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3 > Image 3 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 1, No. 14, February 1940

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

I uv ll resulted in severe injury to trees tect bait during the winter but '._ in many orchards. in other periods it is advisable S Various factors favored the in- to bait the mouse rimways. If _' crease of mice during the fall holes are evident, drop bait in months a year ago, resulting in them. Two to four bait place- tl the carry-over of a large number ments in active runways near a E10 of mice during the winter and tree should be suificient. i spring. Conditions have been Rolled oats is a preferred food is more or less ideal for mice to for mice. Steam crushed oats and ti breed and increase this year and wheat are taken readily although It at this writing a warning is in the latter two seem to be more nl order to bait and rebait the readily accepted by meadow mice as orchard particularly during the than pine mice. A bait consisting to next few months. of rolled oats and wheat has lol During the period lwhcn tl1e Pvrolloo "ot`Yv_aooPtab1o attd _1t tv nonulollon of llolll nnoo ls out woud be advisable to use it m do proachmg or at the cyclic peak lot lato Sttmmor or early fall, follow- ch abundance,. ll lo obvlously dosne ing with steam crushed oats. _ 1 IH; able to bait more freuently than A Seasonal _Pt`ogt'am,_mVo1V1g l during periods when the infesta- tho ooo of poisoned baits as fol- tx tion is atafairly low point. How- lows, would be Worth considera- lho ever, it would pay to lay out a tion: V do program of field 111100 control and Fau _Mako a thorough ooV ' wd follow It consistently from year orago with rolled Oats and Whoat 538 lo yoon If Suoll o program is not or with steam crushed oats _the followod thoro ls o lonolouoy to last week lIlOCtOb(?I. Rebait a apply control measures only when Wook later with l)o1$ood aPPl_o . cky mice are numerous and in the S'_oot Potato ot` oat`I`ot Gram aI}' maj0ritr of onsos llloso onnlloo_ bait may be placed in asphalt . utls tlons oro mollo oflol. lllo groolol. pape1 tubes and left in the orchard 4 it but of lllo damage hos boon du1i11g December and January. lach lolllololl l llovo Suooosloll lo Place paper bait stations in run- ter- many growors lllot ll would bc ways Hlld cover them lightly with ` the worth while to bait the orchards gtaos- Ooo Station Po? t1