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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 7, no. 5, April 1916

Part of Kentucky alumnus

I { l 2 l THE KENTUCKY ALUMNUS l 4 q q ! Editorial Comment , dm s l ANNOUNCEMENTS I Allow us to present the University of Kentucky. * * * * E( 1 Commencement Week festivities will begin May 28 and hold until Commence- g ment Day on the following Thursday. The Alumni program is now being worked up ' for the entertainment of those who will return. It is urged that you begin now to A make your arrangements to be on hand and join in making the Commencement of 1916 the best in the history of the University. I * ae it at =z. E The June issue of The Alumnus will be devoted primarily to an Alumni Directory. Therefore, the Class Secretary and the Alumni Club sections will be l given entirely to the directory, and for this reason no material will be expected from Z the Class and Club secretaries. T Remember, the directory will be no better than you help to make it. * * * * * E The annual reunion and dinner of alumni, former students and friends of the A University will be held on April 20, Thursday evening, at 6 oclock, at The Watter- ` son, on the occasion of the meeting of the Kentucky Educational Association at Louisville, April 19-22. x Professors Noe, Tuthill and Weaver are the committee in charge. il $ l $ * Voting for nominations for alumni trustees was very light. Every alumnus should exercise his privilege and duty to vote. It is urged that more interest be taken and a full vote cast in the final election. Seventy-five alumni received votes. The following are the four nominees in order i of the number of votes received: Q Samuel B. Marks. V John M. Woods. ' Mrs. Elizabeth King Smith. A Frank Battaile. i * * * It is depressing to think that nine-hundred to a The Pnlhgof th, L,g;,l,,,_ thousand bills were introduced in the legislature that has just passed into history. Ninety per cent of them ought never to have been introduced. However, no experienced person expects much of good from our legislature. It is not possible to elect