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8 > Image 8 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 1, No. 14, February 1940

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

` this year. Kentucky Circular 266 tor-rot of';1`p1>l)os la11dtb1ox;n1-og ot is filled with suggestions in that DS* *1 bo " 10 0 g lp V regard. This circular and the 3 tffssib $`(;S;gBlI:;)l;E " _ _,_ ay ss . others named aie fiec foi the ask in 1939 nm likely to hmm u heavy ` lng? the oouutr aSHtS_ mid home carry-over of worms under the bark clgmgiistratlou agents in all the scales of the trees. About two 'inin- counties have them for distribution. IMS of *"ll5 l" il . , heavily infested orchard at Paducah - tl ) In h0l`t Plmlnlngi mmS l)l`ll revealed 22 worms spun up in a ., Z].1`3.lL1011S made "ou zlll trontsn small area near a crotch. This tree ` The time is now, before the rush wiltlollillrlt l1a\sOs:;re1gllllgisitlmooltozliri P ` bgmS Sttuted Dowt ml cmlmd emerge next spring as adults to Still __ through fzutlifully, a plan should altar-1; the young nuns. Many ot uic yield. results, in 11101*8 vegetables these worms can be destroyed by our . plvoduced io mom ordorly fashion, scraping this sealy bark oft the trunk hud V d - _ _- U mr t- ,91, tl and as far up the limbs as can be . _ an lll aS" 8 me l *0 rmciieti. A canvas snouia be placed #0*1 question \rheth,er a garden really about the page Og tho U-GG to com, HL., "pays". the scrapings, and these scrapings wo, - should then be burned in order to Lm ` kill the worms. ELY H1-NTS T0 FRUIT 4 (`rapt vines should be pruned bv (im . BERRY GROWERS ' ' ` l i` ` not late in February, before bleeding ' l starts. lt should be remembered I ' Strawberry Growers that this yeai-'s fruit is borne on ot 1. Read the summaries of the two tg,.,;&t1t,l?"$,2,I:,i);1S tglgasaugig `' _ StI&T\'l)1IQ' btlll1lI1S that HTG pruning, four or six canes 0f this am published in this issue. new wood should bo lett that lntx HF 2i Blake arrangenmnts for plants from 10 to lo buds each. wit fg? DEW PHhSSo tho potoh RECENT BULLETINS or GENERAL :3,, t ey come rom, i possible, and INTEREST , , _ ath z be Sum *1*65 me dug ahgad Of The Strawberry Crown Borer. P. O. for t crown-borer egg-laying time. Ritchey-. (Ky. Agr. Exp. Bul. 389 me _ - 3. If the Blakemore variety is being 1939) LXlgt kn . ` . SetSpeciiy Uonly ycllows-fi-cc Strawberry Varieties in the United de 1 plants will be 3_CCptCd" on tihc States. George M. Darrow and George . order F. Waldo. (U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. , 4 A ' f 1 I _ _ Farmers' Bulletin No. 1043) Rev. 1939. spi D' . ' rganae dolt mu C 1mg_ lualigmal Grape and SmallFruit Varieties for ml all Sl?1'3 1 BS $0011 65 P0SSlbl, Kentucky. C. S. Waltman. (Ky. Aer. 0** _ _ ; applying about 2 tons per acre. Exp. Sta. Bul. No. 396, 1939) Lexington. l E, 5. Land that is to be set to berries Tree Fruit Varieties for Kentucky. sit , o V should be plowed and fiittecl as C S. Woltmeu- (Ky. Asrr Err- Sto- (ns L q . soon as possible, to be ready for Bu]- 394- 1939) Lg 1 l . early planting. Establishing The Orchard. T. J. B i Talbert. (l\Io. Agr. Exp. Sta. Bul. 292. Fruit Growors 1939) Columbia. . 1COrnDlBt8 ropairs on the Spray rig Apple Bitter Rot and Its Control. I 1 gl and order spray materials. Scale John W- Roberts **99 Leslm PO"; 2;; , n and Peach Loaf Curl oro as much at (U. So Dept. of Agriculture, Farmers l _ V . factor as ever, as are other insects Bulletm N 938J Rev- 1935- of . p _ and diseases. Growing Fruit for Home Use. (U. S. ce l' A 2_RomoVo all mommiod fruits and Dept. of Agriculture, Farmers' Bul- bg l g fruit stems that are hanging in the lem] NO- mol) H- P- Gld 19%- K V { f trees and also remove those on the Bridge Grafting. (U. S. Dept. of M. T ~ - ground. These mummied fruits are Agriculture, Farmers' Bulletin 1369) A the chief means of carry-over of bit- Guy E. Yerkes, 1923. m . 3