j COSTUMES EXCELLENT and make the trips to Biltmore and tine Hopkins and Mr. Waverleyi Briggs. Incidental music by Miss "Twelfth Night," as produced by the to Mt. Mitchell after the conference June Sale. Philosophian Literary Society in the 'closes, Ten thousand delegates from the At the close of the reeular nrotrram. Armorv. Saturday nitrht. was excellent 'from the viewpoint of gctlne and of colleges east of the Mississippi and Miss Burkholder, by special request, south of the Ohio and "Potomac rivers sang "Mavis," Miss Nancy Stagg play- - scenic effect. Wagner; "Branlng Star" and Miss The cast, composed entirely of girls have met during the last Ave years at confer-ing- . Vennie Duley gave a humorous read- - in the society, was coached by Miss Blue Ridge for the summer Hopkins under whose able ences. Christine The Music Club, which is a new or- - direction the play was staged. The f These delegates represent has accomplished a great costuming was accurate and charming, ly every school of importance in the deal this year under the capable lead- - showing to good effect among the entire Southland and perhaps in no ten days will such an opportunity be ership of the president, Miss Susanne sylvan scenery. presented to meet so many men and As Duke Orsino, Miss Anna E. LewBeitz. Miss Hamilton, who was re- sponsible for its formation, believes is showed decided talent. Her voice women and talk with them about the m.m,.....,M...nn..j ' the club has laid a strong foundation is one of the best which has been different Southern schools and colu,l,mun, and will become a nermanent oreani- - heard in Lexincton amateur circles. (leges. , Many of the speakers bring their zation in the University. Miss Ina Darnall filled the attrac tive role of Viola with her usual abil wives and families with them, and all ity, and made a most "fetching" help to make the social life of the o 2 NEW SHOWS WEEKLY 3 - SHOWS DAILY - MATINEE NIGHT . $1.00 WORTH 3 - 10c FOR 10c SAME MANAGEMENT Ball and Knights for Affairs DS CALAGIS & CO. 107 WEST MAIN STREET BEST SODA FOUNTAIN IN THE CITY. FINE HOME-MADCANDIES E When you contemplate securing Life or Accident & Health Insurance ask the K. S. U. student representing a conservative, Boston, Mass.. Company to submit a proposition. You need the Insurance. He will, appreciate your Busi- ness. Address 406 Cily Bank Bldg. e 335 J. Treacy, i , ; practical-ganizatio- -' COLONIAL j courtier. The most finished and accurate Sir Andrew Aguecheek Aline Kavanaugh work in the cast was that of Miss ' Vivian DeLaine Alma Bolser as Malvolio. She made Sebastian Elizabeth Farra this rather minor' part stand out dis- Antonio Juno Sale tinctly by her interpretation of it. Roberto Miriam Horine Miss Marie Becker as Olivia, Miss Prlar Alma Bolser Aline Kavanaugh as Aguecheek, and Malvolio Edith Sachs Miss Edith Sachs as the Clown, were Clown Nelle Crawford 'also unusually good In their parts. Fabian Era DeBoo Officer The entire cast was: Marie Becker Amm E Low,8 Olivia Duke 0rs,uo Ina Darnall Era DeBoe Viola Valentine Miriam Horine Cecelia Cregorj Maria Sir Tobey Belch t All Feature Program Best Screen Best Actors Best Artists Best Pictures Best Producers FROM TIGER KITTENS Pitching of Corn and Batting of Thompson Are Features , The Wildcat second string of nation al pastimers ably supported the good name of the University of Kentucky by trouncing the Georgetown second team on Stoll Field Tuesday afternoon in a rollicking, good contest by the score of 3 to 2. The set-twas re-- J Josef plote with good plays and excellent' The Photographer in Your Town pitching by J. Franklin Corn, who took up the burden where hurlerj Has pleased the exacting Thompson left off. student and the best peoWe have the largest line of Hawaiian instruments in the South. ple generally for fifteen It was a scrap all the way. Victory, years. Can he show you? $ 8.00 Koa Wood Ukuleles in case however, was made possible in the Koa Wood Ukuieles fNunes&Co.) 12.50 ninth inning with the score tied, when Koa Wood Taro-patch15.00 . 311 W. Main St Phone 1092-- y "Fats" Thompson drove a pitched ball Huudon, or Hawaiian Guitars, (9'strings) complete Into deep center field for three bases. 10.00 steel slide and thimales 1.00 Kealakia Ukulele Method An infield tap by Corn scored Thompson and gave the Kittens a triumph. postpaid upon receipt of check or money order. Sent 15c Hair Cut R. H. E. Shave 10c 362 Kentucky (EXCEPT SATURDAYS) 243 GEO. MARTIN'S IARKR Georgetown INCORPORATED. SHOP. "LOUISVILLE'S MOST COMPLETE MUSIC HOUSE" Batteries Thompson, Corn and 1SS Main, Payne; Taylor East 309 WEST WALNUT ST. LOUISVILLE, KY. and Patterson. Phtanix Hatal. Franz Spengler o UKULELES and Hawaiian Guitars es r ... Krausgil! Piano Company , Toung Men Graduates will find this store better than ever prepared to cater to your needs "New Suits Spring-weig- ht Overcoats, Hats, Shoes, Shirts and Other Haberdashery Dress Suits Reasonably Rented Graves, Cox & Co. INCORPORATED College Fellows Shop