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7 > Image 7 of Catalogue of the Officers, Studies, and Students of the State College of Kentucky, Lexington, (1908-1909)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

.. ` ' | . . TIIE STATE UNIVERSITY. IS ` HISTORY. . 4 4 GRLCULTURAL and4 Mechanical colleges in the . lh [,*;. 7;, United States owe their origin to an act of Congress entitled An Act Donating Public Lands to the sev- i Y I d , era States an Terr1tor1es4wh1cl1 may provide Col- . Li.- leges for the benefit of Agriculture and the Mechanic XI- Arts," approved July 2, 1862. The amount of land donated was XI, 30,000 acres for each Representative in the National Congress. Un- \l. der this allotment Kentucky received 330,000 acres. Several years XI. elapsed before the Commonwealth established an Agricultural and . Mechanical College, under this act. ll/hen established it was not I placed upon an independent basis, but was made one of the colleges V Xl. ` of Kentucky University, now Transylvania University, to which , lf. institution the annual interest of the proceeds of the Congressional land-grant was to be given for the purpose of carrying on its V M- A operations. The landscrip had meanwhile been sold for fifty cents , M per acre, and the amount received$165,0ooinvested in six per V ` cent Kentucky State bonds, of which the State became custodian :4 M. in trust for the College. _ , . M. The connection with Kentucky University continued till 1878. . .~ M. when the act of 1865, making it one of the Colleges of said Univer- M. sity, was repealed; and a commission was appointed to recommend _ M. 4 to the Legislature of 1879-80 a plan of organization for an insti- l\I. tution, including an Agricultural and Mechanical college, such as ~ M the necessities of the Commonwealth required. - A ~ - M The city of Lexington offered to the Commission (which was l also authorized to recommend to the General Assembly the place which, all things considered, offered the best and greatest induce- '. ments for the future and permanent location of the College) the City Park, containing hftytwo acres of land within the limits of 4 the city, and thirty thousand dollars of city bonds for the erection A of buildings. This offer the county of Fayette supplemented by 4 I twenty thousand dollars in county bonds, to be used either for the _ 4 . erection of buildings or for the purchase of land. The offers of i I 4 I * f rrr svgxw in- V { _ 4 L, 4 W 44 vv 4 4 V4 4 V4 ~-444.3