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Image 6 of Basketball, 1955

Part of University of Kentucky Basketball Media Guides (Men)

ADOLPH RUPP 'Maker of Champions' Won 496, Lost 82 — 85.6% The world's poorest prophet, but a coaching genius with a rare talent for consistently winning national championships. That's University of Kentucky's fabulous cage mentor Adolph Rupp who this year celebrates his Silver Anniversary at the helm of Wildcat basketball with an incomparable career winning average of 85.6 percent for 496 victories out of 578 starts. Amazing as his coaching success has been, the usually astute Baron Rupp found himself on the losing end as a prophet last season. The Wildcats of 1954 made a clean sweep through a 25-game schedule and disproved their coach's prophecy of several years ago that "no major school playing a major schedule can go through a season un-feated." The "impossible" feat of last year's Kentucky team in becoming the biggest-winning, perfect-record unit of all time climaxed an unparalleled honor roll of coaching success that has stamped Rupp as the nation's most winning cage mentor. In the 24 years he has been at Kentucky, he's won the Southeastern Conference title 15 times, the NCAA Tournament championship three times, and the National Invitation Tournament once as well as Olympic Trials collegiate bracket laurels and a nominal world's championship through participation with the AAU Phillips Oilers as the USA entry in the 1948 Olympic Games. Coach Rupp is the first and only coach to guide his teams to three NCAA and one NIT titles.